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Technical difficulties

images.jpegSince I have upgraded to Mac OS 10.5 (“Leopard”), I can no longer use Audacity, the audio software of my choice. Whenever I would export a recording as mp3 file, weird difficulties appear. Audacity was very easy to use, especially with its mp3-export function. Until I have found myself new software, I unfortunately can’t post any new music. I had a few very nice things in the pipeline already, but after two days of trying, I had to realize I can’t use Audacity no more, unless I run the risk of severe brain damage.
If in the last few postings, you’d hear typing sounds or other weird things, it’s due to these difficulties. Please report such cases, if they appeared.


  1. Zach

    What I do is export the files as WAVs from Audacity, then convert them to mp3s with Itunes. Maybe give that a shot?


    Posted on 26-Nov-07 at 14:22 | Permalink
  2. I havent upgrade yet even if I got a Leopard that came with my latest iMac since it still seems to have too many problems direct och indirect.

    Hope that audacity do upgrade soon so you can use it!


    Posted on 26-Nov-07 at 15:06 | Permalink
  3. Hello:
    Just read this post and so I am going to give you some advice.First off when doing audio/video work as you know I do I NEVER upgrade my workstation until I have had a chance to check on the NET for any incompatibilities with an upgrade.I run a Windows machine and use WIN XP SP2 and will not upgrade to the newer VISTA due to the above issue.VISTA has many issues and my machine is rock solid and works everyday so why upgrade ??? My answer is NO WAY to VISTA.
    In your case you have now learned a painful lesson.RESEARCH OS UPGRADES !!! Don’t just upgrade something and expect it will all work cause it won’t.I learned a painful lesson years back and never repeated it.
    The new MAC OS is documented to have many weird issues.Until they work it out I would stay away from it.
    If possible you should try and roll your machine back to the older OS which worked good for you and many others.

    In the case that you are stucj with what you got then try and do a search for another app that will do what Audacity did for you.

    sorry about your issues…
    see ya


    Posted on 26-Nov-07 at 15:35 | Permalink
  4. They’re probably gonna release an update for Leopard soon. Meanwhile, you can save/export it on .aif or .wav and convert it to MP3 with iTunes. I know it’s not the best solution, but it could work until there’s an update or you find new software.


    Posted on 26-Nov-07 at 18:35 | Permalink
  5. Erich, you have Garageband in that OS. I use both Audacity and Garageband and have never had a problem ripping in either.

    MAC USERS UNITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂


    Posted on 26-Nov-07 at 23:32 | Permalink
  6. Admin

    Thank y’all. As you can see, I have successfully installed the new Audacity beta. Glad I didn’t have to switch, cause after thousands of mp3 files made from it, you’re so programmed.


    Posted on 27-Nov-07 at 12:19 | Permalink
  7. I too use Audacity, it’s a breeze to use and some of the built in filters are handy. Glad to see your all sorted, such a fantastic site, the rips are great and all the self professed experts in thy comments sections are always fun. Awesum!!!


    Posted on 27-Nov-07 at 19:32 | Permalink
  8. Hehe, was going to say something along the lines of “I liek a man whos a Mac user” but then I see that that other douche bag up there already said something like that so I’ll keep schtum. Shhhh.


    Posted on 27-Nov-07 at 20:47 | Permalink
  9. Dustin

    There must be a thousand open source solutions to your problem. Look around. Mediacoder (if Unix-likes support it) might be a great solution.


    Posted on 21-Dec-07 at 10:10 | Permalink

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