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THE CHEIFS- s/t 7"EP (Playgems Records, USA, 1980)

cheifs_front.jpgcheifs_back.jpgAll songs re-ripped and reposted (this time, ALL the songs – plus those from the mentioned “Who knows?” comp. LP).
A classic record everybody should know – and a classic comments section!

THE CHEIFS – a band by that name has got to be great, I thought – and right I was, buying that 7″ for an apple and an egg (as they say in Germany)! The A-side of this L.A. bands only vinyl (apart from the tracks on “Who cares?” and the demo on an obscure bootleg 7″) “Blues” is only very good, but the flip smokes. “Tower 18” is red hot and so is “Knocked out”. It hardly gets any better than this! Fucking A maaaaaaaaaan!!!!
From what I seem to remember, “Tower 18” was about a famous spot on a beach frequented by gays. Or am I just making this up now?

(At the beach at) Tower 18.mp3
Knocked out.mp3

If you liked this, go buy one of the CHEIFS reissues (see comments). That’s an order and it goes with every post here, of course.

PS: Please buy the CD with all the other CHEIFS music on Dr.Strange Records.

p1060548.JPGp1060549.JPGAdded: The tracks from the essential “Who cares?” LP (1981):

No Justice.mp3
Riot Squad.mp3


  1. Anonymous



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  2. h-bomb

    @mvx: as playing in a band that puts out records today I found that havings lots of mp3’s out on the net actually promotes recordsales. people who dig it will buy the plastic. people who never heard of will not.


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  3. MXV

    I am not the least bit jealous. I couldn’t care less about any other websites and how much traffic they get or their comments. And let’s be honest, it doesn’t take a lot of skill to post two generic sentences about a record and post the entire thing for free. There are a ton of sites just like this doing the exact same thing. Their popularity comes not from any kind of content (as it appears a lot of folks can barely read) but from the fact they can get free music. The one thing I will say about this site over say the KBD Records one is at least the few sentences written here are a bit more legible and usually more interesting than that site.

    I’m all for exposing people to great old punk rock they may have missed and even letting them hear something they can’t go out and buy unless they have trust funds and troll ebay, but what I don’t agree with is posting records in their entirety that are easily available for sale in one format or another, especially when I was one of the folks responsible for investing my own money to make that happen. It is then when you go from being a good service to being a disservice.

    And I may not have paid for the recordings, but records don’t get pressed and sleeves don’t get made, new masters, plates, etc for free. These things cost money. And if you think there is some big profit in a run of 500 records with two color sleeves and colored vinyl, please share the directions to this fantasy land you live in so I can move there too.


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  4. Anonymous



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  5. Dave

    MXV: I am just curious how you came across this site to begin with, it appears you are a regular visitor of blogs and are therefore probably “stealing” music. I guess it is only a problem when you have a financial interest in the music that is posted. Also, I agree with your point that there is no money to be made in doing a small pressing of say 100 records and selling them for $4.00 each. I’m sure you are selling these records at a loss, as I have been doing for years with my own little label. However, I believe that any promotion is good promotion and you would have been better served by posting a comment stating that you had the repress available at your site for $4 bucks or whatever. Make friends not enemies MXV.


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  6. Anonymous

    I think MXV has a point, especially when you consider the Mission Statement of Good Bad Music and the fact that he asked Erich only not to post the complete recording.


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  7. MXV

    It’s funny how kids on the internet make assumptions about peoples lives as they sit at their computers with their pants down hiding behind the name annonymous and somehow (and in poor english, not that mine is perfect) justify their theft as some sort of birthright and they are the ones who know how things should be.

    I never claimed to be making my living off punk rock. I have a real job that feeds me and puts a roof over my head and allows me to take my girlfriend out to dinner. The money I put into the punk scene was done as a hobby supporting somethign that I beleive in and has been very important to me for 2/3 of my life, a lot longer than probably half the annonymous posters here have even been alive. I’m sorry if you have a problem with everything not being free, I’d like it to be free too but reality is a lot different than the fantasy world a bunch of you seem to live in.

    And like someone above said, I never said to remove the entire thing, I just found it shitty to post the entire thing. Posting a song for people to sample is a good thing, it is actually promoting the record and the CD. Posting the entire 7″ is a detriment to both. Why would most people buy something they just downloaded for free?

    Contrary to the above poster’s theory, I am not “stealing” music. I found this site in my referall stats because there was some White Pigs post referencing a feature I did on them. I do check out sites like this on occasion but rarely, if ever, download anything unless its something I have the record of and want to be saved the trouble of making my own mp3s of it. I think there was maybe one occasion where I downloaded one song to hear what a band sounded like that I had only known the name of. I have more than enough music to listen to that I don’t need to frequent sites like this for the songs but I do like to see what’s going on out there and hope to find something interesting to read in downtimes at work.

