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NIHILISTICS- s/t 7″EP (Visionary Records, USA, 1982)

nihilistics_front.jpgnihilistics_back.jpgnihilistics_lyrics1.jpgnihilistics_lyrics2.jpgI guess they never really read Nietzsche (like all Punk, Metal et al bands refering to nihilism actually have emo-lyrics), but what the hell. Something for the whole family here: Idiosyncratic, hateful, idiotic – I love it! N.Y.’s NIHILISTICS were, along with say the MISFITS, one of the few Punk bands who put a lot of energy into what would be called corporate identity today. Remember the photos on the back of the essential first LP? Of course, you might say, we also remember NIHILISTICS for shamelessly stealing other people’s art and then, there are the german nihilists in “The big Lebowski”. Granted. But this first 7″ by the fellas sure remains impressive (and the first LP is even better!). I find it so great when the bass player just keeps playing a different song, the drummer beats the 4/4 shit outta his kit, the guitarist’s eyes are fixed to the neck of his instrument and the singer goes ape. Fantastic, this is art to me. Good bad music!

After Death.mp3
You’re to blame.mp3
No Friends.mp3
Love and Kisses.mp3
Kill yourself.mp3

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