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KRIEG KOPF- s/t Demo Tape (selfproduced, USA, 1986)

kriegkopf_front.jpgkriegkopf_inside.jpgkriegkopf_cassette.jpgKRIEG KOPF (“Warhead” translates as “Kriegskopf” in German) was a 2nd generation HC band from New York City that got semi-popular in 1985 to 1986, regularly playing local shows (at least that’s what my N.Y. flyer collection seems to be telling me). Other than that, the band’s only vinyl output was on the so-so “One big Crowd” LP comp (on Big City Records). In 86, this demo cassette got a favorable review in MRR, so I ordered it.

It’s not earth shattering, but a solid (almost) metal free midtempo HC cassette from the very last moments of the genre. “Immortal” is my fave pick here and “Work Song” reminds me quite a bit of “Never Work” from LOST GENERATION (also on this blog, if you only dig deep enough). I don’t think anybody outside New York City and Herisau has ever heard this, so let’s share this with you enthusiasts and completists.

State Aid.mp3
Feast or Famine.mp3
Let’s go.mp3
Work Song.mp3
Gun Power.mp3