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In Memory of Bon Scott

2007_03_06_bon1_big.jpgOn February 19th, 1980, Bon Scott’s body was found dead in the back of a car.
Read more about my passion for AC/DC & other fun stuff here.

And here’s [well, was] a phenomenal collection of various AC/DC live recordings from the year of 1977, including the first version of the song “(She’s got) The Jack” with the “Gonorrhea” intro and the unrated lyrics with plenty of good old adultery. Wonderful! This was first released as “Live 77” in 1981 (if memory serves), as one of four bootleg albums, on red vinyl, numbered to 500 copies each.

PS: More AC/DC can be found here: The australian b-side only song “Carry me Home” from 1977. [expired]