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Monthly Archives: December 2007

NIGRO MANTIA- Poetry of Subculture Cassette (selfproduced, Denmark, 1984)


At the very end of one year full of good, bad and goodbad music, here’s one of Metal’s best kept secrets for those of you who didn’t know. I had been struggling with myself whether I should share this or not, but since one of these superficial consumerist blogs recently had an awful 57th generation […]

STILLBORN- Necrospirituals LP (Radium, Germany, 1989)


Bizarre, carnevalesque, gothic, kinky, satanic, operatic, kitschig, over the top, lustful and heavy – STILLBORN‘s debut album from 1989 remains one of Metal’s best kept secrets. Although this album is literally bursting out with talent, heavyness and a good sense of irony, it seems virtually unknown these days. Whot a shame! Time to give these […]

KFC- Letzte Hoffnung LP (Schallmauer, Germany, 1980)


German Post-Punk at its very height, from a band known to attack its audience physically if necessary – KFC‘s first LP is one cynical, masterful pièce de résistance, bound not to please everybody. A bit less punky than the debut 7″ (check it out here), but nonetheless a total smasher, with instant hits like “Wie […]

STRETCHMARKS- Who’s in Charge? 7″EP (Head Butt Records, Canada, 1983)


Ooouukay, I’m sorry, but I have to bother you with one more great canadian record. The STRETCHMARKS were one highly respected band of the 80s HC movement and although they had an LP on the famous Positive Force label, the boys never got the attention they deserved. To me, it was the band’s participation on […]

V/A PRIMITIVE AIR RAID – MONTREAL ’84- Compilation LP (Psyche Industry, Canada, 1984)


Honestly – what would have been a better follow-up to the last post than this one?! One of these almost forgotten local HC Punk comps is PRIMITIVE AIR RAID – MONTREAL ’84, featuring some better and some less well known bands. It’s not that I play this constantly, but whenever I put it up, it […]

ASEXUALS- s/t 7″EP (OG Music, Canada, 1984)


It’s been a while since we’ve had a band from Canada, so here’s the ASEXUALS first 7″. Released shortly before the band’s much acclaimed (well, I acclaimed it muchy muchy) “Be what you want” LP, which was followed by the kinda corny and over-ambitious “Contemporary World” LP. The band then morphed into the DOUGHBOYS and […]

Only worn once!


Who said Punk was dead? I’m currently selling my leather punk crust vest on Ebay. Thought you’d like to know. All profits made from this will go into ALF and Pro-Palestinian activities. Although it says “genuine leather”, it’s of course vegan leather, made from capitalist skin. Check it out here on Ebay. Here are some […]

WARDS- Ripped off in Boston Demo Cassette (selfproduced, USA, 1984)


Some of you have been waiting for this a long time, I know. Now is the time to finally share this monster. The WARDS fourth and final release (after two wonderful 7″s, of which we’ve had the debut posted a while ago, and another demo). As you can see, this was recorded at Radio Beat […]