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MEDIEVAL- s/t Cassette Album (selfproduced, USA, 1983)

medieval_democover.jpgmediaval_firstcassette.jpgAnother tape, an überclassic this time: We’ve had MEDIEVAL before and I’m gittin’ medieval up your ass again with this one. As much as I love the 2nd tape, this one is where bartly gets the moscht. There was a little debate in the comments section of the other tape, whether MEDIEVAL’s sound was to be called NWOBHM-ian or not. Well, Dennis, at least on this one, you’re kinda right, as there’s a strong NWOBHM feeling attached to some of the songs, especially the rockin & rolling opener.
Then again, the band has a lot more to offer, especially the band’s second best song ever (after the theme song, “Medieval”) and that is the godlike “Life after Death” – go click on the link below right now and get some serious brain damage before reading on. Then we have plenty of true Mongo Rock done the rocking way (“Clean Record”) – but listen for yourselfs and enjoy. Some might call this a bit inconsistent, I’d say fuck off, that’s how it’s gottta be. If you don’t love this, you can never be my friend.

Oh yes, before I forget – if somebody out there (as we in the internet community say) happens to have the original demos of Nasty Savage “Wage of Mayhem” & Hirax (the one with the four tracks and the blue label on the cassette) for sale – please get in touch! I want these back and would love to post them here!

This posting here (number 306, btw) has been made in the memory of the recently deceased Bob Muldowney. Bob had a phenomenal and highly influential fanzine in the first half of the 80s, called “Kick*Ass Monthly”. It was one of these wonderful, jammed together little pieces of true passion and lifeblood and one of the main reasons for me to join the fanzine circus in 1984-1988. If I ever find the time, I shall go down in my basement of death and dig up some of these old papers and scan them. Sob.

Life after Death.mp3

And here’s the full demo cassette for you as one .zip file.


  1. Thanks alot for this one, should be killer! And again Bob – Vila i frid.


    Posted on 21-Nov-07 at 13:23 | Permalink
  2. Eddie

    When you gonna play some more of that “meathead” moshcore.


    Posted on 21-Nov-07 at 16:38 | Permalink
  3. gamma693

    Man, thank you so much for this! I didn’t think I’d ever find either of their demos, and now you’ve blessed us with both of them. I’m sending another donation your way as a result. Good shit, keep it up.


    Posted on 21-Nov-07 at 21:55 | Permalink
  4. I just can´t belive how great this tape is! I´ve listen to it three times today and it blows me away all the time.


    Posted on 22-Nov-07 at 13:28 | Permalink
  5. Admin

    Pär, may I call you a man of taste & class? Not everybody seems to be enjoying this – that makes MEDIEVAL even better.


    Posted on 22-Nov-07 at 13:36 | Permalink
  6. Yes you may 🙂

    The themesong is of cause the best on the album. I´ve liked that one since I heard it on Metal Massacre. A new favorite is the epic Kill me now. A grinding mastepiece!


    Posted on 23-Nov-07 at 08:47 | Permalink
  7. f.

    can’t believe this was recorded in early 1983! it’s so GRINDING and melodic at the same time. brilliant!! the other demo is great too but this one is better.

    besides I wanna thank you on behalf of my whole family. we’ve downloaded many of your pearls and some of this music so damn great it makes us all jump around in the house.

    f. / new england (born 59)


    Posted on 23-Nov-07 at 09:19 | Permalink
  8. Steve

    Bob Muldowney was an ASSHOLE! I sent money for a subscription and received only 1 issue. Hope he’s burning in Hell!


    Posted on 23-Nov-07 at 10:03 | Permalink
  9. Admin



    Posted on 23-Nov-07 at 10:08 | Permalink
  10. “I sent money for a subscription and received only 1 issue. ”

    When I was 12 I send 35 Skr to Heavy Load to join their fan club and I never recieved anything so I can understand your frustration, haha.


    Posted on 24-Nov-07 at 00:43 | Permalink
  11. gamma693

    Erich, do you have Medieval’s Christmas demo too? The holidays are right around the corner, you know, and I can’t think of a better gift to us.


    Posted on 24-Nov-07 at 05:40 | Permalink
  12. Mike

    I’ve got some live soundboard recordings of Medieval somewhere,they are one of the best ever!!!


    Posted on 24-Nov-07 at 13:13 | Permalink
  13. Admin

    Don’t have the Christmas Demo – haven’t even heard it! If anybody has it, please share. Same goes of course for Mike’s soundboard recording. Would love to hear these!

    All Medieval left from my side are the two vinyl pieces (12″ and LP) which are good, but the demos blow them out of the water.


    Posted on 25-Nov-07 at 02:43 | Permalink
  14. “…a phenomenal and highly influential fanzine in the first half of the 80s, called “Kick*Ass Monthly” […] one of these wonderful, jammed together little pieces of true passion and lifeblood and one of the main reasons for me to join the fanzine circus in 1984-1988. If I ever find the time, I shall go down in my basement of death and dig up some of these old papers and scan them…”

    Well, Erich, and others, please do consider posting fanzines at http://WWW.PUNKSISHIPPIES.COM

    By the way I think Megawimp (3?) managed to get posted already but obviously that is not enough as people are dying to read the full run of the zine (well, taht would be me, hu hu hu hu)



    Posted on 25-Nov-07 at 16:33 | Permalink
  15. howardx

    excellent! i had this way back when, oddly enough bob muldowney hipped me to these guys in his zine!


    Posted on 27-Nov-07 at 20:17 | Permalink
  16. mrpoopy

    That other demo is one of the best things you ever put up on this site. This one isn’t quite as good but much thanks for exposing me to these guys as I’m pretty sure I never would have found this band on my own.


