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V/A PRIMITIVE AIR RAID – MONTREAL ’84- Compilation LP (Psyche Industry, Canada, 1984)

p1060614.JPGp1060617.JPGHonestly – what would have been a better follow-up to the last post than this one?!
One of these almost forgotten local HC Punk comps is PRIMITIVE AIR RAID – MONTREAL ’84, featuring some better and some less well known bands. It’s not that I play this constantly, but whenever I put it up, it makes me feel good. Lots of drive and anger, more on the tough side. Though I have some faves (like for instance PORCELAIN FOREHEAD, VOMIT AND THE ZITS (great Jello-alike singing!), the out of control raging DIRECT ACTION, the very very exciting and thrashing ABSURDS and the ever ripping, but never ripping so fucking hard GENETIC CONTROL – of whom we’ve had the 7″ last year), this really works as a whole, especially with the conceptual division of Thrash on the A-Side and calmer and more experimental bands on the B-Side. It’ a great document of how varied the music scene still was in the first half of the 80s, yet it was wild and chaotic and radical in its approach.
The other bands on this comp are: FAIR WARNING (very british HC), AMERICAN DEVICES (phantastic!), THE NILS (Peter’s beloved Powerpoppers who don’t power their pop too much here), RED SHIFT (spooky and tense!), IAGO NEON (rather bizarre and interesting Toys-Lullabye Punk), MORBID FIESTA (destroy-the-world-at-once music), NO POLICY (catchy HC again with great lyrics you can sing along) and NOT EQUAL (or UNEQUAL; this is, uhm, very much concentrated HC or such)

The only let-down is the ASEXUALS idiotic political statement (“The New World Order the Rockefellers are planning blablabla” – antisemitic garbage).
But let’s not let this spoil the fun – here’s the complete comp. LP ripped for yours as one large .zip file in the usual great quality. Have fun.

Postscrotum: As you can see, I tried to make the cover shots really arty this time. I call these two compositions “Sitting Bear and the Past” and “Still Life of a Loser”. Thank you.

PS 2: Can you believe this comp. wasn’t reissued until now???