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THE WORST- Expect the worst 12″EP (Mutha Records, USA, 1984)

p1060689.JPGp1060690.JPGThis is a split post with the other best blog, Peter’s Killed by Death Records goldmine. Go there now and get a freshly re-ripped download of the first WORST 7″EP!

Sometimes, I seriously wonder how the building up of the music canon works. Sure, most of what’s considered to be classic from the golden years has its star in the HC Punk walk of fame for good reason. But how come that a record like this one never really got the credit it deserves? The second vinyl of New Jersey’s THE WORST absolutely destroys! And yes, it’s definitely better than the great first 7″, which was from 1982 and had a really distinctive sound for a HC recording so early. But, when you compare it to this, it’s kinda obvious, at least to me, that the band still wasn’t on top of its abilities. Brutal, relentless and extremely aggressive Hardcore of the not so funny kind, ready to rip your head open with top riffing, great tight musicianship (these guys sound like they’re actually holding themselves back here!) and a crisp powerful and clear production. Impossible for me to pick a fave track – they all sound like coming from one and the same mold!
This was recorded in 1983 and released in 1984 (the label states ’83 and btw, it also displays twice the same running time for the two songs that are glued together, “I don’t know” & “Going to New York”, tracks 3 & 4). It was produced by one of the most interesting record labels I know and one of my favourite ones at that – Mutha Records. What a fantastic label that was, with great variety and some really weird stuff. Damn, those were the days, but I’m sure you know that. Now move your furniture outta way, send your ladies out bowling & boozing and get ready for an adrenaline overflow! Greetings to the band’s guitarist Trez who’s still around and is a nice bloke.

We are those.mp3
Emergency Room.mp3
I don’t know.mp3 & Going to New York.mp3
Go to Hell.mp3
City of Sin.mp3
Loud & fast.mp3
I wanna stop.mp3