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MEDIEVAL- s/t Cassette Album (selfproduced, USA, 1983)

medieval_democover.jpgmediaval_firstcassette.jpgAnother tape, an überclassic this time: We’ve had MEDIEVAL before and I’m gittin’ medieval up your ass again with this one. As much as I love the 2nd tape, this one is where bartly gets the moscht. There was a little debate in the comments section of the other tape, whether MEDIEVAL’s sound was to be called NWOBHM-ian or not. Well, Dennis, at least on this one, you’re kinda right, as there’s a strong NWOBHM feeling attached to some of the songs, especially the rockin & rolling opener.
Then again, the band has a lot more to offer, especially the band’s second best song ever (after the theme song, “Medieval”) and that is the godlike “Life after Death” – go click on the link below right now and get some serious brain damage before reading on. Then we have plenty of true Mongo Rock done the rocking way (“Clean Record”) – but listen for yourselfs and enjoy. Some might call this a bit inconsistent, I’d say fuck off, that’s how it’s gottta be. If you don’t love this, you can never be my friend.

Oh yes, before I forget – if somebody out there (as we in the internet community say) happens to have the original demos of Nasty Savage “Wage of Mayhem” & Hirax (the one with the four tracks and the blue label on the cassette) for sale – please get in touch! I want these back and would love to post them here!

This posting here (number 306, btw) has been made in the memory of the recently deceased Bob Muldowney. Bob had a phenomenal and highly influential fanzine in the first half of the 80s, called “Kick*Ass Monthly”. It was one of these wonderful, jammed together little pieces of true passion and lifeblood and one of the main reasons for me to join the fanzine circus in 1984-1988. If I ever find the time, I shall go down in my basement of death and dig up some of these old papers and scan them. Sob.

Life after Death.mp3

And here’s the full demo cassette for you as one .zip file.