    Posted on 29-Nov-07 at 15:15 | Permalink
  17. My old grind band SUBSANITY did a cover of “The Plague”,and its on this demo,but I think we first heard the song on the “medieval kills” cassete on N.R. records.The LP version did not have that song.(you should post the LP and 12inch btw)We almost did “Rules for Fools”thats one the most awsome riffs ever,but the lyrics are a bit silly.As for the live tape,I’ll see if I can find it or get in touch with the tape trader guy in Texas that has a couple awsome Medieval live shows. Until then check out SUBSANITY’s homage to Medieval!!!!!


    Posted on 03-Dec-07 at 22:15 | Permalink
  18. Hi Erich!

    Bob Muldowney is dead? News to me. I didn’t know him, but I still have a stack of Kick Ass Monthly zines in the garage somewhere (perhaps even next to the Megawimps). I’ll have to pull them out and dust them off. Thanks for posting the Medieval stuff – I’ve got the vinyl (of course) but I don’t think I have this particular demo (I may have the other one somewhere at the bottom of a large box with all of the other leftovers from the eighties tape-trading years)… Anyway, I hope you are well. Bye for now.


    Posted on 16-Dec-07 at 19:08 | Permalink
  19. Dennis

    Thanks man. I need this fantastic demo really hard.

    I would take it for an original Poison (Ger) – “Sons Of Evil” Demo 1984, if anyone is interested in trading here & wants to get rid of a tape.

    After all, Medieval maybe aren’t 100% NWOBHM, but who gives a shit I guess, because you all just need to know it’s just raw & dirty METAL the right way and how I like it.


    Posted on 18-Dec-07 at 15:42 | Permalink
  20. Hello! This is Mike from KAM. I also work with the band Medieval. Hey, that fella “Steve” up there is a real cl(ass) act! He sounds like a very articulate, intelligent person (?). It’s nice to see that there are plenty of other knowledgeable people here, though. Of course, I do know that I shouldn’t even lower myself by acknowledging that jerk, but I’ve recently been through FAR too much to simply ignore something like that fool’s inane comment. There are MANY people who would vehemently disagree with that ASSessment of Bob! I also realize that FACT goes without saying, but I said it anyway.

    I will now proceed with the real subject at hand. Of course, it was Bob who originally turned me on to Medieval. I can still hear his enthusiasm upon receiving this tape, “You HAVE to hear this one!”. Please realize that he received countless demos back then, and when Bob had that kind of reaction, you knew it was going to be something exceptional. I can only recall a couple of other times that he took notice in that way. (Frigid Bich being one, and an even more obscure band called Chain being another.) Both early Medieval demos are classics in my book, but this particular one has always been my personal favorite. It is full of diverse musical statements, and the intensity of it all is something else! I have always contended that Medieval was a band ahead of it’s time. If they had come into public view just a few short years later, they would have probably been picked up by a label like Sub Pop, and the rest would be history. As it stands, they are an original oddity from a time littered with overwhelming mediocrity. The band is currently preparing to reissue their classic EP/LP through New Renaissance. This “official” CD should be available in 2008. Contact me about the demos on CD. I do have them all in that format, and I’m certainly willing to share.

    Oh, yeah! One more note for my pal, “Steve”… A QUARTER OF A CENTURY is a helluva long time to not gain an ounce of intelligence, decency, understanding… or a bit of class. Speaking of class! Please go back to grammar school, I honestly think that you should pursue something above fourth grade level! Even that may not help someone like you, though. You are the type of person (?) who makes us “regular folks” who happen to enjoy this particular form of music look bad! If what you say about your subscription is true, it must have happened because the magazine folded, and Bob was then left with an overwhelming amount of unfinished business. I do have an answer/suggestion for you, though. Do you still have that ONE issue “Steve”? The monetary value of a single issue is now considerably higher than the meager cost of a subscription back in the day. You could even buy your own casket with it! Here’s hoping you make that happen real soon. HELL AWAITS! Have a nice day! : )

    Blood and anger go hand in hand…



    Posted on 26-Dec-07 at 22:47 | Permalink
  21. Dennis

    It’s a shame the LP isn’t so good like the demos. They even cut out the “EAT SHIT” part of All Knobs To The Right…!?

    Is there anything new with the recordings? “Old School” was shabby but I’m still curious about them.


    Posted on 28-Dec-07 at 03:02 | Permalink
  22. Mike

    Although I love the All knobs to the right demo more, this one was also a fuckin classic. I remember playin this shit all day everyday for about a week. Dreamer and rules are just so badass


    Posted on 18-May-08 at 20:22 | Permalink
  23. elliott

    i fucking love this! it’s just awesome. can i be your friend?


    Posted on 21-Oct-09 at 17:40 | Permalink
  24. thomas

    @Steve: normally I don’t chime in into “discussons” like this at all, but I must admit, you’re just a piece of dumb… insert most beloved swear word here.


    Posted on 22-Oct-09 at 00:14 | Permalink
  25. elliott

    at first i just thaught the other demo was a little better but listening to it again i have changed my mind about it. i don’t know who this bob dude is so i really can’t take sides on this. oh well. thanks so much for this one man.


    Posted on 22-Oct-09 at 15:01 | Permalink
  26. Wow…I used to be in a band with Tim (guitar/vocals) in 1990. Nice to hear there early recordings!


    Posted on 21-Feb-11 at 19:04 | Permalink
  27. Juan Carlos

    Excellent post,

    Tanks man


    Posted on 07-Jan-12 at 06:25 | Permalink

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