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REBELS- Artificial Insemination 7″EP (Musk Project, Switzerland, 1979)

rebels_front.jpgrebels_back.jpgrebels_lyrics.jpg«I would like to fuck everybody, I have great power; but everybody’s run away, I have great power» – so the geezer contemplates fucking a cow instead. Male fantasies of omnipotence and a somewhat desperate insecurity about issues of sexuality belong to the very core of Rock’n’Roll – not that you didn’t know this already. The cover shot here is painfully emblematic for that and made me remembering stories heard by young men who had sexual encounters with other guys in the military service “because there were no women around” followed by a quick “but no, I’m not gay!”. Well, we can live with that when these topics get artistically adapted and the music actually bubbles over with power, right?
Switzerland’s REBELS formed in London in 1977, at least that’s what Swiss Punk has on them – other than that, you won’t find much about the band. Allegedly from the terrible village of Uster (the record has a Zurich-Oerlikon adress though), REBELS very hard to track down 7″ has been featured on a bootleg LP called “Pogo Punks”, which has stirred a bit of shit among the older punks, from what we hear. Well, let’s hope this posting of REBELS will not be likely fated.
I’ve been hunting this EP forever; it’s probably the least seen of the Swiss Punk records, though in retrospective it is safe to say it’s one of the standouts. The thundering bass and crunchy guitar and the screaming on “Mayday” sure take credit for being of proto-Hardcore origin! “Mental Disaster” is a weird combination of the same sound force with 77ish sing-along Punk and “Sweet Society” again is more on the traditional side of things, except for the crisp sound. One of the most beloved swiss Punk seveninchers of mine!
The REBELS were part of the soundtrack of the marvellous and absolutely mandatory Punk Cocktail DVD. Here’s the segment when they kick in after Mother’s Ruin. Check it here.

Mental Disaster.mp3
Sweet Society.mp3

PS: Collector-nerdism: This was released on “Musk Records”, not on Disctrade (as some discographies have it). Disctrade was the swiss distribution that carried a lot of Punk and Metal in the late 70s and early 80s.


  1. daniel

    holy cow! mayday is awesome! very angry and loud. the rest is nice too, especially the 3. track. thanks for this pearl!


    Posted on 30-Oct-07 at 12:03 | Permalink
  2. Rob

    I’m the proud ownerof one of this record! No! Not the Rebels 7″, the “Pogo Punks” comp lp. I first heard “Mayday” on “Back To Front vol. 5” when it came out, i loved it instantly. So loud! AgaIn, very punk records came out of Switzerland in the early days, but all of them are wonderful. Amazing! I’d like to know more about this band!


    Posted on 30-Oct-07 at 19:06 | Permalink
  3. Rob

    *very FEW punk…


    Posted on 30-Oct-07 at 19:07 | Permalink
  4. I can’t pick a fave here. All three songs really stands out as pieces of a total classic entity.


    Posted on 31-Oct-07 at 05:37 | Permalink
  5. 275

    Erich, wenn Du grad dabei bist und es Dir nichts ausmachen würde: GLUEAMS “Mental/365″ 7”. Bin sicher, Du hast die. Oder etwa nicht? Ev. “Razzia” von TNT? Ha! Merci jedenfalls für die REBELS und TECHNYCOLOR!


    Lepra Reply:

    brauchst Du die Sachen noch?


    Admin Reply:

    Ich bräuchte eine “Razzia” 7″ von TNT.


    Posted on 31-Oct-07 at 05:47 | Permalink
  6. “Mayday” has always been my favorite song from the EP- what a monster of a song! Scary stuff! In clicking around on the Swiss Punk site, I see that there is a book out called “Hot Love: Swiss Punk and Wave 1976-1980”- I’d like to pick up a copy but I fear it’s not in English- can you confirm which language it’s in Erich? Thanks


    Posted on 31-Oct-07 at 08:23 | Permalink
  7. Eddie

    I agree with Peter, all 3 tunes are stellar!


    Posted on 31-Oct-07 at 13:36 | Permalink
  8. sing_o_muse

    Damn, this is amazing. Sound and fury. Many thanks for posting this.


    Posted on 28-Nov-07 at 07:37 | Permalink
  9. philipp

    @tony: the second edition of “hot love” is in german / english (first one was german / french)! maybe you read this one time…


    Posted on 22-Jul-09 at 13:39 | Permalink
  10. daniel

    holy mother of christ! I somehow missed this post until I saw it mentioned over at kbd’s. totally abrassive and nasty. “mayday” is great but I like “sweet society” too.


    Posted on 04-Sep-09 at 11:32 | Permalink

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