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Monthly Archives: September 2007

DEATH- Infernal Death Demo (USA, 1985)


Not too long ago, I played this demo to a few youngsters who were “into Death Metal”. They thought this was a very aggressive Hardcore–Punk band and didn’t like the three songs at all. Well, to me this defines the first wave of Death Metal like few other recordings and yes, it is indeed close […]

CRUCIAL YOUTH- Straight and loud! 7″EP (Faith Records, USA, 1987)


I was gonna try and write something funny about this hillarious and very clever record. But then, after three or four drafts, I realized that this is actually still impossible to top, after all these years. In fact, New Jersey’ CRUCIAL YOUTH pisstake of boyscout bands was quite visionary, because when this came out in […]

JAG PANZER- Death Row Shaped 7″ Picture Disc & s/t 12″ EP (Azra, USA, 1983)


Time for some headbanging mania! One of my favourite metal labels of the 80s with one of my favourite metal bands of the same time – and quite possibly the most beautiful picture disc I have. JAG PANZER were one of the earliest bands of what was called “U.S. Metal” or Power Metal. You wouldn’t […]

SUBURBAN MUTILATION- The Opera ain’t over til the Fat Lady sings LP (Reamed Pork Rex, USA, 1984)


One of the bands that constantly get overlooked when historiography of the 80s Punk and HC scene is at work would be SUBURBAN MUTILATION. Let’s change this for good! With songtitles such as “Daddy was a Nazi”, “Yor a Dilemma” or “Don’t psychoanalyze me”, you know it’s time to have a seat and give it […]