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ABGAS- s/t Double 7" (selfproduced, Switzerland, 1981)

abgas_front.jpgabgas_back.jpgFollowed Peter’s advice and downloaded the new beta-version of Audacity which seems to be working fine.
This is a repost from August 2006, due to colossal greatness. Rest of the songs added and all freshly ripped. This one goes out to David Oi, who is a great lover of mongo rock.

The german discography “Pogography” calls this the “worst swiss punk release” and might be right with it (and wrong too). Sure – it takes a lot to be able to enjoy this. The guitar, the drums, the bass, the vocals (often sung in swiss german) and even the incredible lyrics sound like this was the first ever session of some on all levels extremely untalented blokes. And there’s not the slightest sign of irony detectable. These guys were dead serious. Quite a fremdscham-spectacle and if you really can take it to play this whole thing without ever thinking of fast forwarding, skipping or pausing and without at least one hysterical laughter, you win a prize! Of course, when you don’t understand the (swiss) german lyrics, you’re privileged, because – I mean, really, somebody needs to take his or her time and transcribe and translate these lyrics. Seriously, it’s beyond description. The most glorious moment is probably to be found in “Anarchy & Peace”, when after the typical peace and anarchy sermon, the singer starts to cite from the declaration of human rights. I’m sure this is meant to be making a crucial point about things, you know, anarchy, peace and such. The effect, at least on me, is of quite different nature, though. And don’t ask me why they left these signal tones on the mastertape. I don’t know the answer.
Still, with the safety of so many years between the release and now, it actually reveals childish charme. No country has probably more mongo rock pearls in relation to its size. Switzerland is mongo and this ABGAS slab is the mongost record ever.
After this very, very, very extended play set of two very, very extended play seven inchers, the band released a live 7″ which I have on tape only and which is definitely an improvement musically. They also somehow realised that it’s better not to have lyrics and scrapped the vocal part completely. Some might call this an advance, others mourn it.

Here’s one appetizer:
Die Bullen.mp3 (“The cops”. From now on, this song has to be featured on every anti-cop-song compilation!)

Okay, and another one. The HC song:

And clicking this will let you download the whole thing as one zip file.

Just because the song titles are so great, here’s the complete tracklist:

Kleines Mädchen.mp3
Sinn vom Läbe.mp3
Die Welt ist tot.mp3
Die Bullen.mp3
Älter werden.mp3
Anarchy & Peace.mp3
D’Fisch sind tot.mp3
Fuck Shit Bollocks.mp3
Bin ich Jesus.mp3
It’s never too late for a Rütlischwur.mp3


  1. Admin

    Ooops, accidently deleted all the previous comments from 2006 ……


    Posted on 27-Nov-07 at 14:48 | Permalink
  2. Haha, holy shit this was “great”. Not the music I will play everyday but still pretty enjoyable. Hahah I can´t stop laughing.


    Posted on 27-Nov-07 at 22:43 | Permalink
  3. did you ever saw this band live Erich? They must have been a blast in the fleash.


    Posted on 27-Nov-07 at 23:11 | Permalink
  4. Herr Oi

    herr k.

    my english isn’t good enough to tell how flattered i am by this personal dedication of this marvellous piece of mongo rock. “ich bin ein mensch und keine nummer”: if you listen to the desperately seriously sung refrain of “anarchy and peace” on, i’m remembered of the still very spirited ( for: lebendig) subcultural music scene in zurich.

    maybe i gonna use this in my deutschunterricht as swissgerman literature. ou, it isn’t swiss german, really?

    “burger burger wehrt euch mehr”,

    herr oi


    Posted on 28-Nov-07 at 01:09 | Permalink
  5. Admin

    David – some is german, some is swiss german and some is even english, me thinks. Just like the lovely music clip on youtube you linked. That one gave me all spiritual feelings.

