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Monthly Archives: January 2008

HERESY & CONCRETE SOX- Live at «Grabenhalle», St.Gallen, Switzerland, 10. September 1986


This concert was organized by Reto “Tschösi” Kühne (of MESSIAH and FEAR OF GOD) and me (I’m responsible for that lovely gig poster, haha). I think it was the first continental tour for HERESY and for the SOX. Reevsy, the original singer of HERESY had just left the band after one or two gigs (the […]

SOZZ- Patrol Car, c/w Lurch Gang 7″ (selfproduced, Switzerland, 1979)


Today, I’ve heard first hand complaints about this blog. “Stop posting so much Metal, more Mongo Punk please!”, said my young friend David when I took a good walk with him. This ain’t so much Mongo, but it sue is Punk and it will be unknown to most and thus not be getting a lot […]

SOLITUDE- And justice for All … Demo Tape (selfproduced, USA, 1988)


SOLITUDE were formed in 1987 in Texas by John Perez who was in HELLPREACHER (see the last post) and ROTTING CORPSE prior to this. In 1988, the band released the highly acclaimed “And Justice for All” cassette – a few months later, METALLICA would release the top selling album of the same title. I remember […]

HELLPREACHER- Resurrection Demo Tape (selfproduced, USA, 1986)


What a nice blend of Death -, Thrash- and Black Metal! And what a band name – HELLPREACHER. You know this has to be great. The band formed in San Antonio TX in 1985 and this demo is the only official release. Some of the band members involved in HELLPREACHER were also in bands such […]

DAYGLO ABORTIONS- Live at The Farm, San Francisco, 10/25/1986


The DAYGLO ABORTIONS, the heaviest Punk band there ever was, recorded live at “The Farm” in San Francisco, when they played with RAW POWER. John (Scharpen) – does this tape come from you, like so many in my live tape collection? Kinda weird to see our trading days from over 20 years ago re-enacted in […]

DIE KREUZEN- Live in Santa Barbara, 10/6/1984


Here’s something I have never done before: A full live tape. I divided the whole show into two parts. And this won’t stay up long, so grab it while you can! DIE KREUZEN – the band that destroys all other bands, captured live during its best period. Raw, but powerful soundboard recording. Anybody knows what […]