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BRAILLE PARTY- Welcome to Maryland LP (Fountain of Youth, USA, 1984)

p1060550.JPGp1060551.JPG… and then there are bands who would just leave you wondering, how the fuck they managed to pass through the music circus unnoticed. BRAILLE PARTY from Maryland had a couple of tracks on two comps (“Bouncing Babies” and Flispside Vol. 2″) and this LP and that was it. Never-heard-of-agains of the finest sort, although this LP has so much potential, it’s scary. Three fine young men who obviously only needed to pick up their instruments and it turned out to be, well, forgimme the term – art.
“Welcome to Maryland” is a mixed bag sui generis. Combining seemingly simplistic harmonic structures, heavily relying on the great voices of the lads (Bassist and mastermind Matt Riedl and drummer Gerry Rolfe; Lou Gigger hits the 6 strings of mayhem and destruction) with short outbursts of Hardcore-speed, without ever sliding into the lands of Hardcore. This LP has been freaking me out since I first bought it and it’s always been a divider: Few would get infected by it, most would ignore it, except maybe for the fast songs (like the overwhelming “Over my dead Body”). I’m not sure, and I’d love to hear about that from one of the band members if they ever come across this, whether I’m right or not decoding the whole concept of this as pure lustful irony, making around with styles, throwing it all together and just enjoying themselves delivering the goods. Every song comes off so lighthandedly, as if it was nothing, giving the album a phenomenal easy yet sad atmosphere. THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS would always come to my mind when trying to describe BRAILLE PARTY. Of course, a slight psyched 60s surf feeling gets through too. Bloody hell!
So if yer into HC, dude, don’t download the full LP here. For the sake of learning something from this site, give it a few spins, will ya, maybe starting with the B-side songs which are a bit faster generally. And don’t let the first and arguably weakest song, “Welcome to Maryland”, discourage you. “We must think of Sysphus as a happy man”, you know.

Find more (much rawer!) BRAILLE PARTY on the fab :30 Under DC site.

PS: And now somebody please re-release this!

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