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ASEXUALS- s/t 7″EP (OG Music, Canada, 1984)

asexuals_front.jpgasexuals_back.jpgIt’s been a while since we’ve had a band from Canada, so here’s the ASEXUALS first 7″. Released shortly before the band’s much acclaimed (well, I acclaimed it muchy muchy) “Be what you want” LP, which was followed by the kinda corny and over-ambitious “Contemporary World” LP. The band then morphed into the DOUGHBOYS and had one fantastic longplayer (the title escapes me right now, but I could get off my chair and take a look, but don’t even think about that).
All the four songs are catchy little fuckers, a slight Mongo touch maybe, but “Stand up” is really the stand out here and shows the later direction of the band.
One thing though. Song number 2, “B.F.D.”, has a pressing mistake onto the vinyl. So here’s what I did: I took out the 10 seconds unplayable and inserted something new, just like that, because I’m an anarchist of love, and if you can find out what the song is called and by whom it is, you will get a free record from me (my choice). Okay? I know, this is totally lame, but that’s just how I feel at the moment. Know the song – drop me a line!

New World.mp3
B.F.D.mp3 [Special DJ E. Mix]
Where’s the Bus.mp3
Stand up.mp3 (thank Jah, this is not a reggae song)