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APPENDIX- s/t 7″EP (Propaganda Records, Finland, 1983)

appendix_front.jpgappendix_back.jpgAPPENDIX were one of the first popular european HC bands that were adored by young Metalheads like myself. Playing this 7″ (which is often going by the name of “Huora”, the title of the first track, actually), it’s no wonder: A no holds barred powerhouse, thick production and relentless power in your fucking face piece of plastic! All four songs shred equally here! The band’s ability of “sounding fast” reminds me of GAUZE’s “Fuckheads” 12″.
The bands first LP, recorded in the same session as this EP, came in two different version. After the original finish release, the cover and title was altered and it was rereleased as under the english title of “Money is not my Currency” on the notorious german Rock-o-Rama label. Although this LP still blasts, it’s kind of a drag. APPENDIX to me were a typical 7″-band!
This slab too came in two versions – 2 covers, actually. This is the rare first press cover with the “Berlin Squat” picture on front. Enjoy!

You can buy official APPENDIX reissues at

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