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TECHNYCOLOR- Bunker, c/w Tot 77 (Another Swiss Label, Switzerland, 1979)

technycolor_front.jpgtechnycolor_back.jpg“Stammheim macht frei” – weird, provocative lyrics from this swiss band from Geneva, in the french speaking part of the country. TECHNYCOLOR had another 7″ after this one, I’ve been told, but it seems to be quite weak. This first 7″ is however one of the top ’79 singles, in my opinion. It’s crazy when you hear how varied and “experimental” Punk was when the first wave was about to abate. “Bunker” is a hit, but the flipside song, “Tot 77”, is a total KBD-type hymn. Quirky and crazy, it’s a miracle to me why this has never been on one of these comps (or has it?). One of the rare songs that get better and better towards the end, until they have you jump around. Insane!
Don’t know absolutely nothing to tell about TECHNYCOLOR. I’ve first heard “Bunker” on a local radio show long time back, but didn’t like it in my HC days.
One of my top finds from today’s record fair. Been looking for this monster for many years now, and since I’m so happy having finally found a copy, I’m sharing it right away. Enjoy, bastards.

Tot 77.mp3