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ABBA- Take a Chance on me

You know, Peter of KBD Records and I had one of our very very nasty ICQ-chats today (you wouldn’t wanna know what’s going on there). When I talked about my past loves, I mentioned a short wild love affair I had when I travelled Sweden in my young and lustful years. There was this blonde gorgeous woman who gave me a ride on a lonesome road. In the end, she took me to her home, a remote swedish country house like you would see it in Ingmar Bergman movies. We had a phantastic dinner, wine as sweet as I never had it again and it came as it had to come: She revealed the secrets of swedish love to me in a night of sweat, of tears and of whisper. I had this one song going on in my mind and I didn’t now why.
The next day, she was very reserved, drove me to the train station, hardly talking. She kissed me goodbye and I could feel her tears running down my neck. It was a sad and endlessly long journey back for me. I think, I somehow never came home.
A few years later, all of a sudden, I saw a documentary on ABBA and realised it was Agnetha I had encountered.
Peter then told me, he had something with Frida. I didn’t believe him.