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BAD RELIGION- s/t 7″EP (Epitaph, USA, 1981)

br_front.jpgbr_back.jpgbr_innercomplete.jpgbr_lyrics1.jpgbr_lyrics2.jpgSomebody asked me to post this, because the official CD-reissues all seem to have a different, less noisy & dynamic sound, probably due to the current trend of pushing all levels to the max in the mastering process. So here we go, although I’m pretty sure, everybody reading this blog has heard these songs.
To me, this is the best of the early BAD RELIGION records. I like the first LP, but the musical formula works best for an EP and the “Back from the Unknown” 12″EP has too weak a sound and is seemingly too much of a “we’re sorry for the hippie-LP, please like us again”-record. To be honest, the following three BR albums always were the shit for me: “Suffer” and the maybe equally godly “No Control”, plus the melancholic “Against the Grain”. Up to this day, I enjoyed almost everything they put out, on major labels or not, with or without Brian Baker. Guess it’s Greg Graffin’s voice that I got hooked on; if you ever heard the accoustic “Suffer” demo tapes, you’ll know what I mean (or you don’t).

All six tracks on this first 7″ blast with anger and passion, just a little bit more sophisticated than your average South-Cali band. The theme song is maybe the one that I like the least and “Drastic Actions” the best.
There are two original pressings of this 7″ (and a bunch of bootlgs), plus the 12″ reissue and a freebie version that came with the first 5000 of “No Control” in Europe. The very first press had a thick cardboard gatefold sleeve and the 2nd press had a heavy stock paper foldout sleeve and a different mastering job (that’s the one I’ve got).
Three of the songs also appeared on the classic “Public Service” comp. LP on Smoke Seven. These version are faster, wilder and sound like a live recording with overdubbed vocals. Anybody knows the story behind the RF7’s “Jesus loves you” (on “The Weight ofthe World” LP) – it seems to be directed against BAD RELIGION and being the nosey character that I am, I’d like to know more about this.
I’ve only had one personal encounter with the band, that was when I helped out a little on their first swiss gig during the phenomenal “Suffer” Tour. They were all nice lads and the concert was simply one of the most amazing shows I’ve ever seen. Like a well tempered steamroller, BAD RELIGION ripped through a set with not one second to miss. Expect the live tape soon!

Bad Religion.mp3
Sensory Overload.mp3
Drastic Actions.mp3
World War.mp3