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ARTICLES OF FAITH- Wait 7″EP (Wasteland Records / Affirmation Records, USA, 1983)

aof_waitfront.jpgaof_waitback.jpgaof_lyrics.jpgRemember the old trading days? My first copy of this I gave away for Antidote “Thou shalt not kill” and The Mad “Fried Egg” – and no, don’t expect me to draw comfortable pictures of how good the trading days were, cause in fact, they weren’t. Like it or not – Ebay (the “free market”) has democratized record collecting a great deal).
Speaking of speaking of good ol’days: Vic Bondi (formerly of the band featured here) does do a lot of glossing over the grim past when talking about HC and “the 80s” (a trademark, by now). The days were heroic, the scene political, the revolution was nigh but then, I dunno, Heavy Metal or whatever came along and destroyed all of it. Or was it capitalism?
Anyway – ARTICLES OF FAITH was, is and always will be (to cite Rosa Luxemburg and the holy bible at once) one of the bands whose mere mentioning will run shivers down my spine. Everything (including the last LP!) these guys ever touched is of such quality, it’s truly timeless, because the band managed to create a totally unique style. “Wait”, “Buy this War” and “I’ve got mine” (!) are all masterpieces and the band’s first LP, “Give Thanks” is literally overflowing with talent and power.
What I love about this 2nd 7″ is the kinda robotic sound it has. I’m not sure, but I thought this got lost in the re-releases. Now you can compare. And please – buy all AOF releases.

I’ve got mine.mp3
Buy this War.mp3

PS: Before I forget. The utterly disgusting 7 Inch Punk site had this too – ripped from the CD. Compare the sound, lads and lassies, compare and then tell me that you love me. Thanks.