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V/A THE MASTER TAPE – A COMPILATION LP (Affirmation / Nimrod, USA, 1982)

p1060683.JPGp1060684.JPGp1060685.JPGp1060686.JPGThis won’t be new to most, but since it’s still unavailable and kinda hard to find, I thought it might be a good idea to supply a good sounding download, until we finally see a legal reissue of this and Vol. II, the classy double album that came a year later.

Few comps meet such high standards in quality and this babe smokes from A[rticles of Faith] to Z[ero Boys]! Not one single moment of annoyance here. TOXIC REASONS, SLAMMIES, DIE KREUZEN, ARTICLES OF FAITH (not from this earth, like always), REPELLENTS, LEARNED HELPNESSNESS (who unfortunately only released this killer song!), THE F.U.’S, THE PATTERN, ZERO BOYS, DELINQUENTS and BATTERED YOUTH. No reason for me to write much here, I’m sure some of you will tell us their stories.

Download the entire LP (of which, btw, 2500 were made and sold in no time) in wonderful quality here and if there’s ever going to be a legal reissue, make sure you puy that, Bunk! Oh yes – my vinyl has like streaks of very light grey. Anybody knows whether about a colored wax pressing of this?


  1. jess

    downloaded this couple hours ago and haven’t stop playin it. it was new to me which is a shame really considering all 24 tracks are incredibly good. as always the rips are super good clear powerful crunchy!!


    Posted on 07-Mar-08 at 00:57 | Permalink
  2. One of my faves when it comes to compilations. Slammies 3 songs should’ve been a 7″EP. They’re just incredible. Anyone knows if Slammies released anything else? What’s more incredible is that Vol. 2 manage to hold such a high standard too considered it’s a double LP. I have to do a repost on that one.


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  3. Steve

    When I saw that you remembered to put the teddy it brought tears to my eyes.


    Posted on 07-Mar-08 at 14:28 | Permalink
  4. Great compilation. I´m playing it nonstop since yesterday.

    Thanks a lot and check out my blog, perhaps you may find something interesting!


    Posted on 08-Mar-08 at 03:13 | Permalink
  5. paolo

    Danke, Fotzi – kannte den Sampler nur als relativ mies klingenden SlSk- Download. Ansonsten einfach mal viele Grüsse – und scheissenbach, meld ich mich gestern wieder an, und seh, dass Du wieder weg bist.



    Posted on 09-Mar-08 at 03:10 | Permalink
  6. Schutti

    schönes ding, wär geil wenn die tracks so getaggt wären, dass man die original reihenfolge hätte….


    Posted on 11-Mar-08 at 11:49 | Permalink
  7. Admin



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  8. skinnynorris

    foll spitzä, alter!


    Posted on 14-Mar-08 at 06:23 | Permalink
  9. roman

    fantastic comp. all the bands on here are great (especially toxic reasons fucking shred!). the only one i don´t like is the pattern. does anyone know something about a band called malignant growth, that was on the master tape vol. II? did they release anything besides those 3 tx??


    Posted on 17-Mar-08 at 06:29 | Permalink
  10. Rob

    According to KFTH, Malignant Growth’s only recordings are the cuts for that comp.


    Posted on 24-Mar-08 at 09:11 | Permalink
  11. fernando

    I’ve just realised that the 3rd track of Die Kreuzen, listed as “Fighting”, is not that, but “Get’em”! That is… the TRUTH! haha.
    What a damn good good (not good bad) band
    These days Ive been thinking if the OSITO (teddy, bärchen) has a name. Luzibär?
    Have a nice, dalai-lama like day! ;*


    Posted on 11-May-08 at 01:25 | Permalink
  12. metalmaho

    Thanks so much for making this available. I bought the Mastertape when it came out and had to sell my vinyl when I moved to the Virgin Islands. Termites eat the covers and warpage. The A.O.D “Let’s Barbeque” was sweet also.
    I havent heard that since some one stole it from my buddy that I
    loaned it to.


    Posted on 17-Nov-08 at 20:30 | Permalink
  13. eddie

    Best tracks on this comp are from Die Kreuzen and AOF.


    Posted on 17-Apr-10 at 06:06 | Permalink
  14. juke

    Learned Helplessness track is killer indeed, genius I’d say!


    Posted on 28-Oct-10 at 14:15 | Permalink
  15. francisco santos

    i had this lp but now is gone can u put it so i can download it Thank U


    Posted on 23-Feb-12 at 05:11 | Permalink
  16. francisco santos

    mastertapes vol II sorry Thank U


    Posted on 23-Feb-12 at 05:12 | Permalink
  17. whore

    absolute gem which i ran into by total chance, and a proof that stupid internet rooms serve a purpose. back in the days of me hanging on Yahoo’s chat in punk, ska, thrash room finally paid off. i was going by the nick amphetamine_addiction, and bumped into a guy whose nick was dirty_alleys_dirty_minds. he was stunned that someone actually liked Zero Boys (?!?) and especially in my neck of eastern european woods. anyway, we shooted the shit for some 15 minutes when he asked if i know about the Master Tape comp. i said no, i just have the Vicious Circle LP, and don’t know what he was talking about. he said he has to go, but to give him my address and he’ll send something my way. remember, we never talked online prior to that day.

    some 6-7 days go by, and my mom wakes me up one morning to inform me that i received a package in the mail. i stumble half asleep wondering what could it be, since i knew i didn’t order anything. and boy i was stunned when i opened the box and there was the Master Tape record in all it’s near mint glory!

    i still celebrate that guy as a saint or something


    Posted on 14-Jul-12 at 12:43 | Permalink
  18. Rodifire

    Thanks so much!!!
    I just know a cup of band…
    It’s a really good comp!
    greetings from Chile, southameRica

    FOG for life!


    Posted on 14-Jul-12 at 18:48 | Permalink
  19. There was never a colored vinyl pressing of this. They were all black. There was, however, two pressings of this. One on Nimrod/Affirmation and one on just Affirmation. I have one of each.


    Posted on 05-Jan-13 at 05:00 | Permalink
  20. Brian K

    The Mastertape was personally delivered to my next door neighbor in Milwaukee some 30 years ago by Danny K of Die Kreuzen. We were all amazed by it and still are. These are probably the best tracks ever recorded by Die Kreuzen, AOF, Toxic Reasons and Zero Boys. Awesome. I still have a cassettee dub somewhere. We all saw Die Kreuzen whenever we could, even though we were 15 and 16. Some 20 years later I played on a bill with Danny K’s band Decapitado in Green Bay.

    Die Kreuzen plays Saturday night, May 24 at the Double Door in Chicago and Turner Hall in Milwaukee on May 25. Jay Tiller of Couch Flambeau is playing guitar.


    Posted on 24-May-13 at 07:09 | Permalink
  21. Brian K

    Sorry, it’s Saturday May 25 in Chicago and Sunday May 26 in MKE


    Posted on 24-May-13 at 07:18 | Permalink
  22. gero

    hi guys !
    i have one copy of this compilation ! its not mint but ok!
    is there one who want ???
    talk to me !!


    Posted on 20-Jul-13 at 00:32 | Permalink

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