    I wasn’t looking to make enemies, I was simply wanting the site to honor their mission statement and got attacked for it. Sadly the attitude I got here is one that seems to be adopted by a lot of similar sites. You tell someone to honor their word and take down some stuff and you are the facist for making the request because you somehow are “keeping the man down” or whatever bullshit feeling these people get when they are called on doing something they shouldn’t. Someday if you ever move out of yr parents house and invest money in something to one day find it being made available for free without permission, we’ll see how yr feelings change.

    And it was nice to see someone chime in and start to understand my point of view.


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  8. Erich

    MXVZ: Do you own the copyright of the songs?


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  9. Anonymous

    course he don’t. he’s just a self important little asshole.


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  10. Anonymous

    Not every Punk/Hardcore or underground Metal record is going to be reissued (or even bootlegged). I don’t see how there could be a problem with someone posting an entire record/tape/edison cylinder etc that has no chance of being back in print. Just one anonymous opinion.


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  11. Chewie


    I just wanted to say thanks for another really good post. I’d never heard of the Cheifs before and it was pretty cool to hear them. When my next paycheck comes I’m going to order their CD.

    I think that even though music can be acquired for free, there will ALWAYS be people willing to pay for it. It’s part of being a record collectors. They don’t collect MP3s, they collect 7″s, EPs, albums and will buy the stuff they like. Maybe I’m one of the few college students left (certainly seems that way at my university) who still buy records, who still haunt the stores and comb the racks, I don’t know. Friends ask me all the time why I still put up with the “barbaric” practice of paying for CDs, and my answer is always the same: because I like the music and want to own it. 5-15 dollars is a small price to pay for the enjoyment of music.

    It’s a value judgment, I guess. My generation seems to want everything for free, with no effort involved in getting it. It’s a terrible attitude to have. Every day I see people tossing iPods around like frisbees, as if its some disposable commodity and not a 200+ dollar piece of stereo equipment. They didn’t buy it, their parents or their relatives did. Woo hoo.

    The bottom line is that if there are still people out there, I think, who will pay for their tuneage, who aren’t satisfied with some MP3 copy of an album. They want the artwork, the black vinyl or shiny CD to hold and look at. And play.

    Thanks for posting this. And thanks for those who reissued this album too.


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  12. Anonymous

    You mean this guy only pressed 500 copies of his stupid thing? 2,000 is a small run, 500 is pissing $$$$ down the toilet. And he’s worried about moving them? Geeze, dude, there are tons of distros out there and I know there are enough collector geeks worldwide to take 500 copies away. I, too, like owning a hard copy of some recordings but I see reissues of this variety as a waste of plastic. The few adults who might still care already own the songs and most kids under 30 never heard of ’em. And I see stores selling stuff like that for $5 or $6 USD a pop, not $4. I think there are only one or two plants left in the US that will do a 7″ so if anyone wants to get technical it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out the exact cost which, whatever it is, would be 1000 times more than it costs to stick the songs on the internet!


    Posted on 07-Feb-07 at 15:06 | Permalink
  13. Anonymous

    MXV = a-hole….

    post the government issue demo 7″ that MXV released.


    Posted on 07-Feb-07 at 15:37 | Permalink
  14. MXV

    Erich the band owns their songs. Dr Strange and myself licensed the rights to release the recordings on our respective releases. As a licensee, we certainly have a right over such things as requesting websites not post this stuff for free without the permission of the licensee. Action can also be taken to protect said licenses from just such a thing as piracy. Here’s an example. Williams Electronics made pinball machines they own the copyright to. They licensed their copyrights out to certain individuals to make reproduction parts for these machines. Now if I decide I want to make artwork for their machines and sell them, or even give them away for free and I dont’ get permission from the company, or work out a deal with one of the licensees, they can not only stop me from doing this, they can sue me for damages, shut down my business, etc.

    And to the moron’s response about posting the GI record. I do own the copyright to that one and should such an action take place, I would absolutely take legal action and the site would get shut down quicker than your ability to post adolescent responses. There isn’t an ISP anywhere these days that is gonna risk a lawsuit. The first sign of a complaint from a copyright holder saying a site on their hosting service is pirating their copyrighted works and they yank the sites faster than you probably yanked yr own pud after your post thinking you were so clever.

    You can agrue yr opinions about how many records should be pressed, if shit should be free, etc until yr blue in the face but the bottom line is it is not YOUR decision about whether or not the releases (either in full or in part) can be posted for free, it is the decision of the copyright holder and/or their licensees.

    I am through arguing this with you nameless morons. You can hate me all you want but the fact is that I am right and that really frosts your asses, which apparently results in you showing yr true age and maturity level in yr reponses. Have a nice day everyone and to Erich, good luck with the site, I just hope in the futre you’ll think twice before posting an entire release of something that is readily available.


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  15. Anonymous

    you suck MXV….hahahahahahaha. im sure you will be reading this site everyday.


