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V/A Rodney on the ROQ- Compilation LP (Posh Boy, USA, 1980)

p1060552.JPGp1060553.JPGWhy is it that records such as this first of three volumes of RODNEY ON THE ROQ have never been re-released (except for two best of volumes, one on vinyl in the UK, one on CD)? I mean, c’mon – hit after hit, from alpha to omega. Take this version of one of the very best songs ever written – “Bloodstains” (AGENT ORANGE) blows away the other two version (on the first 7″ and on the fab “Living in Darkness” 12″). Same for ADOLESCENTS’ “Amoeba”! The CIRCLE JERKS, you know that, should have called it a day after the first “LP”, so their song is the weakest here. UXA we love, KLAN is great, BLACK FLAG deliver their most aggressive song ever (what a sound!) and RIK L RIK is out there in the “Outback”. The flip has poppier sounds, nevertheless they’re all smashers! CROWD, DAVID MICROWAVE, the invincible NUNS, FENDER BUDDIES, VIDIOTS plus an unreleased SIMPLETONES jump-a-rounder.
But, frankly, I only took my time to rip this for the last song, listed as “Surprise” done by a band called NEW YORK. It’s actually a gal named Cristina covering Peggy Lee’s “Is that all there is” and drastically changing the lyrics, turning the song into one dark dyonisian chant. This really has freaking me out, it’s so fucking great! Isn’t this exactly the kind of music Quentin Tarantino would use in a movie soundtrack? If anybody has more on Cristina (and yes, I can google myself), please please share.

Help yourself or the social workers will! (<– clicking that link means you’ll be downloading the whole played to decomposition comp with all its crackling and rumpling, compressed into one large zip file)