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V/A Rodney on the ROQ- Compilation LP (Posh Boy, USA, 1980)

p1060552.JPGp1060553.JPGWhy is it that records such as this first of three volumes of RODNEY ON THE ROQ have never been re-released (except for two best of volumes, one on vinyl in the UK, one on CD)? I mean, c’mon – hit after hit, from alpha to omega. Take this version of one of the very best songs ever written – “Bloodstains” (AGENT ORANGE) blows away the other two version (on the first 7″ and on the fab “Living in Darkness” 12″). Same for ADOLESCENTS’ “Amoeba”! The CIRCLE JERKS, you know that, should have called it a day after the first “LP”, so their song is the weakest here. UXA we love, KLAN is great, BLACK FLAG deliver their most aggressive song ever (what a sound!) and RIK L RIK is out there in the “Outback”. The flip has poppier sounds, nevertheless they’re all smashers! CROWD, DAVID MICROWAVE, the invincible NUNS, FENDER BUDDIES, VIDIOTS plus an unreleased SIMPLETONES jump-a-rounder.
But, frankly, I only took my time to rip this for the last song, listed as “Surprise” done by a band called NEW YORK. It’s actually a gal named Cristina covering Peggy Lee’s “Is that all there is” and drastically changing the lyrics, turning the song into one dark dyonisian chant. This really has freaking me out, it’s so fucking great! Isn’t this exactly the kind of music Quentin Tarantino would use in a movie soundtrack? If anybody has more on Cristina (and yes, I can google myself), please please share.

Help yourself or the social workers will! (<– clicking that link means you’ll be downloading the whole played to decomposition comp with all its crackling and rumpling, compressed into one large zip file)


  1. Thanks a bunch! I loved this record sin 1983 when my sister was an au-pair outside L.A and bougth this for me. I never found the version of Adolescents Amoeba thats on this album (which are far better than the other slower versions I found with them) as an mp3 anywhere as one example.


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  2. Oppression/Depressio

    cant tell you how much I love your blog. this is such a great record!!


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  3. Eddie

    These were the songs that introduced me to underground punk in 1981 and I’ve been hooked ever since.


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  4. Eddie

    Anyone who thinks that 1984 was the year when L.A. punk died is out of their fucking mind! It was just getting started!


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  5. Lawrie

    Cristina… I have her 2 albums and can upload once the cable co brings me internet (2 weeks of blackberry only internet, ugh.) 1st album is great. Lyrics are wonderfully witty.


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  6. mosh

    “One of the most interesting labels was New York’s ZE Records, home of James White and the Blacks, Kid Creole, the Waitresses, and others. One of the best records ZE released was by label head Michael Zilkha’s fiancee, CRISTINA. Poised to crack the hit parade in England, her recording of “Is That All There Is?” by legendary songwriters Leiber and Stoller was withdrawn owing to a dispute. As an import, the song became a massive hit on Rodney’s radio show and we were glad to include the recording as a bonus track on “Rodney on the ROQ Vol. 1”

    -Liner notes from “The Best of Rodney on the ROQ”


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  7. puzzled

    great compilation, thanks! this blog is an endless source for entertainment.

    ps: nice legs and nice zippo 🙂


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  8. I heard this one tape a few years ago and loved. Vinyl copies have always been a but out of my price range (I didn’t even know there was a reissue!). Sweet post, thanks!


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  9. stinky82

    I think, looking for wax on e-bay (for example) is waste of everything. If there are old punks willing to share their stuff with us via MP3 format…I´m satisfied. It´s about noise, not vinyl.


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  10. Marko

    Thanks for posting this!! I had the cover song in my head yesterday and couldn’t remember what comp it was on. Now I’m going to have to rig my stereo so I can play the record and mp3 simultaneously just to annoy the pets and neighbors.

    Oh yeah, you know I’ll be dancing too!


