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V/A PRIMITIVE AIR RAID – MONTREAL ’84- Compilation LP (Psyche Industry, Canada, 1984)

p1060614.JPGp1060617.JPGHonestly – what would have been a better follow-up to the last post than this one?!
One of these almost forgotten local HC Punk comps is PRIMITIVE AIR RAID – MONTREAL ’84, featuring some better and some less well known bands. It’s not that I play this constantly, but whenever I put it up, it makes me feel good. Lots of drive and anger, more on the tough side. Though I have some faves (like for instance PORCELAIN FOREHEAD, VOMIT AND THE ZITS (great Jello-alike singing!), the out of control raging DIRECT ACTION, the very very exciting and thrashing ABSURDS and the ever ripping, but never ripping so fucking hard GENETIC CONTROL – of whom we’ve had the 7″ last year), this really works as a whole, especially with the conceptual division of Thrash on the A-Side and calmer and more experimental bands on the B-Side. It’ a great document of how varied the music scene still was in the first half of the 80s, yet it was wild and chaotic and radical in its approach.
The other bands on this comp are: FAIR WARNING (very british HC), AMERICAN DEVICES (phantastic!), THE NILS (Peter’s beloved Powerpoppers who don’t power their pop too much here), RED SHIFT (spooky and tense!), IAGO NEON (rather bizarre and interesting Toys-Lullabye Punk), MORBID FIESTA (destroy-the-world-at-once music), NO POLICY (catchy HC again with great lyrics you can sing along) and NOT EQUAL (or UNEQUAL; this is, uhm, very much concentrated HC or such)

The only let-down is the ASEXUALS idiotic political statement (“The New World Order the Rockefellers are planning blablabla” – antisemitic garbage).
But let’s not let this spoil the fun – here’s the complete comp. LP ripped for yours as one large .zip file in the usual great quality. Have fun.

Postscrotum: As you can see, I tried to make the cover shots really arty this time. I call these two compositions “Sitting Bear and the Past” and “Still Life of a Loser”. Thank you.

PS 2: Can you believe this comp. wasn’t reissued until now???


  1. charlie

    so great of you to rip this comp – dying to hear it – BUT IT WON’T DOWNLOAD! am I making something wrong?


    Posted on 12-Dec-07 at 13:43 | Permalink
  2. Admin

    It’s working. It’s a large file, Charlie, and the download might take some time.


    Posted on 12-Dec-07 at 13:47 | Permalink
  3. fab

    The asexuals antisemitics…how could the punk scene become so stupid ? you want to have fear ? Producer of this lp is Dan Webster…Could you imagine Dan Webster pay a record compilation with an antisemitic song ?……i dont think so….a real rude band from MTL = the discords, it was the real thing…not the petit bourgeois stuff. So a good post, a very rare record (and asexuals was a really good mtl hc band in the beginning as your last post), a good compilation…and if you want to know more about MTL HC etc, see YOU ARE THE SCENE
    Bye bye


    EricPopper Reply:

    Also John Kastner the singer & songwriter for the Asexuals is i believe a card carrying member of the Jewish faith. And i knew all those guys very well and none of them were Antisemitic (LOL) and if you did hang in this small circle in ’84 rascists were not welcome.


    Admin Reply:

    So what is the statement, that’s the question. It’s an antisemitic cliché, that’s what it is.


    Posted on 12-Dec-07 at 19:44 | Permalink
  4. Listening to the album now and I must say it´s pretty good. So far the best have been Direct Action and Genetic Control.

    Any chanse to put a christmas gift wish here? If so how about putting up som Master demo material soon, or perhaps the Funeral Bitch demo? Been listening pretty much to the now released unreleased Master debut and it´s so fantastic!


    Posted on 12-Dec-07 at 22:43 | Permalink
  5. Admin

    Fab – the cited statement has the very common antisemitic cliché of “Rockefellers” being part of one big conspiracy. Guess the Asexuals just didn’t really know what they said – all their lyrics are pretty dumb when it comes to politics. I mean, they were Punks.
    And a “Webster” wouldn’t pay for a record with a band with an antisemitic statement (not song)? Oh well ….


    Posted on 12-Dec-07 at 23:55 | Permalink
  6. Excellent comp! So many great songs. My beloved faves: American Device, Asexuals, Absurd, Direct Action(been thinking about ripping their LP for a long time), Genetic Control and Vomit And The Zits(all time fave here). Big let down is Porcelain Forehead considering their 7″ EP is amazing and The Nils!


