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R.I.P. Sean Finnegan: VOID- Soundboard 9:30 Club 02/13/83 Live 7″EP (no label, ca. 2000)

void_livea.jpgvoid_covertotal.jpgvoid_covertotalback.jpgI’m a bit late, as it seems, but just a few minutes ago I learned of’ Sean Finnegan’s death.
Sean was the drummer in DC’s VOID, one of the most important Hardcore bands ever and, personally spoken, of the greatest influence on my life. It may sound pathetic, but this makes me feel real sad although I’ve never had the pleasure to meet anybody from this band personally, but as I said, VOID were, are and always will be a part of me.
Enjoy this hard to get (?) bootleg live 7″EP that was released a few years ago by a friend of mine from very northern America. As you can hear, this is an excellent live recording, fast (!) raw and obnoxious, with a killer sound. amazing how the band switches from structure into chaos, loses control just to get back on track again. Essential! This was Hardcore! It was recorded almost exactly 25 years ago – can you believe this, hearing how fresh it sounds?!

Read more on Joe’s Last Days of Man blog.
Here’s a guestbook.

VOID: Live at 9:30 Club, DC, Feb 13th 1983 Side A.mp3
VOID: Live at 9:30 Club, DC, Feb 13th 1983 Side B.mp3
Check scans for more details.


  1. rich

    sad news indeed.
    you’re not going to believe it but I’ve been at this show. it was a BLAST. if I remember correctly, the Bad Brains and Minor Threat also played plus some others.

    let me tell you “thank you” for your blog and all the work. people like you keep (real) HC alive.


    Posted on 09-Feb-08 at 15:21 | Permalink
  2. Sean Hogan

    *checks mailbox…moths pour out.


    Just got DEAD MINT UNPLAYED (!!!) stock copy of Coma’s “In A Coma” for…20 bucks!

    Oi, Not into Joy Division, but hell, loved my “synth” era Armia/Siekiera, and of course this ep!

    And I agree, I do appreciate this blog as well…minus a few vocal disasters! :p



    Posted on 09-Feb-08 at 18:51 | Permalink
  3. It’s always sad to hear of losing someone who has influenced you so much. Void will forever be Thee best to ever come out of D.C. Thank you so much for this! You don’t know how long I’ve been trying to track down this 7″.
    RIP Sean.


    Posted on 09-Feb-08 at 22:40 | Permalink
  4. Thanks for posting this.
    Void definitely was one of the greatest HC bands ever.
    Great blog, btw…


    Posted on 09-Feb-08 at 23:10 | Permalink
  5. stinky82

    Sean Hogan: aa, great to see you´re into polish stuff. Though I prefer early recordings from these bands. And “Fala” comp. LP


    Posted on 10-Feb-08 at 02:57 | Permalink
  6. blake

    that Coma EP reminds me more of Killing Joke-Revelations than anything. i picked this EP up about 5 or 6 years ago. mine has a red cover and the pitch seems to be off. is it a different pressing? it has photo labels and is black vynl.



    Posted on 10-Feb-08 at 08:48 | Permalink
  7. Admin

    Mine has photo labels too. What do you mean by “the pitch is off”?


    Posted on 10-Feb-08 at 08:50 | Permalink
  8. Its sad, Sean was only a few years older than I am. Died way to young(43).
    He worked on the HBO’s tv program the Wire.

    Have you ever heard the unreleased LP?


    Posted on 10-Feb-08 at 11:15 | Permalink
  9. Summer 1983: Faith/Void split landed in my lap. Void was an outer body experience. Rest in peace Sean.


    Posted on 11-Feb-08 at 13:12 | Permalink
  10. Thanx for posting this. Like so much of what is found here I never knew it existed.


    Posted on 12-Feb-08 at 13:31 | Permalink
  11. blake

    it never played properly on turn-tables without pitch. i had to turn it down slightly. there was a slight warble (


    Posted on 13-Feb-08 at 08:25 | Permalink
  12. papalla

    thanks for this one
    Void was one the best Hc bands ever


    Posted on 22-Feb-08 at 06:11 | Permalink
  13. Thanks for the effort and this one beeing a ‘permanent link’, one question though: Owning the split with Faith, i’m surprised illustrations are the same except from this orange background, guess not much else is avalaible from the band anyway?
    Cheers from a fan and yup, rip Sean…


    Posted on 22-Feb-08 at 13:10 | Permalink
  14. when I found out on the fAITH vs. VOID split LP
    about the death of Sean Finnegan (at the dead wax area), I asked someone (Dischord ?) and they said
    it was a dedication for Sean Finnegan´s young baby
    who passed away right after the recordings for that album.SO the drummer musta being still alive,but I
    immediately thought the same thing back then when I did read that on the dead wax area….


    Posted on 15-May-08 at 15:38 | Permalink
  15. planckzoo

    Wow! Void were an amazing band. I them several times and i think I saw this show. They always reminded me of an explosion, the energy and chaos was totally amazing.


    Posted on 19-May-08 at 19:42 | Permalink
  16. Jason O'Toole

    Rest in Peace, Sean Finnegan.

    Void were a major influence for Life’s Blood – although that hardly matters now. Still…I couldn’t have gotten through the 80’s without bands like them.


    Posted on 20-Feb-09 at 22:44 | Permalink
  17. Rex

    R.I.P Sean Finnegan, you are missed.


    Posted on 12-Nov-14 at 12:50 | Permalink

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