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ABGAS- s/t Double 7" (selfproduced, Switzerland, 1981)

abgas_front.jpgabgas_back.jpgFollowed Peter’s advice and downloaded the new beta-version of Audacity which seems to be working fine.
This is a repost from August 2006, due to colossal greatness. Rest of the songs added and all freshly ripped. This one goes out to David Oi, who is a great lover of mongo rock.

The german discography “Pogography” calls this the “worst swiss punk release” and might be right with it (and wrong too). Sure – it takes a lot to be able to enjoy this. The guitar, the drums, the bass, the vocals (often sung in swiss german) and even the incredible lyrics sound like this was the first ever session of some on all levels extremely untalented blokes. And there’s not the slightest sign of irony detectable. These guys were dead serious. Quite a fremdscham-spectacle and if you really can take it to play this whole thing without ever thinking of fast forwarding, skipping or pausing and without at least one hysterical laughter, you win a prize! Of course, when you don’t understand the (swiss) german lyrics, you’re privileged, because – I mean, really, somebody needs to take his or her time and transcribe and translate these lyrics. Seriously, it’s beyond description. The most glorious moment is probably to be found in “Anarchy & Peace”, when after the typical peace and anarchy sermon, the singer starts to cite from the declaration of human rights. I’m sure this is meant to be making a crucial point about things, you know, anarchy, peace and such. The effect, at least on me, is of quite different nature, though. And don’t ask me why they left these signal tones on the mastertape. I don’t know the answer.
Still, with the safety of so many years between the release and now, it actually reveals childish charme. No country has probably more mongo rock pearls in relation to its size. Switzerland is mongo and this ABGAS slab is the mongost record ever.
After this very, very, very extended play set of two very, very extended play seven inchers, the band released a live 7″ which I have on tape only and which is definitely an improvement musically. They also somehow realised that it’s better not to have lyrics and scrapped the vocal part completely. Some might call this an advance, others mourn it.

Here’s one appetizer:
Die Bullen.mp3 (“The cops”. From now on, this song has to be featured on every anti-cop-song compilation!)

Okay, and another one. The HC song:

And clicking this will let you download the whole thing as one zip file.

Just because the song titles are so great, here’s the complete tracklist:

Kleines Mädchen.mp3
Sinn vom Läbe.mp3
Die Welt ist tot.mp3
Die Bullen.mp3
Älter werden.mp3
Anarchy & Peace.mp3
D’Fisch sind tot.mp3
Fuck Shit Bollocks.mp3
Bin ich Jesus.mp3
It’s never too late for a Rütlischwur.mp3