    Posted on 13-Dec-07 at 02:20 | Permalink
  7. This record is still pretty easily found in Canada. I’ve seen it sold for $25, but I also see it around for $8 in stores, same deal with the first Asexuals LP.

    Winnipeg hardcore band Under Pressure (who are fucking great, by the way) called their label Primitive Air Raid, and I think the guy that compiled/released this is somehow still involved with Montreal’s great Cheap Thrills book/record store and the Alien* label, who released the new CPC Gangbangs LP and a bunch of disposable hipster nonsense.


    Posted on 13-Dec-07 at 02:49 | Permalink
  8. fab

    Admin: stereotyps against stereotyps, conspirations against conspirations…i always prefer dumb lyrics…In Montreal, there s a big jewish opposition against (and a big support too to) Israeli politics. I think at that time, Asexuals were inside this intra-opposition. Dan Webster was one of the first punk rock promoter at that time. He produced this comp’ and lot of shows (first show of youth brigade during their first crazy canadian tour…and became a good friend with BYO, so the nils were on the comp’ something…etc ). If you want something very dangerous with real dumb lyrics, see rahowa from Toronto…it was antisemitic….Forget Asexuals.
    Simon, you re right is a real good record cie but they didnt realize the 1st cd of Montreal s CPC Gangbangs. They distribue this good record released by Swami rec of this exceptionnal band.

    Primitive Air Raid is a kind of symbol of the difficulties to build good punk labels in Montreal (except La Constellation?). No local label understand the CPC-GB (like the demons claws, or the old spaceshit, etc) here; it was difficult for them to find a good record deal here or in Toronto Vancouver (deranged rec. for example) as UnderPressure from Winnipeg.
    If you dont know, you could check this good punk rock label, this one with good montreal and canadian bands (stolen minks, discord of a forgotten sketch, soon: black ships ep, etc), and look for inepsy, cobra noir (rip), after the bomb, mesrine,and lot of new decent bands….

    By the way sallam malekum ! 🙂


    Posted on 13-Dec-07 at 07:42 | Permalink
  9. Federico

    Eric, I understand where you are coming from: In many “political punk”/ anarchist publications in the Spanish speaking world, “anti capitalism” often gets very close to anti Semitism. But if I remember right, the Rockefellers weren’t Jewish (according to Wikipedia, John D. Rockefeller was Northern Baptist), so maybe there is no need to grill the guys.


    Posted on 13-Dec-07 at 10:00 | Permalink
  10. Admin

    Oh well Fernando …. do you think the “Rockefeller” metaphor is meant to be anti-northern bapitst then? 😆


    Posted on 13-Dec-07 at 10:29 | Permalink
  11. Federico

    The name is Federico, not Fernando (I will assume that the confusion is due to your love for Abba…) and honestly, I think that here is just a simple (simplistic you may say) “anti plutocrat” statement. But that’s maybe because I’m half Jewish and I wanna be cool with the guys. 🙂
    Thanks for the music, even when I own the records, like in this case, it is worth for your insights, explanations and stories.


    Posted on 13-Dec-07 at 10:48 | Permalink
  12. Admin

    Federico, sorry – yeah, the ABBA thing ….

    I’m totally with you; it’s the “anti plutocrat” / “anti capitallism” thing basically, and as I said in my post, it’s just juvenile idiocy. But, as a matter of fact, left anti capitalism and antisemitism do have many things in common. One of them was (and sadly is) the hallucination of “Rockefellers” pulling the strings.
    I’m not saying these guys were antisemitic hardliners or anything. I don’t care so much about “what” people “are” so much, it’s what they say that keeps me interested. 😉


    Posted on 13-Dec-07 at 11:02 | Permalink
  13. Here’s another vote for the Funeral Bitch demo (yes Erich, we ALL do realize you’re a greater appreciator of your KBD over thrash/death/noize these days).

    As far as the “other” argument…I’ve been saying for…oh, a DECADE now…unless people are getting physically injured, horribly mentally abused IN PERSON…let the 8th-grade scatologists spew their idiotic ramblings. There’s juvenile and then there’s nazi, and I always shake my head at the fanaticism in the scene that is so blind it can NEVER separate the two.