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  11. 20 years into punk and I’ve never heard this LP from start to finish- thanks for posting the whole thing. It’s a mixed bag for me, though. The version of “Bloodstains” does blow the other two out of the water- wow!! I prefer the version of “Amoeba” on the Adolescents 1st LP from a year later. Ya, the Circle Jerks song sounds weak on here- it sounds much better in a different mix like on their 2nd LP. And for me, the song works best in the skate-ploitation cult classic “Thrashin” and the specific scene they use it in. But here they got the “Posh Boy” treatment production-wise. That Klan’s “Pushin Too Hard” has always sounded good to me so it’s nice to hear it again here. I have a rip of this Klan cassette circa ’79 full of unreleased stuff that I should put up on my blog in the future… when I get around to it. The guy that taped it for me was around L.A. back then and said it was an official thing they put out. UXA, Crowd, Rik L Rik and other tunes on here all just sound mediocre to me. And the poppier tracks on side 2 are just “eh” for the most part. I have a copy of Rodney on The ROQ v.3 that is the same format, punk mixed with pop. The punk stuff on it is great like Pariah, Vandals, etc. but the poppy stuff for the most part on it is pretty bland. Anyone seen the documentary on Rodney called “The Mayor of Sunset Strip”?


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  12. godoggo

    Hi, this is Brooke Shields and I have my radio tuned in to Rodney on the Roq!

    Wow, I never realized there were actually people who listened to side 2. At least not more than once.

    BTW, all I know about the Nuns is that apparently one of them became a born again Christian, because I remember him in the audience of Wally George harassing some Christian Death-type band.


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  13. Resident Clinton

    Holy crap, I just found out about Cristina myself. Both of her albums are available for download on emusic. And they are both pretty darn good.


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  14. Yes “Is That All There Is” is included on the emusic edition of her first album.

    Thank god I found this — every time I play “Surprise” by “New York” on my weird little radio show the kids go nuts and demand to know exactly who it is. “Uh, it’s some secret track from an out-of-print album I downloaded on the internets,” isn’t an answer I like to give.


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  15. NUNS ! well yeah, godoggo then you missed somethin good. I don’t think they ever made an album but there were some excellent singles. I had three at one point. All on obscure california labels
    One had a stooges cover.
    I was selling one on e-bay not long ago but there were no takers. ( I prefer MP3 also personally )
    I don’t know what ever happened to them. That christian -story is a new one on me.

    nice blog, bro


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  16. Greenman67

    Thanks much. Picked this up at a swap meet just south of LA in 1984. Lost it and have been searching off and on for many years. This is such a classic and now I can turn my teenage son onto these fine tunes.


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  17. krotix

    Thanks for the Blog. I just turned 50 and remember getting into Punk in 78, after the initial wave including the 60’s Bands, Glam, and the very small 76 beginnings. Having lived through Arena Rock, Prog, etc it was and still for me continues to be something I will cherish to the end. There are so many genres and there is so much history to Music, it’s awesome. I have to say it is the small Bands and not so celebrated people like Bingenheimer that have accounted for more than they will ever know!!!


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  18. Jay Thurston

    Rodney on the Roq, every Sat. and Sun. night from 8-12. I never missed a show of his from 1979-1982. Introduced me to some wonderful bands. This album is the best of the 3…you can tell by all the snaps, crackles and pops on mine. Hahahaha…


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  19. Mr.Morton

    My father was on this album in the band Bearded Clam, they did a Circle Jerks song, Wild In The Streets, and we often make jokes about it and me and my brother got him a recording device for his computer and he has put the songs from that album on his computer, so I have files I can send to be burned.


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  20. Poser...OI OI OI

    Cant thank you yet for the file download, My Apple II kept freezing up. Stupid Compuserve.

    To the guy that said dont look on ebay for wax. Suit yourself. I just sold my ROTR2, Black Flag EP, Plazmatics, etc.

    Regretted it ever since. Probably should have recorded them first. DOH!!


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  21. GumbyHendrix

    Thanks – mine got stolen 25 yrs ago!


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  22. Thanks so much for posting this. I haven’t heard these versions since I gave away this album to a friend in the 80’s. These are the best recorded versions of No Values, BloodStains and Amoeba. Most folks don’t understand that this is the version of Amoeba that we all heard on the radio in LA long before the less aggressive / reworked album version came out months later.


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  23. AAArrrrGGGGhhhh

    just got this at goodwill: 1.99$ !!! has original flipside issue #21 inside. label is pink posh boy….. any offers????


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  24. Soundscape

    Bless your soul!

    Now, do you have the “Hell Comes To Your House Compilation?”


    Brian Reply:

    That’s a GREAT comp, just picked up a copy on CD. Never heard the second volume though.


    Posted on 17-Mar-11 at 08:44 | Permalink
  25. Bloated

    Gotta agree on the Agent Orange “Bloodstains” call. Also, remembering Brooke Shields on the ROQ intro is genius bro!

    How about the show after Rodney’s? The young Marquis? yeah! LA punk in 1981 was ON!


