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Monthly Archives: February 2008

FEAR OF GOD- Live at Fri-Son, Fribourg (Switzerland) September 1 1988


The second last gig of my band FEAR OF GOD took place in the french speaking part of Switzerland. We shared the bill with Caspar Brötzmann, a jazz avantgardist. I barely remember anything from that show. It was a pretty big place, a lot of people, it had a lightshow and a professional mixer. The […]

SATAN- Kiss of Death, b/w Heads will roll 7″ (Guardian Records, UK, 1982)


One of the finest moments of the NWOBHM era is, withouth the slightest doubt, this two tracker of Newcastle’s SATAN, the band with the ultimate metal band name. While “Kiss of Death” is heavily inspired by early Iron Maiden and the instant hit here, “Heads will roll” at first seems to be the weaker song. […]

RUPTURE MEET THE SCROUNGERS- Split 7″EP (Yeah Mate Records, Australia, 1992)


Today, on my way home, I thought to myself: “You ought to post a decent Punk record today, you just have to do it!” When I was home, I stood in front of my records, torturing myself. “Punk, c’mon, you have some Punk records, I can’t be that hard!” I ended up playing DK’s “Give […]

TERRORIZER / NAUSEA- Split Demo Tape (selfproduced, USA, 1988)


Jesse Pintado (who died in 2006) and I had been penpals for some time, when he sent me his bands TERRORIZER final demo tape. It was this split cassette with L.A.’s NAUSEA. Even though I loved the previous tapes (like the legendary “mixer rehearsal” from August 22, 1987), this one blew me out of the […]

In Memory of Bon Scott


On February 19th, 1980, Bon Scott’s body was found dead in the back of a car. Read more about my passion for AC/DC & other fun stuff here. And here’s [well, was] a phenomenal collection of various AC/DC live recordings from the year of 1977, including the first version of the song “(She’s got) The […]

WEHRMACHT- Beermacht Demo (selfproduced, USA, 1986)


The band with probably the dumbest name, ever. But – check this demo out! Full in your face Thrashcore at it’s very finest! Nobody has ever done this better. Everything here is perfect, a killer singer, memorable riffs and some of the earliest blastbeat-drumming ever, including the world’s second shortest song, “E” (my band had […]

MAGITS- Fully coherent 7″EP (Outer Himmilayan Records, UK, 1979)


Before there was RUDIMENTARY PENI, there was the MAGITS. Little seems to be known about them and the the two main sources I’m using here for this little text are Glasper’s “The Day the Country died” (London 2006) and Nick Blinko’s autobiographical “The primal Screamer” (London 1995), from which we seem to learn that it […]

R.I.P. Sean Finnegan: VOID- Soundboard 9:30 Club 02/13/83 Live 7″EP (no label, ca. 2000)


I’m a bit late, as it seems, but just a few minutes ago I learned of’ Sean Finnegan’s death. Sean was the drummer in DC’s VOID, one of the most important Hardcore bands ever and, personally spoken, of the greatest influence on my life. It may sound pathetic, but this makes me feel real sad […]

BAD RELIGION- s/t 7″EP (Epitaph, USA, 1981)


Somebody asked me to post this, because the official CD-reissues all seem to have a different, less noisy & dynamic sound, probably due to the current trend of pushing all levels to the max in the mastering process. So here we go, although I’m pretty sure, everybody reading this blog has heard these songs. To […]

APPENDIX- s/t 7″EP (Propaganda Records, Finland, 1983)


APPENDIX were one of the first popular european HC bands that were adored by young Metalheads like myself. Playing this 7″ (which is often going by the name of “Huora”, the title of the first track, actually), it’s no wonder: A no holds barred powerhouse, thick production and relentless power in your fucking face piece […]