    PS: You gotta come to visit me in my office soon and check out my crazy fenster-deko. Total xmas style. Plus, I’ve got some nice little pills here …


    Posted on 28-Nov-07 at 01:52 | Permalink
  6. Admin

    No Pär, haven’t seen them live. I guess you’re right, it must have been a real kick in the guts live band!


    Posted on 28-Nov-07 at 01:53 | Permalink
  7. Admin

    And oh PS: Did you check out the backcover scan? They put all the song titles together to one touching story. It’s just incredible.


    Posted on 28-Nov-07 at 01:55 | Permalink
  8. Frank the Punk

    thank you so much for this. i laughed until my stomach hurts but i like abgas really. they tried so hard.


    Posted on 28-Nov-07 at 02:01 | Permalink
  9. One of the most mongoloidian records I’ve heard. Can’t stop laughing. If any the members of the band is reading this I want to thank them that they had the guts to release this.

    Probably one of the best Swizz records I’ve heard.


    Posted on 28-Nov-07 at 08:29 | Permalink
  10. This is awesome, a true shit-fi gem! They don’t make em like this anymore, that’s for sure.


    Posted on 28-Nov-07 at 09:57 | Permalink
  11. Admin

    There was this horrible retro garbage band on Peter’s blog that likes to think of themselves as carrying on the torch of shit-fi. What was the name of that band again? Hahaha.


    Posted on 28-Nov-07 at 12:14 | Permalink
  12. Felix felix

    If I would have followed Andy War-Hole’s advice, (or was it Joseph Beuys who said: anyone could be a punkrocker?) “me” an my band would have sounded like this. Fucking awsome Thurgau!


    Posted on 28-Nov-07 at 13:51 | Permalink
  13. roadie xxx

    been following your blog for a year now. cant tell you how much fun i had with it. so much great music and comments. but this one takes the cake. insane stuff. could you help us englsih speaking folks with the lyrics? what is a rutischur?


    Posted on 28-Nov-07 at 14:26 | Permalink



    Posted on 28-Nov-07 at 14:33 | Permalink
  15. SwePete

    I like the word Fremdscham the most! There is no single word in Swedish to describe that feeling so, I am now using this in my ordinary vocabulary. But no one understand me. I am more alienated than ever. But I am used to that by now…


    Posted on 28-Nov-07 at 15:06 | Permalink
  16. juppie heesters

    what’s wrong with swiss people hahaha. your blog totally destroys the image of the nice chocolate country.


    Posted on 29-Nov-07 at 14:08 | Permalink
  17. Fernando

    I’m glad you solved the technical difficulties!! The other day I gave a friend a homemade Swiss punk comp CD (mostly full of GBM stuff, thank you) and I recommended to him Abgas as having the merit of probably the worst record ever made. It’s the pits! I listen to it very seriously, though. I always thought Anarchy and peace was ironic, hanks for the correction…
    Btw, Annie has the deeply mystic Abgas’ “Tanzerin” ep, just unbelievable


    Posted on 29-Nov-07 at 23:57 | Permalink
  18. Admin

    And there’s yet more to come out of Mongo-country!

    Couldn’t find the 2nd ABGAS 7″ there, Fernando (“Can you hear the drums, Fernando?”). That sure is one pathetic horrible blog, fuck.


    Posted on 30-Nov-07 at 00:51 | Permalink
  19. Fernando

    Hay Chiquitito ;), of course I can hear them, and in 2 versions, as ABBA used to have some hits translated to Spanish and even made a special LP (Gracias por la música, by the way). I guess you just didn’t have the patience searching in such place. The single’s included in an Abgas pack (last 2 tracks, the 2 full untitled sides), here
    More Swiss punk to come? That’s great, looking forward to it as well as, ahem, Soglia del Dolore & ContrAzione, y’know


    Posted on 30-Nov-07 at 15:15 | Permalink
  20. Eddie

    When are you going to post Chin Chin – We Don’t Wanna Be Prisoners EP? They are a Swiss band too.


    Posted on 30-Nov-07 at 17:49 | Permalink
  21. The Racing Rabbit

    This is REAL punkrock. Who cares for skills???

