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Monthly Archives: November 2007

ABGAS- s/t Double 7" (selfproduced, Switzerland, 1981)


Followed Peter’s advice and downloaded the new beta-version of Audacity which seems to be working fine. This is a repost from August 2006, due to colossal greatness. Rest of the songs added and all freshly ripped. This one goes out to David Oi, who is a great lover of mongo rock. The german discography “Pogography” […]

Technical difficulties


Since I have upgraded to Mac OS 10.5 (“Leopard”), I can no longer use Audacity, the audio software of my choice. Whenever I would export a recording as mp3 file, weird difficulties appear. Audacity was very easy to use, especially with its mp3-export function. Until I have found myself new software, I unfortunately can’t post […]

MEDIEVAL- s/t Cassette Album (selfproduced, USA, 1983)


Another tape, an überclassic this time: We’ve had MEDIEVAL before and I’m gittin’ medieval up your ass again with this one. As much as I love the 2nd tape, this one is where bartly gets the moscht. There was a little debate in the comments section of the other tape, whether MEDIEVAL’s sound was to […]

KRIEG KOPF- s/t Demo Tape (selfproduced, USA, 1986)


KRIEG KOPF (“Warhead” translates as “Kriegskopf” in German) was a 2nd generation HC band from New York City that got semi-popular in 1985 to 1986, regularly playing local shows (at least that’s what my N.Y. flyer collection seems to be telling me). Other than that, the band’s only vinyl output was on the so-so “One […]

SHITLICKERS- Cracked Cop Skulls 7″EP (Malign Massacre, Sweden, 1982)


SHITLICKERS debut 7″ was released in 1983, and not 82, I think. Anyway – crazy swedish pacifist HC galore from 1983, basically copying ANTI-CIMEX (or was it the other way round?) but with good results, if you ask me. Too bad this 7″ is so short. For me, it could go on and on for […]

AGNOSTIC FRONT- United Blood 7″EP (AF, USA, 1983)


Some guy has just bought the mentioned bootleg version of this for 300$ on eBay. Check this. So for a short time, I’ll leave this as top post for educational purposes. Original post from November 8, 2007, educational version posted June 11-13, 2008. Primitive, raw and reactionary HC grandezza from AGNOSTIC FRONT, the notorious skinhead […]

ARTICLES OF FAITH- Wait 7″EP (Wasteland Records / Affirmation Records, USA, 1983)


Remember the old trading days? My first copy of this I gave away for Antidote “Thou shalt not kill” and The Mad “Fried Egg” – and no, don’t expect me to draw comfortable pictures of how good the trading days were, cause in fact, they weren’t. Like it or not – Ebay (the “free market”) […]