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STRETCHMARKS- Who’s in Charge? 7″EP (Head Butt Records, Canada, 1983)

stretchmarks_front.jpgstretchmarks_back.jpgOoouukay, I’m sorry, but I have to bother you with one more great canadian record. The STRETCHMARKS were one highly respected band of the 80s HC movement and although they had an LP on the famous Positive Force label, the boys never got the attention they deserved.
To me, it was the band’s participation on one of these Flipside Video Comps that got my attention first. Although I haven’t seen these (2?) songs in a long time now, I do remember especially the singer being a very likable guy – and that’s pretty much the impression the LP still leaves overall. Kinda angry, kinda nice, very much drive and passion and “Another Tragedy” on said LP as one of my most beloved HC songs ever.
Here’s the band’s first EP. 6 great, heart warming HC tunes that I personally can’t get enough of. “Professional Punks” is the high light on this. It’s always been kinda hard to find, this slab, though not spectacularly high priced as it is often the case with solid music that like a fine wine only grows in taste and strength over the years. Maybe the older generations have to browse through the dustier parts of their collections every now and then, and one of the treasures they will dig up will be the STRETCHMARKS. Maybe it wasn’t the most earth shattering recording back then, but now, it surprises me how fresh it is!
Records as wine bottles, I think I like that, as cheap as it sounds.

Who’s in Charge?.mp3
Force Fucker.mp3
Dog’s Life.mp3
Barren Cities.mp3
Sik Pleasure.mp3
Professional Punks.mp3


  1. Seamus

    WOW!!!! Always wanted to hear this and it’s GREAT!!!!!!!!!!


    Posted on 13-Dec-07 at 14:38 | Permalink
  2. OTTO

    Saw them live once… by accident. Had never heard their music, but went to see one of the opening bands. These guys blew me away! One of the tightest bands I had ever seen. Absolutely over-the-top energy… great show. Rushed out and got the just realeased LP… which didn;t quite live up to the live act. Never heard this one… it’s a killer.. thanks for sharing.


    Posted on 13-Dec-07 at 15:45 | Permalink
  3. Kill ugly pop

    Great! Great! Great!

    This is, hands down, my fave Canadian release. It’s a fucking amazing record. I think their LP is a let down compared to this raging little piece of plastic.

    Thanx for this cool post!


    Posted on 14-Dec-07 at 15:41 | Permalink
  4. Thanks for posting this! Had this on a tape long ago, always loved the “woof woof!” in Dog’s Life.


    Posted on 15-Dec-07 at 12:48 | Permalink
  5. roman

    fuck yeah! i’ve had this downloaded from your fave blog, but without the first track, so i have to say it was definitely a good idea to post this 🙂 brilliant ep – angry, tight, energetic…. one of those you have to listen to over and over again… “force fucker” shreds! seems like canada had lotsa not so well known, but really really great bands back then. i’d like to read the lyrics…


    Posted on 16-Dec-07 at 05:42 | Permalink
  6. Winnipeg had an amazing scene in the early 80’s, second only to Vancouver. I saw the Stretch Marks in their waning days, sadly too late. Oh well, great single anyway.

    You’re linked at:


    Posted on 22-Dec-07 at 07:30 | Permalink
  7. Mike

    Their LP was on BYO not Positive Force…. I’m just saying… Word is Shawn won’t repress the LP, so keep searching the bins. Though this 7″ rips!


    Posted on 23-Dec-07 at 23:32 | Permalink
  8. grrrreat!!!! thnx for share this!!!!


    Posted on 31-Jul-08 at 15:11 | Permalink
  9. Mike

    I just spent the weekend in Vegas and Stretch Marks were in town for the bowling tournament. They told me that Sudden Death wanted to re-release the BYO LP but Shawn won’t budge. Don’t know what’s going on with that but the band are definitely thinking of maybe playing some shows in the future. It was nice hanging with them after seeing them like 25 years ago


    Posted on 22-Jan-09 at 16:12 | Permalink
  10. thanks for posting this, I’ve been searching forever.


    Posted on 04-Oct-09 at 17:39 | Permalink
  11. D4GG312



    Posted on 26-Jun-10 at 04:17 | Permalink
  12. Just got done listening to them! Awesome band! Great People!!! Helped promote a show here in Boise 4 them once, ages ago of course! I use to be Penpal’s with “Bill-Stretch” gonna try and locate him again! ( hence why i’m here now ) I went by “Squat” back then!


    Posted on 05-Jan-11 at 06:09 | Permalink
  13. Thomas

    One of the best Canadian Hardcore-Punk 7″ep’s ever, totally underrated and overlooked band in the worldwide Hardcore-Punk circuit.
    When you ordered this little gem for just $3.00 from the band directly, they gave you extra stuff like stickers.
    And u r right, it still sounds fresh and uncompromising after nearly 30 years!
    The lp is another cup of tea, with a different mix it would be much better. But the lp is now rare and a few copies incl. a really big promo poster for the record, too.


    Posted on 31-Aug-12 at 14:14 | Permalink
  14. oldWPGpunk

    i still have this 7″… borrowed from a kid who went on to be a hells angel


    Posted on 22-Oct-12 at 18:06 | Permalink
  15. oldWPGpunk

    forgot to mention…. mark stretchmark plays in the Fabulous Kildonans now… great band too..

    guitar player used to be in honest john, who had Personality Crisis’ singer Mitch Funk….


    Posted on 22-Oct-12 at 18:09 | Permalink

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