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Monthly Archives: April 2008

RIGHTS OF THE ACCUSED- Innocence 7″EP (Little Farmer Records, USA, 1984)


This 5 tracker of Chicago’s RIGHTS OF THE ACCUSED is not a record, it’s a fucking vitamin pill and one day before the annual mayday riots here in Surrick, this might be the best I can post! Listen to the drum sound here – it will make you flip out, I guarantee. Especially the middle […]

SWEET SAVAGE- Take no Prisoners 7″ (Park Records, Ireland, 1981)


This may not stand the test of time as gloriously as, say, BLITZKRIEG, although SWEET SAVAGE used to be one of the top underground bands of the NWOBHM. In fact, when you now compare this rocking and rolling two-tracker with heavier bands of the era, it’s quite obvious why we originally called such bands “Heavy […]

Dave Phillips- The Hermeneutics of Fear Of God LP (Absurd Records, Brazil, 2008)


Finally, Dave Phillips‘ “The Hermeneutics of Fear Of God” is available again! What can I say? Of all the “extreme” music I heard in my life, from poststructural noise to Grindcore, from Death Metal to Hardcore Thrash, this has got got to be the most vicious, aggressive and torturing record that I know. Dave obsessively […]

DEATHWISH- Tailgate 7″EP (Armory Arms / Chris Lombardi Productions, USA, 1989)


Boston’s DEATHWISH recorded a demo tape in December of 1983 that stayed widely obscured even in the tape trader circuit until three of the songs saw the light of day in 1989 on this piece of vinyl – at the climax of the first post-Hardcore wave that swept all the gym clowns into the old […]

PTL KLUB- Living Death 7″EP (Mystic Records, USA, 1985)


Of the many Boston area Hardcore bands of the 80s, PTL KLUB is one of the nearly forgotten. Why is that? Ever since the bands first vinyl release (the “13 Commandments” LP), I enjoyed the ferociousness and jockorama aggression. Maybe the group just picked the wrong label (Mystic), maybe they played the unity game too […]

DISCHARGE / THE FILTH- Split 7″EP (Go Round Records, UK, 1980)


Here’s one record that’s particularly hard to find and that caused a bit of confusion among friends of good bad and good and bad music in the times before internet. Maybe it was us youngsters in the 80s only that didn’t know of the two british bands by the name of DISCHARGE, but I remember […]

S.A.S.- Suave and sophisticated 7″EP (selfproduced, UK, 1985)


I’ve been meaning to post this for quite some time now, but after Justin from Mustard Relics blog had such a hard time here today (check the comments section), I’m making this is a three-records-in-a-row-24hrs, just for him. I can’t tell you much about S.A.S. (SPEAK AGAINST SOCIETY) other than the band came from the […]

DEADBEATS- Kill the Hippies 7″EP (Dangerhouse Records, USA, 1978)


Let’s play around with that figure of the “simultaneity of the non-simultaneous” a tad more. Not long after THE DESPERATE BICYCLES had released their first two 7″ers, a band from L.A. released theirs. Same phenomenon here, although this time, the main time line reaches into the future rather than in the past. The DEADBEATS just […]

THE DESPERATE BICYCLES- The Medium was Tedium, b/w Don’t back the Front 7″ (Refill Records, UK, 1977)


I love it when a record messes up chronology. The philosopher Ernst Bloch coined the figure of the “simultaneity of the non-simultaneous” and meant the strange phenomenon of a Modernity in which different historical concepts, both old and new, overlay, like a strong moment of inertia, resulting in a weird “unmodern Modernity”. Well, this is […]

BATTALION OF SAINTS / S.V.D.B.- Split 7″ (Mystic Records, USA, 1983)


What a crime! One of the shortest Split Singles of the early Hardcore days and definitely one of the very best and the perfect sound for such a lovely early spring day (although I caught a virus that pins me down to my bed most of the time)! BATTALION OF SAINTS salacious wir lieben die […]