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R.I.P. Sean Finnegan: VOID- Soundboard 9:30 Club 02/13/83 Live 7″EP (no label, ca. 2000)

void_livea.jpgvoid_covertotal.jpgvoid_covertotalback.jpgI’m a bit late, as it seems, but just a few minutes ago I learned of’ Sean Finnegan’s death.
Sean was the drummer in DC’s VOID, one of the most important Hardcore bands ever and, personally spoken, of the greatest influence on my life. It may sound pathetic, but this makes me feel real sad although I’ve never had the pleasure to meet anybody from this band personally, but as I said, VOID were, are and always will be a part of me.
Enjoy this hard to get (?) bootleg live 7″EP that was released a few years ago by a friend of mine from very northern America. As you can hear, this is an excellent live recording, fast (!) raw and obnoxious, with a killer sound. amazing how the band switches from structure into chaos, loses control just to get back on track again. Essential! This was Hardcore! It was recorded almost exactly 25 years ago – can you believe this, hearing how fresh it sounds?!

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Here’s a guestbook.

VOID: Live at 9:30 Club, DC, Feb 13th 1983 Side A.mp3
VOID: Live at 9:30 Club, DC, Feb 13th 1983 Side B.mp3
Check scans for more details.