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KFC- Letzte Hoffnung LP (Schallmauer, Germany, 1980)

foto-219.jpgfoto-220.jpgGerman Post-Punk at its very height, from a band known to attack its audience physically if necessary – KFC‘s first LP is one cynical, masterful pièce de résistance, bound not to please everybody. A bit less punky than the debut 7″ (check it out here), but nonetheless a total smasher, with instant hits like “Wie lange noch” (“How much longer”), “U-Haft” (“Detention pending trial”), “Senorita”, or “Letzte Hoffnung” (“Last hope”). Some of the songs will require a second and third spin to be fully enjoyed, but fuck, who wants easy listening crap?! “Liebling” (“Darling”) sucks, but I think it was meant to suck. Still, it sucks.
From what I understand, this has been long out of print, including a UK CD reisusse. It goes without saying that this download does not keep you from buying the original or a possible re-reissue. The complete LP (incl. all of its wonderful crackling noises) can be downloaded here, it’s a .zip file.
Please note that for reasons yet unknown to me, the mp3 files have different bit-rates (this goes also for the past couple postings). Will take care of this problem until the next blog entry, promised.


  1. me

    Why are Liebling and Kein Paradies bunched together as one mp3 ? Is it supposed to be like that ?


    Posted on 21-Dec-07 at 17:40 | Permalink
  2. Admin

    Nothing is supposed to be like anything, especially in a vinyl rip.


    Posted on 22-Dec-07 at 01:28 | Permalink
  3. The Racing Rabbit

    Hi Pal,

    thanks for posting this gem of German (Hardcore?????) Punk. If you have ever seen Tommi Stumpff perform live you’ll never forget him.

    What about the Schallmauer-Sampler? I sold it for only eight Deutschmarks about 15 years ago,and, believe me, I hate myself for that!


    Posted on 23-Dec-07 at 11:11 | Permalink
  4. Struppi

    This was my very first punk record. I hate me first because I bought this trash -I never heard something like this, but after a while I could hear, why this is a great record.

    I saw them 1981, but I can’t remind something special. May I was too young and too unsophisticated to notice what I see.

    The KFC songs at the Schallmauer sampler, are better. “was du klaust – wo klaust – das ist dir Scheißegal” the theme of our youth 🙂


    Posted on 23-Dec-07 at 16:52 | Permalink
  5. Hmm, not sure what to think about this one. Pretty good but still it leaves something to wish for. I´m gonna listen to the 7″ later and see if that one is better.

    But still thanks alot for bringing me bands that I never would have listen to if it wasn´t for you!


    Posted on 28-Dec-07 at 23:39 | Permalink
  6. I´m sorry I was wrong this is great. Been listeing to it a few times now and the first impression didn´t last. I love the handclapping in Seniorita, if a record has handklapping on it it must rule.


    Posted on 29-Dec-07 at 23:59 | Permalink
  7. KFC

    Why isn’t this working anymore? I need this!!!!


    Posted on 16-Apr-08 at 08:09 | Permalink
  8. Axel

    The download-link isn’t working (anymore), can someone upload these great songs again please. Thank you.


    Posted on 11-May-08 at 05:03 | Permalink
  9. Alex Anders

    the KFC link doesn´t work ! please up it again. german punX needs your blog (again and again…) THANX FOR YOUR WORK !


    Posted on 16-Jun-08 at 06:11 | Permalink
  10. Punk is dead. All the punkers died with it. Especially in Germany.


    Posted on 16-Jun-08 at 06:29 | Permalink
  11. Alex Anders

    you are as dead as U feel …
    the second/third generation is still strong enough.By the way,if U don´t like us,then post it as “the past was our´s”(or something like that)-joke-


    Posted on 17-Jun-08 at 14:44 | Permalink
  12. frank

    please upload and thanx for those other punk tunes


    Posted on 27-Dec-08 at 11:33 | Permalink

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