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  26. Bloated

    How can I get this in MP3? SUCH an awesome album!


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  27. We did very, very well with the ROTR compilations but by the 3rd one, we were running out of steam, despite the Vandals adding “Urban Struggle” after the first 5000 records had been pressed!

    Really, the first album or I should say, Side A set the bar too high. To continue to find such high caliber bands was going to prove more and more difficult.

    After a gap of 7 years, look how I struggled to make a Best of CD in 1989, allowing myself to include new material? In 1992, when the “Best of” went to Rhino they soon dropped it for lack of sales.

    Why no vinyl re-issues? First of all, I would continue to voluntarily exclude the SST tracks. I had sold my Social Distortion rights, as well, in 1992. So I felt it best to leave the records as they were and there were plenty to go around!

    Rodney’s show was always a mix between 60’s type Pop and Punk. The albums reflected his wide ranging taste in music. The Gleaming Spires’ hit definitely pushed sales of the second volume and it lead off the B side.

    So in the end I cannibalized the tracks that I owned from Rodney canon for other compilations like Posh Hits and for many, many other compilations/anthologies.

    I am extremely gratified that your readers are aware of the differences between the original recordings and various re-recordings. And I agree the original 1979 recording of “Bloodstains”, produced by Dan van Patten of Berlin, is the superior version.


    Andy Reply:

    Hey Robbie, is it true that you tried to sign Rudi after their appearance on RotR #3? (I think that version off “Crimson” is a exclusive recording too…) I grew up in Belfast and loved the PB comps and bands like CH3, The Crowd, Simpletones etc remain some of my favorites to this day. Rudi on Posh Boy would have been two worlds coming together…


    Robbie Fields Reply:

    Andy … that’s a tough question, as I have not thought about it for 30 years and there’s no email correspondence to search upon.

    But, yes, I would have tried to have licensed more than one recording. They could have come to me either through Rodney Bingenheimer or directly from my U.K. contacts.

    What surprises me now to read is that we remixed at Gold Star. Think of the logistics back then, someone having to physically lug a 2″ tape from Britain or spend a fortune on postage.

    Even more surprising, actually shocking, is reading the label copy and seeing that Stephen Hague did the re-mix for me (as a big favour!). Check out his production credits during the following 2 years!

    At the moment, I can’t remember who I was dealing with, must have been someone at Jamming!, or was their manager doing the rounds in Hollywood?

    I am a little chagrined by my own incorrect label copy attributing copyright to Jamming! It should have been a courtesy notice “appears by kind permission of Jamming!” as we paid for the re-mix.

    I am doing a digital only re-issue of my Posh Hits compilation and I could make room for “Crimson”. If you’re in touch with any of the lads, ask them about it, please.

    I feel very sorry that I never met the guys in Rudi. I go a long way back with Belfast … 1965, in fact, as a 12 year old! The Belfast sporting heroes were mine, as well. Mike Gibson (Rugby), Pat Jennings, George Best, Danny Blanchflower. During and after the troubles, I could not bear to go back for decades, then visited for a day a few years back off a cruise ship. Finally confronted a demon or 2. All of which has nothing to do with Rudi.

    Witness the power of group think, why I financially support “interactive” blogs like this one and kbd.


    Posted on 04-Sep-11 at 17:24 | Permalink
  28. Andy

    THANKS: (Any chance of upping Vol. 3? I have the vinyl here but am currently unable to play it……)


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  29. Patrick

    Thanks! This made my day


    Posted on 19-May-12 at 17:44 | Permalink
  30. Efrem José Cedillo

    WOW! I can’t believe all the cool comments on this legendary record album. I started listening to Punk Rock in 1984. I bought so much great shit from Toxic Shock Records and this record was one of them. I bought it because I knew Agent Orange had a great version of ‘Bloodstains’. I gotta say the Crowd is an outstanding of the few songs I can listen to over and over … after all these years. Ah nostalgia.


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  31. Thanks ! was looking for Vol 3 and found your site again!


    Posted on 22-May-13 at 12:11 | Permalink
  32. Dave G

    Thanks for the DL Erich!


    Posted on 26-Oct-13 at 02:36 | Permalink
  33. José Luna

    Hi there!

    I’m trying to find out the names of all the models for the Rodney on the Roq series of compilation records. Having a real hard time though to find info on these bodacious babes! Also can anyone link me on to downloading all three volumes thanks a lot once again and take care of yourselves always!


    – José L.


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