    Posted on 13-Dec-07 at 13:03 | Permalink
  14. johnny unrotten

    thanks a heap for this! rare or not rare it’s a great comp and it was new to me. lots of great bands!
    and thanks too my friend for always making a stand! of course the asexuals statement plays with antisemitic hallucinations as you said and I think it’s helpful when you make it clear. I also like the somewhat relaxed tone you chose not making a big fuzz. it was a stupid remark but you still like the band and say so. how could it be fairer than this?


    Posted on 13-Dec-07 at 13:07 | Permalink
  15. Admin

    Cheers Sean and Johnny Unrotten for your statements. I couldn’t agree more.
    About that MASTER demo: I just gave it a listen and the copy I have sounds kinda blurry and is not the original cassette. I did have the original demo as well as some live and practice room recordings, but I can’t find these tapes anymore. So i don’t really wanna post my 2nd or 3rd generation tape as I’m always striving for good quality here.
    How about a quality rip of the original TERRORIZER / NAUSEA demo including the booklet instead? Would that satisfy you hounds of hades?


    Posted on 13-Dec-07 at 13:12 | Permalink
  16. “How about a quality rip of the original TERRORIZER / NAUSEA demo including the booklet instead? Would that satisfy you hounds of hades?”

    That would make my otherwise crappy christmas with the kids nagging about expensive prestens alot better. The downloaded demo I has pretty bad sound so I wote for that one.

    To bad about the Master demo though but thats life.

    I must tell a story about when I first read about these names of all the great death metal bands. Back in 88 I ordered the Fear of god 7″ from Babs (Uproar records) without having a clue what it was. I guess I saw that the record had alot of songs on it and thought that it is was cool. Remember this was back when I just had gone from listening to thrash ala Kreator through the first Death LP and stuff like Crumbsuckers and not Napalm Death. When I put on the vinyl I was blown away by the brutality and sitting in my room listening to the record and reading the thanks-list opened up my eyes to alot of bands. That you guys had nicked the Master intro made me search through my tapelists I had and I think I was given a copy of the Master demo from som guy i Aurstralia if my memory serves me right. And now 20 years later I download stuff from you haha it´s a small world or the internet have made the world small.

    Thanks alot!


    Posted on 13-Dec-07 at 13:27 | Permalink


    Hey Erich, I’ve been hounding Garvey, Vito, and Castro to get a copy of a NEW (2005) MAJESTY rehearsal to up on my blog! One day? (hopefully?)


    Posted on 13-Dec-07 at 14:23 | Permalink
  18. Admin

    Thanks much Pär! It’s about the same for me, with the internet and all. Although I never never never stopped listening to this kind of music (HC, Punk, Metal) and sometimes see it as some sort of life sentence (it doesn’t really make life easier, methinks), it was the internet that made it possible for me to get back in touch with music lovers. You know, music always was a very personal thing to me, yet only when I can share it with others, it gets personal (otherwise it would be a crazy projection only). Now sadly there’s not one person left in my life who would seriously listen to that kind of music, especially in the academic world, this is not what people understand (as they mostly come from a very different social background). So yes, the internet has become a very useful and helpful tool and it pleases me to see my old record collection is good for something else than just gaining dust and monetary value. So hats off to everybody who comments!

    Sean: MAJESTY were so great!


    Posted on 13-Dec-07 at 14:35 | Permalink
  19. Fernando

    Hi, Fernando here (the ABBA one). No, hats off (or mohawk-wigs) to you sir. Thanks for this, I love the American Devices track and I even like the Nils’ “let down”. The photo compositions are real lovely. I couldnt help being curious about the books. That title “Die Hoffnung der Pandora” sounds great, what’s that book about? Ciao
    PS Federico, if you’re reading, I’m pretty sure you’re the same Federico I promised a Kangrena tape some years ago but somehow we lost contact. Do you still have the same old e-adress? (A small world indeed, el mundo es un pañuelo)


    Posted on 15-Dec-07 at 07:25 | Permalink
  20. Thanks for this comp, been searching for a while. This blog is my favorite site, except for ones about nazi ufo’s.


    Posted on 15-Dec-07 at 12:46 | Permalink
  21. Admin

    About MASTER and DEATH STRIKE: recently had them (and the incredible SLAUGHTER demo as well). Quality of the rips is pretty low, but give it a try. The unreleased MASTER LP pretty much destroys everything.

