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WEHRMACHT- Beermacht Demo (selfproduced, USA, 1986)

wehrmacht_beermachtdemo.jpgThe band with probably the dumbest name, ever. But – check this demo out! Full in your face Thrashcore at it’s very finest! Nobody has ever done this better. Everything here is perfect, a killer singer, memorable riffs and some of the earliest blastbeat-drumming ever, including the world’s second shortest song, “E” (my band had one that is even shorter; it was just everybody stamping the feet on the stage simultaneously, haha).

WEHRMACHT came from Portland, OR and the band’s first official output was the infamous 22 song livetape from January 1986, released in Switzerland by Robi Zollinger from the killer «Speed Airplay» team.  I don’t remember the howabouts that lead to the release of this tape, but I do remember how excited everybody was about it. This demo here was recorded on April, 8th 1986 (!) and was soon followed by an LP.

Another fine example to illustrate how things change in history. You know, there’s an endless quest to find out who came up with Punk first, who with ultrafast drumming etc. These quests lead nowhere. You must think of these phenomenons similiar to what the french philosopher and historian Michel Foucault called “discourse”: The idea of what music is and could be has no center, no maker – it’s a discourse that shapes and eventually alters the forms of music through a whole set of aesthetics, all connected one to another. Musicians are not mere inventors of music, they’re part of that discourse. It’s not so important and it doesn’t tell a thing, which recording was the first which [insert the disposition here]. What counts is to make visibile (or audible) how and when these changes came to be; you will soon realize that something “was in the air” and different groups articulated it differently. To me, it remains unclear where things changed: Was it in 1977 (Punk), was it 1980 (explosion of Hardcore), was it between 1983 and 1985 (fast Hardcore and Metal going together) or was it 1986/87 (Grindcore)? With WEHRMACHT, I think, we have another piece in the mosaic, or better yet – in the transformation that began to totally alter a certain form of musical expression. This history remains to be unwritten. Somebody will have to sit down for a couple of years one day and start collecting all these pieces.

I currently can’t find the original demo cover, so here’s only a cheap scan found somewhere in the internet.
Greetings go out to the drummer Brian who was a penpal of mine in these days.

The Wehrmacht.mp3
Suck my Dick.mp3
Night of Pain.mp3
Gore Flicks.mp3