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V/A THE MASTER TAPE – A COMPILATION LP (Affirmation / Nimrod, USA, 1982)

p1060683.JPGp1060684.JPGp1060685.JPGp1060686.JPGThis won’t be new to most, but since it’s still unavailable and kinda hard to find, I thought it might be a good idea to supply a good sounding download, until we finally see a legal reissue of this and Vol. II, the classy double album that came a year later.

Few comps meet such high standards in quality and this babe smokes from A[rticles of Faith] to Z[ero Boys]! Not one single moment of annoyance here. TOXIC REASONS, SLAMMIES, DIE KREUZEN, ARTICLES OF FAITH (not from this earth, like always), REPELLENTS, LEARNED HELPNESSNESS (who unfortunately only released this killer song!), THE F.U.’S, THE PATTERN, ZERO BOYS, DELINQUENTS and BATTERED YOUTH. No reason for me to write much here, I’m sure some of you will tell us their stories.

Download the entire LP (of which, btw, 2500 were made and sold in no time) in wonderful quality here and if there’s ever going to be a legal reissue, make sure you puy that, Bunk! Oh yes – my vinyl has like streaks of very light grey. Anybody knows whether about a colored wax pressing of this?