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Monthly Archives: March 2008

BLITZKRIEG- s/t 7" (Neat Records, UK, 1981)


Repost from September 2006. Freshly ripped in interstellar sound quality. For more of this NWOBHM group, check the recent “Lead Weight” post. My summer of 1977 came a bit later. I don’t recall whether it was just one single record or much rather a chain of happenings and music that opened my ears to new […]

V/A LEAD WEIGHT Compilation LP (Neat Records, UK, 1981)


Well, somebody has got to do it and I guess the joke’s on me. LEAD WEIGHT was one of the most important NWOBHM or – generally speaking – Metal compilations ever made. Nevertheless, it’s never been re-released in its orginal form and that, ladies & gents, is a major Rock’n’Roll crime! Guess it’s kinda hard […]

HÃœSKER DÃœ- Amusement 7″ (Reflex Records, USA, 1980)


One of the mightiest trios in music – Grant Hart, Greg Norton and Bob Mould’s HÃœSKER DÃœ were one of the bands that you just couldn’t ignore in the 80s and probably one of the most influental rock bands ever. Who wouldn’t remember the endless debates over “New Day Rising” («Is this still Punk????») or […]

ANTISEPTC- First Last 7″EP (Noise Room, Japan, 1986)


These crazy japanese glamsters! I have zero information about ANTISEPTIC. The 7″ was recorded at the very end of 1985 and released in early 1986. All four tracks smoke and the band manages to add a little variation in its paradigmatic japanese sound: The first song “Visiöns öf Pöwer” has an obvious G.I.S.M. / Zouo […]

BRATS- 1980 LP (CBS Records, Denmark, 1980)


Satan who thou art in heaven – please forgive me for not having discovered the BRATS back in the old days. I remember hearing this album occassionally around the time when MERCYFUL FATE released their three first masterpieces, but it never did much for me. I particularly remember when I saw MERCYFUL FATE live in […]

THE MAD- The 1978 EP 12″ (Brain Transplant, USA, 1999)


This 12″ containing THE MAD’s 1978 demo tape was released in a very limited edition a couple years ago (a 7″ with additional material was released simultaneously). Both came out on Roger Mah’s “Brain Transplant” label. If you wanna find out more about the band, check this blog or go over to Peter’s KBD site, […]

THE WORST- Expect the worst 12″EP (Mutha Records, USA, 1984)


This is a split post with the other best blog, Peter’s Killed by Death Records goldmine. Go there now and get a freshly re-ripped download of the first WORST 7″EP! Sometimes, I seriously wonder how the building up of the music canon works. Sure, most of what’s considered to be classic from the golden years […]

MINOTAUR- Burner, b/w Witch Hunt 7″ (Ranger Records, Canada, 1984)


Somewhen in 1984, I received a tape compilation with all canadian bands. It was a wild and eclectic mixture, ranging from Neos, Dayglow Abortions and the likes to Anvil and a two tracker single by a band called MINOTAUR. Even though I was heavily impressed by the ferociousness of the Hardcore Punk stuff, MINOTAUR were […]

BIG BOYS & THE DICKS- Recorded Live At Raul’s Club Split LP (Rat Race Records, USA, 1980)


It’s simply not possible for me to express how much I love both bands, THE DICKS and the BIG BOYS. They both stand for what I always loved about Punk they way I understood it: Highly individualistic, innovative, clever and passionate music from and for free thinking folks. While THE DICKS, the band-version of a […]

V/A THE MASTER TAPE – A COMPILATION LP (Affirmation / Nimrod, USA, 1982)


This won’t be new to most, but since it’s still unavailable and kinda hard to find, I thought it might be a good idea to supply a good sounding download, until we finally see a legal reissue of this and Vol. II, the classy double album that came a year later. Few comps meet such […]