    Thanks for posting this!

    The Racing Rabbit


    Posted on 01-Dec-07 at 09:42 | Permalink
  22. skinnynorris

    its never too late for a rüthlischwur.


    Posted on 09-Dec-07 at 05:50 | Permalink
  23. Wow!!! 27 years later “Abgas” is still alive, because, how can this band be dead when there’s a new style called mongo rock and we held the banner? Thanks to all you people who had fun with our music. I’m also glad that we had the guts to make this record. I played bass on this record (not all songs) and was the singer on some of them. I was only on this first record in the band, then I quit:-( The true godfather of abgas-mongo-rock was/is Gary Odd. Forgive me for my poor english, but you know, just untalented blokes 😉
    By the way: Great Site with great music on it!!! Greetz Andy


    Posted on 31-Jan-08 at 08:58 | Permalink
  24. Admin

    Thanks for stopping by, Andy! Please, can you tell us a bit more about the record and the band? How you got togther, why the test tones on the record, why the 2nd 7″ was instrumental, what became of the lads? Would be most delightful to hear more from you!


    Posted on 31-Jan-08 at 09:06 | Permalink
  25. Guy

    Fuckin great, please put up the lyrics!
    By the way, in “Anarchy & Peace” is ironically, he sings (in the last verse):
    Anarchy and Peace – I hate it so much
    Anarchy and Peace – This stupid gossip
    Anarchy and Peace – What’s the meaning of this?
    Anarchy and Peace – just blank flight of fancy

    Sorry for my bad englisch 🙂


    Posted on 18-Feb-08 at 08:21 | Permalink
  26. Okay…as I joined ABGAS in 1980 noone of the three members could play. But that were the times and that was still the idea of punk, you remember? Just get out and do somtething. So we did and when we recorded this double-single it was absolutely live and it was played only once with all mistakes, test-sounds and there was no second chance. We didn’t have much money and we didn’t care about technical sills. Just the pure stuff. Don’t forget we were all about 17-19 years old and noone of us had any musically experience. It’s right: Anarchy and peace was ironic. We hated this slogan and we hated fashion-punx. I don’t know why the second EP was without vocals. I wasn’t in the band at this time. But I think that the lyrics wasn’t that bad…Maybe I’ll find some time to translate a few of them.
    Have a good time


    Posted on 19-Feb-08 at 07:01 | Permalink
  27. Guy

    maybe you could put them here without trasnslation? because i am german and I love the record^^


    Posted on 19-Feb-08 at 12:54 | Permalink
  28. abgas, the mongo rock band, is still alive
    check out
    there you will have more songs for download

    by the way, you guys did a really great job with good bad music for bad, bad times

    gary sinnlos


    Posted on 05-Mar-08 at 11:01 | Permalink
  29. spätheimkehrer

    To end it up.
    This is dead serious.
    Punk as it has to be, senseless, true.
    Full of laughing, depressin`live
    Abgas lebt !


    Posted on 02-Jul-08 at 21:34 | Permalink
  30. So wonky great. I need more Swiss “mongo” in my life. ANy recommendations?


    Posted on 01-Dec-08 at 00:10 | Permalink
  31. This level of mongoness is unique, I’m afraid.


    Posted on 01-Dec-08 at 00:57 | Permalink
  32. elliott

    when i downladed this i thaught it was toing to be a lot different than what it is. this is just great. thank you so much for this. i don’t know how to describe it. i would say it’s so bad it’s good but i want something different. can anyone help me describe it?


    Posted on 05-Nov-09 at 06:49 | Permalink
  33. LongHairedAsshole

    If you want more mongo-ness check out Ridiculing The Apocalypse by Mr. Epp & the Calculations.


    Posted on 28-Dec-10 at 11:24 | Permalink
  34. hacki

    were is your review of

    ABGAS – die tänzerin…



    Posted on 14-Aug-11 at 00:23 | Permalink

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