    Fernando/Federico: Bruno Latour has a website, where texts are available online (mostly abstracts, I think). You find it here:
    “Hoffnung der Pandora” is an excellent introduction in his theories of science, epistemology and the ANT.


    Posted on 16-Dec-07 at 03:01 | Permalink
  22. Those three great albums/demo I already got. And as you say the unreleased rips almost everything else in the genre apart. The Surrender or die demo i, in my opinion, the best thing ever to come from Canada (along with Killing technology)


    Posted on 16-Dec-07 at 08:55 | Permalink
  23. Fernando

    Many thanks for the tip, been visiting Latour’s site and reading chapter 1. The name rings some bell, I believe some friend had talked me about the guy. Well, I think I’ll buy the book (shit, another one in the must-read list…). One question more, what do you mean with the ANT? Hormigas? Ameisen?


    Posted on 16-Dec-07 at 13:23 | Permalink
  24. Federico

    Hola Fernando! Si, todavia tengo el mismo email, si tienes ganas de escribirme, pues bueno, estaria de puta madre!
    Eric: thanks for the interesting link, I will definitely go through the Latour articles. It was also really nice to read what you just wrote about sharing your collection with others. Cheers!


    Posted on 17-Dec-07 at 23:22 | Permalink
  25. Alan

    American Devices members include people who started the whole Montreal underground music scene by starting two of the earliest punk bands in the city. Rob Labelle was in the Normals and Rick Trembles was in the Electric Vomit. Both bands played raw punk and hardcore. I found an Electric Vomit song on myspace…

    Direct Action and Porcelain Forehead were not even from Montreal!


    Posted on 10-Jan-08 at 11:30 | Permalink
  26. Alex

    Merci mille fois ! I had this as a cassette tape when I was 15 or so, and used to listen to it all the time on my way to school. It compares well with some of the more famous HC productions of the time (such as Minor Threat etc.).
    But what’s the deal with this bantering about Asexuals? Montrealers are so obsessed with anti-semitism, it’s unbelievable. Besides, who can really tell what they are saying? Some people thought it was pro Contra, believe it or not.
    The big one in my view is No Policy. This is a gem, probably the best HC production ever to come out of Canada!


    Posted on 08-Oct-09 at 10:47 | Permalink
  27. Karina

    I had this back in the 80s and have been trying to get my hands on it again. I cant thank you enough!


    Posted on 08-Jan-10 at 00:35 | Permalink
  28. Anarkist_Attak

    this is a great Comp

    P.F. are actually from Ottawa (capital of canada two hours from Montreal) and have recently reformed! and are playing really good re union shows

    (as oppossed to “the Action” which is very washed up”

    PS funny story
    Unruled (montreal legends with disharge inspired only 7″) were not on the comp because the singer beat up the guy who put this out!


    Posted on 10-Mar-10 at 13:57 | Permalink
  29. Yvan D.

    Yeah, that Unruled singer was a violent redneck with a so called “punk” look. He now lives in Florida listening to Dream Theater.


    Posted on 29-Aug-10 at 04:26 | Permalink
  30. Jason Flower

    Erich, you snuggly fondu & red wine metal-man. I recommend another comp LP from Montreal from the same period, titled “Panic Panic”. it’s mostly low-fi synth experimental but does contain Vomit and the Zits…probably their only vinyl appearance. worth tracking down. JF


    Posted on 15-Oct-10 at 17:41 | Permalink
  31. carl

    Hey, cool to see this LP on the web !
    I played Bass Guitar on this LP with Morbid Fiesta…good times…we had done a show in the basement of a church with most of the bands on the LP to sponsor the cost of producing it.
    After the compilation went out, we went all in different ways…and I became a rockabilly/preppy from the 80s…good memories and thanks for zipping it on the web…my friends at work were really surprised to hear that HC punk from Montreal, AND in french too !
    Thx. !!


    Admin Reply:

    Thank YOU carl for the music and the background info!


    Posted on 26-Nov-10 at 22:00 | Permalink
  32. Poncho

    Brings back good memories of the West Island; Suburban Invasion…classic tracks for a classic time – thanks for putting this out there.


    Posted on 28-Nov-11 at 02:51 | Permalink

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