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TERRORIZER / NAUSEA- Split Demo Tape (selfproduced, USA, 1988)

terrorizernausea_democover.jpgterrorsea_cassette.jpgJesse Pintado (who died in 2006) and I had been penpals for some time, when he sent me his bands TERRORIZER final demo tape. It was this split cassette with L.A.’s NAUSEA. Even though I loved the previous tapes (like the legendary “mixer rehearsal” from August 22, 1987), this one blew me out of the window. We were discussing the possibility for a release on my label, but things never worked out.
Some call this Grindcore, which it is of course not. It’s Death Metal of the most savage sort. I guess almost everybody into this type of music will have met at least once in their lives somebody who said “I love TERRORIZER, but I hate Metal”, haha. Everything is perfect on this tape and whenever the 2nd guitar comes in, my heartbeat stops for a second. Fantastic. Forget the LP (“World Downfall”) – it’s much too clean. To me, this is what TERRORIZER were all about. Raw, dirty, brutal yet listenable thanks to the great riffs.
NAUSEA are catchy, very ENT influenced. I like the speedy parts and Oscars vocals.

Here is the complete booklet of the tape with some interesting historical details.
tnbooklet1.jpgbooklet2.jpgbooklet3.jpgbooklet4.jpgbooklet5.jpgbooklet6.jpgbooklet7.jpgAll the bootlegs of this I’ve heard sounded like shit. Now you can hear the demo (almost) as it originally sounded, encoded in wonderful 320kbit/sec.

Terrorizer Side:
Corporation pull in.mp3
Human Prey.mp3
Ripped to Shreds.mp3
Strategic Warheads.mp3
After World Obliteration.mp3

Nausea Side:
Why judge others.mp3
Think for yourself.mp3
World Chaos.mp3
Starving Nations.mp3
Will it ever end?.mp3
World Downfall.mp3
Condemned System.mp3
Starving Nations (1st Mix).mp3
The End.mp3