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HERESY & CONCRETE SOX- Live at «Grabenhalle», St.Gallen, Switzerland, 10. September 1986

heresysox_tape.jpgheresysox_tapecover.jpgThis concert was organized by Reto “Tschösi” Kühne (of MESSIAH and FEAR OF GOD) and me (I’m responsible for that lovely gig poster, haha). I think it was the first continental tour for HERESY and for the SOX. Reevsy, the original singer of HERESY had just left the band after one or two gigs (the guy who sings on the flexi and the original version of the split LP, that was circulating on tape and saw a legal reissue on a japanese CD-label a while ago – Reevsy was the HERESY singer, especially compared to the later Johny when he was trying to sound Ray of Today, as if one of them wasn’t enough!). So Johny, the drummer of CONCRETE SOX jumped in and took over the vocals job in HERESY. After the band returned home, they re-recorded the vocals ofthe split LP session because they were feld so pissed about the whole Reevsy issue. The rest is, may I say, history. This split LP not only marked the actual take off point in what was soon to be called Crust and, on the speedier branch, Grindcore, but also pushed the whole Death Metal circus by stocking up funds for Dig Pearson’s Earache Records.
Both bands were kinda arrogant. Especially Kalv, HERESY’s bassist, was one little prick, haha. But then again, we loved the music and in some way, it just suits the sound when the people behind it show some ego. SOX and HERESY were kinda surprised to see that we had rented a professional P.A. system and a mixer (who was a wanker). Only maybe 30 people showed up besides the band circus. I loved it. We thrashed along the whole fucking building and had massive fun especially with HERESY who tore pretty much everything apart we had ever seen up to then.
I’m not sure, but I think MESSIAH played that niht too and probably EXXOR. The location, Grabenhalle, was the same in which I organized the two first ever CELTIC FROST concerts in 1985. One of these shows ws bootlegged on vinyl, as I recently found out. And yeah, Tommy Fischer, you know, haha. What a dumbfuck. What a silly band.
In 1987, we visited HERESY in Birmingham, met Dig and the whole crew. They indeed had become a crew. I didn’t like that. But the atmosphere was impressive, with bands like HERESY, NAPALM DEATH, SOX, the dying AMEBIX, DOOM, HELLBASTARD and all the others getting popular, creating a new wave of what formerly known as “Punk” or “Hardcore” and suddenly, there was no clear distinction between this scene and Metal anymore.
What has become of Andy Larsen, the printer and promoter of HERESY, who helped the band so much from 85-86?

Unfortunately, the P.A. guy “forgot” to press the record-button (he was very, very unhappy about the music he had to mix, he couldn’t believe what he was hearing, constantly shaking his head saying “this is just noise”), so only fragments of the show had been recorded. Luckily, I had my walkman-recorder running through HERESY’s gig (I think, I also had the SO’ entire show, but I can’t find it anymore), so you’re getting the complete HERESY set too. You will hear a bunch of unreleased tracks.
These recordings have never been published so far, so make sure you download them while they’re up. These links will expire after one or two weeks. And don’t ask me to repost or copy you any of these limited time offer tape rips, for I won’t. No exceptions.
128 kb/s encoding.

Here’s the setlist, written by Kalv:

CONCRETE SOX- eminent scum / your turn next / 10 steps to oblivion.mp3 [Soundboard] Link expired

HERESY- Belief / Visions in Fear.mp3 [Soundboard]

HERESY- Complete Gig.mp3 [Audience recording] Link expired