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BIG BOYS & THE DICKS- Recorded Live At Raul’s Club Split LP (Rat Race Records, USA, 1980)

p1060687.JPGp1060688.JPGIt’s simply not possible for me to express how much I love both bands, THE DICKS and the BIG BOYS. They both stand for what I always loved about Punk they way I understood it: Highly individualistic, innovative, clever and passionate music from and for free thinking folks. While THE DICKS, the band-version of a John Waters movie, spice up their music with a bluesy, somber overtone, the BIG BOYS mostly blast off as a avant-la-lettre Punk-Funk combo, tight as fuck and simply bursting out with enjoyment.

I’m however not including the BIG BOYS songs because you can get them on the quintessential double CD compilation (and Touch & Go Records, who takes care of the BB’s legacy, doesn’t like it’s artists’ work being offered for free download on blogs, what I do respect). Part of THE DICKS set has been on their incomplete and, if you ask me, rather pointless anthology CD, but I thought I’d just rip the entire side and add the wonderful “Kill from the Heart”song from the same gig that was on the lovely posthumous double 7″EP from Selfless Records, but didn’t make it on the original split LP. On a side note, the anti-intellectual rant from “Kill from the Heart” seemed to attract mainly students, haha. When you consider that the band’s singer Gary calls himself buddhist these days, it gets a rather tragic note, doesn’t it? I mean, what could be more tasteless than buddhism.
For THE DICKS complete “Kill from the Heart” LP, go here (btw, it was released in 1983 and not 1981) and on this location, you’ll find the impossibly rare first 7″ “Hate the Police”.


Fake Bands.mp3
Dicks hate the Police.mp3
Dead in a Motel Room.mp3
Wheelchair Epidemic.mp3
Shit on me.mp3
Lifetime Problems.mp3
Suicide Note.mp3
Shit Fool.mp3
Love Song.mp3

Kill from the Heart.mp3