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HÃœSKER DÃœ- Amusement 7″ (Reflex Records, USA, 1980)

huskerdu_front.jpghuskerdu_back.jpghuduvinyla.jpghuduvinylb.jpgOne of the mightiest trios in music – Grant Hart, Greg Norton and Bob Mould’s HÃœSKER DÃœ were one of the bands that you just couldn’t ignore in the 80s and probably one of the most influental rock bands ever. Who wouldn’t remember the endless debates over “New Day Rising” («Is this still Punk????») or “Candy Apple Grey” («Major labels support nuclear war!!!!!»). At least for me, things were always very clear: The “fastest record in the world” never impressed me too much (“Land Speed Record”), though “Everything falls apart” was like a punch in the testicles. But to me, “New Day Rising” has been one of my all time fave albums since it came out (and the euro tour that followed was fantastic too!). And “Candy Apple Grey” is one milestone too, couldn’t count the times that “Eifel Tower high” or “Don’t wanna know if you’re lonely” saved my life.
In fact, looking back over the band’s career, it’s kinda obvious that the HC days weren’t the “true” HüDü at all – as you can hear, it started pretty experimental with this one, then it got fast and faster, before things got really exciting. When you listen to the later Hüsker Dü, it makes you wonder how “Grunge” could have been reviewed as a refreshing style in the 90s. Dammit, they all owe to Hüsker Dü!
These two songs may not be my favourite pick when it comes to the Hüskers, but I still ove this record. Everything seems like in a fetal state here: The song writing, the musicianship, even the production by later super-knob-turner Steve Fjelstad: They all were still learning, so it seems. Maybe that’s what always makes me compare this with the first BIG BLACK 12″. As amateurish (never forget – the adjective come from the latin verb “amare” which means “to love”!) as this may sound, it’s totally HÃœSKER DÃœ already, you will recognize it at once, I’m sure.

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