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POISON IDEA- Darby Crash rides again 7″EP (American Leather, USA, 1989)

pi_darbyfront.jpgpi_darbyback.jpgI was just about rippin’ & postin’ “Pick your King”, when I discovered that Niels has just recently posted it. I’ve been thinking quite a bit about the qualities of POISON IDEA’s first record the past years, asking myself, what it is that makes it such a force. Well, Niels revealed part of the secret: It’s the fact that it’s basically one big scratch (well, two, regarding the interruption of flipping it around). He called it a Hardcore Opera. You couldn’t say that better: You cannot break one song out of the ensemble. It’s one unit. That was also the case with “Kings of Punk”, if you ask me, and is again so with “Feel the Darkness”. These records are Operas. Simply put.
The guys from POISON IDEA were always very friendly when you ordered from them directly. They would include extras like stickers and, in my case, even a T-Shirt once. The only other band which included a free shirt that I remember would be the ACCUSED (thanks Blaine, so many years later); they too were from Seattle, accidentally.
Never would I claim that the group’s 1982 demo, featured here, was better than “Pick your King”, but what makes it great is that you can hear some of the songs in an earlier, slower stage. I’ve always found that quite interesting, hearing a band at work, so to say. But apart from that, there’s one moment on this 7″ that really really really has its very own qualities – and unfortunately this moment is cut in two! Side A ends with “Bounce the Rubble” and then fades in in the manic drums of “All right”. Fuck me Jesus, this is what I love about Hardcore! This insane economy! It takes so little and generates so much! Maybe this is the main difference between Metal and Punk: Both, at their respectice peaks, generate power, but one manages to do so with minimalistic input, whereas the other mobilizes the whole Wagnerian kitsch. Fuck, I dunno, I’m wasted right now typing this.
First time I came in touch with POISON IDEA was kinda late, in 1985, actually. It was either the contribution on Pushead’s “Cleanse the Bacteria” Comp. or the incredible rough mix tape of “Kings of Punk” (lost somewhen along the years; anybody still has it?). Luckily, it was no big deal back then to just pick up the earlier pieces – “Pick your King” was a downright shock to me and in some ways, it still is. After “Feel the Darkness”, I felt it couldn’t get any better again, so until this very day, I haven’t heard any POISON IDEA that came afterwards. Seen the band once (?) only and that was in Germany, circa 1990. Remember Tom “Pig Champion” sitting on a bunch of beer-crates during the gig and a roadie helping him geting up when the set was over. The concert was phenomenal; my head still aches from it.

Give it up.mp3
This Thing called Progress & In my Headache.mp3
Think Twice.mp3
Bounce the Rubble.mp3
All right.mp3
Pure Hate.mp3
Young Lord.mp3

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