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FEAR OF GOD- Live at Fri-Son, Fribourg (Switzerland) September 1 1988

veganekunst.jpgThe second last gig of my band FEAR OF GOD took place in the french speaking part of Switzerland. We shared the bill with Caspar Brötzmann, a jazz avantgardist. I barely remember anything from that show. It was a pretty big place, a lot of people, it had a lightshow and a professional mixer. The rest is blurry. Tensions in the band had become quite intense. Tschösi, the guitarist and founder of the seminal Thrash band MESSIAH had lost all interest in FEAR OF GOD, Dave seemed to follow him and Osi and I were trying to keep things together. In vain, as it soon showed. The band broke up.

What I like about this recording is the immense brutality. The band really worked as a whole here. No triggered drums, no vocals effects, no silly games, just pure and unfiltered aggression.
The following photos were taken from the final FEAR OF GOD gig in October 1988, when we played with Henry Rollins and were so disgusted by the rock star bullshit and the crap we started to attract, that I broke up the band during that gig on stage. These pix have never been released – they were new to me until yesterday. Funny to see what a bunch of kids we were twenty years ago:
fearofgodlive1.jpgfearofgod_live2.jpgfearofgod_live3.jpgfearofgod_live4.jpgfearofgod_live5.jpgThese tracks originally apeared on “As Statues fell”, a Mini-LP first released in 1988 or 1989. Howerever, I’ve chosen to take them from a chinese Double-CD bootleg (“Zeitgeist”) that was released like two years ago. The guy who put it out actually tried to tell us it was a band-approved, official release, before deleting it. A handful copies were given to Dave and me. I really like the brutal sound on this boot.

The original mastertapes of both “As Statues fell” and the first selftitled 7″EP were recently offered on eBay. I first couldn’t believe my eyes. Dave & I had tried to locate these tapes for years and thought of them as lost. One of the persons we inquired about a possible posession of them was Thomas Mölch, with whom I had run OFF THE DISK records etc. back in the day. When we asked him about these tapes, he said he doesn’t have them. Well, the eBay auction was of course run by this treacherous spineless wanker. Notorious for ripping off bands (like INFEST) and others and then giving me the blame for many years now, this was the lowest point for this piece of shit. Not only did he lie to us and sell stolen property on eBay (we don’t know how he managed to get ahold of these tapes; I probably had lent them to him originally): He also tried to make money off our band’s work, possibly selling it to bootlegers. As soon as we realized what was going on, we kept an eye on the auctions, informing everybody who bid about what’s going on and in the end had to buy our own mastertapes back from this arsehole for 40$ each. What a cunt.

Pneumatic Slaughter.mp3
The Look behind the Veils.mp3
A Life in Rigorism.mp3

Limited time offer: Download all the 16 tracks in a .zip archive folder here. Link expired

Definite FEAR OF GOD CD collection coming. More news soon!