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WARDS- Ripped off in Boston Demo Cassette (selfproduced, USA, 1984)

wards_demofront.jpgwards_cassette.jpgwards_democover.jpgwards_letter.jpgSome of you have been waiting for this a long time, I know. Now is the time to finally share this monster. The WARDS fourth and final release (after two wonderful 7″s, of which we’ve had the debut posted a while ago, and another demo). As you can see, this was recorded at Radio Beat Studios (Deep Wound etc.) and it seems likely from the title of the cassette, that the trip to Boston caused the band some trouble. KFTH has it the band-van was stolen in Boston (and the cover drawing seems to, well, illustrate this rather unpleasant event).
The band never got much recognition when still around, but as soon as the Punk nostalgia took off in the beginning 90s, the WARDS became more popular. No wonder, since the band coined a sound of its own. Snotty, pissed, simple but overall pretty melancholic sounding with trademarks double vocals and a pretty tight guitar sound.
When you loved the 7″s, you’ll love this too. You’ll see, as soon as the music blasts off, you’ll immediately recognize the typical WARDS sound, even though the demo is a bit more varied (“I’m God” being the standout). One or two more recordings and the WARDS would have taken an interesting development, I guess.
I scanned the backside of the demo cover too, which has a letter from the band to me, giving some details.
Anybody has the “Armed to the Teeth” Demo and likes to provide it for the blog?

Check out Daddy’s a Cop.mp3 from this demo and keep the keg-a-rollin’.

Download the whole demo here as one .zip file and dance around naked!