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V/A TROUSERS IN ACTION- Compilation 7″EP (Aberrant Records, Australia, 1985)

trousersinaction.jpgtrousersinaction_back.jpgWe’ve had the first two Abberant Comp. LPs before («Not so Humdrum» and «Flowers from the Dustbin») – here comes the third in the series (after this one, another full length LP came, «Why march when you can riot?»), the obscured (at least outside Australia) “Trousers in Action” 7″ comp. A press of 500 only, available only with the fanzine of the same name. As you can see, it has a handmade sleeve and is numbered. Luvely.

POSITIVE HATRED start the reign with “One Hour”, a top notch melancholic punker. Next is SUICIDE SQUAD with a total Adolescent’s like song, very gloomy and intense. Fuckin brillant!! BOX OF FISH crankin up the military-punk Peter KBD loves so much and VIGIL-ANTI serve the obligatory love song to the local pigs. Enjoy!

PS: I had ripped the entire record with 8% extra speed initially. Forgot to readjust the pitch. I thought it sounded quite good that way, but if you wanna hear the thing as it was meant to sound, you’ll have to re-load the files with the correct speed.

SUICIDE SQUAD- I don’t wanna go to Heaven.mp3
BOX OF FISH- Take Pity with the City.mp3
VIGIL-ANTI- Darlinghurst Police.mp3