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Monthly Archives: October 2007

REBELS- Artificial Insemination 7″EP (Musk Project, Switzerland, 1979)


«I would like to fuck everybody, I have great power; but everybody’s run away, I have great power» – so the geezer contemplates fucking a cow instead. Male fantasies of omnipotence and a somewhat desperate insecurity about issues of sexuality belong to the very core of Rock’n’Roll – not that you didn’t know this already. […]

TECHNYCOLOR- Bunker, c/w Tot 77 (Another Swiss Label, Switzerland, 1979)


“Stammheim macht frei” – weird, provocative lyrics from this swiss band from Geneva, in the french speaking part of the country. TECHNYCOLOR had another 7″ after this one, I’ve been told, but it seems to be quite weak. This first 7″ is however one of the top ’79 singles, in my opinion. It’s crazy when […]

POISON IDEA- Darby Crash rides again 7″EP (American Leather, USA, 1989)


I was just about rippin’ & postin’ “Pick your King”, when I discovered that Niels has just recently posted it. I’ve been thinking quite a bit about the qualities of POISON IDEA’s first record the past years, asking myself, what it is that makes it such a force. Well, Niels revealed part of the secret: […]

ABBA- Take a Chance on me


You know, Peter of KBD Records and I had one of our very very nasty ICQ-chats today (you wouldn’t wanna know what’s going on there). When I talked about my past loves, I mentioned a short wild love affair I had when I travelled Sweden in my young and lustful years. There was this blonde […]

NIHILISTICS- s/t 7″EP (Visionary Records, USA, 1982)


I guess they never really read Nietzsche (like all Punk, Metal et al bands refering to nihilism actually have emo-lyrics), but what the hell. Something for the whole family here: Idiosyncratic, hateful, idiotic – I love it! N.Y.’s NIHILISTICS were, along with say the MISFITS, one of the few Punk bands who put a lot […]

SAINT VITUS- Live in 1986


 Monstrous SAINT VITUS live video from May 1986 [Edit: actually, this date is dubious. Check the comments section!] . One month later, I saw the band performing live at the On Broadway in San Francisco, together with Agnostic Front and some others I forgot. Might be pulling out the live tape sometime and rip it.

V/A Rodney on the ROQ- Compilation LP (Posh Boy, USA, 1980)


Why is it that records such as this first of three volumes of RODNEY ON THE ROQ have never been re-released (except for two best of volumes, one on vinyl in the UK, one on CD)? I mean, c’mon – hit after hit, from alpha to omega. Take this version of one of the very […]

BRAILLE PARTY- Welcome to Maryland LP (Fountain of Youth, USA, 1984)


… and then there are bands who would just leave you wondering, how the fuck they managed to pass through the music circus unnoticed. BRAILLE PARTY from Maryland had a couple of tracks on two comps (“Bouncing Babies” and Flispside Vol. 2″) and this LP and that was it. Never-heard-of-agains of the finest sort, although […]

ABWÄRTS- s/t 7″EP (Zickzack, Germany, 1980)


I’ve been doing a lot of reading about ’68 and terrorism in Germany in the 1970s lately. It’s not a new theme to me: When I was ten years old, one of the games we played in the backyards of the shit place where I grew up, was called “hijacking”. A couple of children sat […]

Podcast 2: REANIMATED BY LIFE – 34 Punkblasts!


I made this compilation about 10 years or so ago for my car. In fact, I don’t have a car and I don’t even have a driver’s license. Well. Download the whole thing as one large zip.file (79.9 MB) and drive safely or else. I had to encode this with 128 kb/s to make it […]