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THE MAD- The 1978 EP 12″ (Brain Transplant, USA, 1999)

p1060691.JPGp1060692.JPGThis 12″ containing THE MAD’s 1978 demo tape was released in a very limited edition a couple years ago (a 7″ with additional material was released simultaneously). Both came out on Roger Mah’s “Brain Transplant” label. If you wanna find out more about the band, check this blog or go over to Peter’s KBD site, where the ex-guitarist Julien has left some comments too.

What’s especially nice about this 12″ is the booklet, containing extensive liner notes and photos and of course it’s nice to have the additional songs. What I don’t like is the poor editing job made on the sound recordings. Take “I hate Music”: They just turned down the volume between the guitar intro stakkato, probably in order to get rid of what the producers thought of as “background noise” (my guess). “We love noise”, eh – guess somebody else didn’t. Then they must have made usage of some kind of a noise gate, totally destroying the sound dynamics, resulting in a very flat, kinda powerless wanna-be CD sound. Bad, bad job, I’m sorry to say. Never heard that japanese CD, but my guess would be it sounds just as weak. Just compare this version of “I hate Music” to the one on the original 7″ – it’s sad. One more point to bitch about: It’s quite hard to believe that his was the 1978 demo. The “We love Noize” mix is obviously some rather dull fucking around with some of the original recording tracks, totally pointless, at least to me.

madbook1.jpgmadbook2.jpgOne can only hope this material will see the light of day again, maybe a little bit less in “limited edition” and more in sound quality. Anyway, maybe you’ll like this better than I, so here we go with another exhumation.

I hate Music.mp3
We love Noize (Special Johnny 19 Mix).mp3
The Mad Theme.mp3
The Hand.mp3

And here’s my own “I hate Music” version (sorry, couldn’t resist altering the intro a bit):
I hate Music (Mongomix).mp3