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RUPTURE MEET THE SCROUNGERS- Split 7″EP (Yeah Mate Records, Australia, 1992)

rupturescroungers_front.jpgrupturescroungers_back.jpgToday, on my way home, I thought to myself: “You ought to post a decent Punk record today, you just have to do it!” When I was home, I stood in front of my records, torturing myself. “Punk, c’mon, you have some Punk records, I can’t be that hard!” I ended up playing DK’s “Give me Convenience of give me Death” album. “Great album, the DK’s are one of these bands that will always sound better than you thought they would, after the zillions of hours you’ve spent with playing their catalogue back and forth.” Yeah, clever, still – no Punk record in sight to post. So I started to randomly flip thru the 7″ boxes (“too tired for a full album rip”). Punk, you know. The rich kid’s alternative to Heavy Metal. Music for the socially aware and junkies likewise. Junkies? I went to my books, grabbed some Burroughs books, hoping for inspiration. Nothing. Turned on the telly, tried to watch an episode of “Two and a half Men”. How awful. Don’t ask me why, but in the end, I stood there, with the RUPTURE / SCROUNGERS split 7″ in my hands and here it is. RUPTURE tear it up as always. Fantastic it was to see this band deconstructing itself. THE SCROUNGERS – fuck, I wish there was more music like this. Don’t know anything about this band, except for it was a one man thing (right?).

Although from the 90s, music’s most horrible decade so far, this one just suits me perfectly, so here you go, getting the same vibe hopefully. Surf with me, Baby. Play, hate, destroy. Whatever.

Your Hand is on your Rod.mp3
It’s not my Fault I was born.mp3
Does the Soul to the one armed Man flow within?.mp3
Reality of Shit.mp3
Oh Taboo Tug Trauma.mp3

The Scroungers
Prison Clampdown.mp3
Domestic Uprising.mp3