    Posted on 07-Feb-07 at 16:59 | Permalink
  16. Anonymous

    Erich Keller is a poser. People should post some Fear Of God mp3 on their blog, ever read Fear of god lyrics? Read those Fear of God lyrics and see how pathetic they are. He’s a stupid rich asshole only in it for the music. He’s into everything and he falls between the cracks as he is just a poser, NOT an individual, just a wanna be asshole.

    Erich is also famous for ripped bands off. He ripped off Infest plenty of times as well as many other bands.

    Plus, Erich is really ugly and has a face everybody would loves to punch. Look at Fear of God video on Youtube and see for yourself. Awful pinko trying to be punk.


    Posted on 07-Feb-07 at 17:11 | Permalink
  17. Anonymous

    I’m on your side MXV.


    Posted on 07-Feb-07 at 17:16 | Permalink
  18. tildeathdouspart

    MXV is not “right”, he’s a piece of shit and, as one would glean from his blog, the lowest form of collector geek. The whole colored vinyl thing has always struck me as one of the most idiotic gimics ever. He probably has a closet full of X-Men comics, too. Upon perusing the Punk Vault it would appear he is from the Chicago area which says something to me, at least, being a city that seems to thrive on selling you half the quality at twice the price no matter what your racket (and has a suck-ass, trendy music scene to boot). I’ll see you around, pussy.


    Posted on 07-Feb-07 at 20:44 | Permalink
  19. Anonymous

    All this anonymous bitching about MXV annoys me.

    We have:

    1. A person who does a legitimate (re)release of a record with the band’s permission.

    2. The greatest musicblog in the world which posts the record – without the band’s permission.

    So, Erich has done the right thing to remove one of the songs as requested by MXV.



    Posted on 08-Feb-07 at 00:53 | Permalink
  20. Slobodan Burgher

    HA HA HA HA! I have never had this much fun reading blog comments before EVER! OMG! The quotes the outbursts the defensiveness the aggressiveness the ignorance the beauty etc etc.

    Proves again, erich, that your frigging blog is worthwhile.

    Keep it up, you nerd


    ps. lists are fascistic as fuck ds


    Posted on 08-Feb-07 at 03:45 | Permalink
  21. mipose

    Every last one of you is wrong.

    “For the life of the flesh is in the blood: and I have given it to you upon the altar to make an atonement for your souls: for it is the blood that maketh an atonement for the soul”

    Leviticus 17:11

    “We must put an end to both economic freeloading and economic exploitation in America. There must be no place for parasites who draw their sustenance from society without giving anything in return.”

    George Lincoln Rockwell


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  22. mipose

    You must give more than any other has given in order to receive what it is that you believe you deserve.


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  23. Erich

    ” Anonym hat gesagt…

    Erich Keller is a poser. People should post some Fear Of God mp3 on their blog, ever read Fear of god lyrics? Read those Fear of God lyrics and see how pathetic they are. He’s a stupid rich asshole only in it for the music. He’s into everything and he falls between the cracks as he is just a poser, NOT an individual, just a wanna be asshole.

    Erich is also famous for ripped bands off. He ripped off Infest plenty of times as well as many other bands.

    Plus, Erich is really ugly and has a face everybody would loves to punch. Look at Fear of God video on Youtube and see for yourself. Awful pinko trying to be punk. “

    hahahaha – wonderful! you too see the nameless abandoned and lonesome little kid nobody cares about, standing there, stomping his tiny foot on the ground, cursing the world? hahahaha


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  24. fred

    Fuck, I didn’t realize the other two bands on the Bard’s Apollo bill were the Detours and the Blades. I guess that the Detours lineup was post-Agnew, Royer.

    I wished I would have payed more attention. Now that you remind me, yeah, I was pissed that it was a lineup of bands I had never heard of, instead of the show listed. It was a far drive for me (coming from Newbury Park, CA, hometown of Belinda-Dottie Danger, Lorna Doom, Donna Rhia [three of the Germs] & Heather Locklear)

    I remember hanging toward the back of the hall complaining with some dude I just met about how bad this “Youth Brigade” act sucked.

    Nice score on the Symbol Six demos. I think Rodney used to play some of that. Rodney made a big hit of Chief’s Shiteatin’ Blues as well. Funny how he could play music with swearing on the public radio without ever getting complaints. I used to take it for granted, when you’d hear Red Cross singing “We can’t rock worth shit!”, but nowadays, they wouldn’t allow this of course. The terrorist’s won, haha.

    I didn’t know the Chiefs singer was still alive either, I thought he croaked.


    Posted on 08-Feb-07 at 07:05 | Permalink
  25. Tom

    fred wrote:

    “I didn’t know the Chiefs singer was still alive either, I thought he croaked.”

    Jerry Koskie is still alive, as are the other three members. When Dr. Strange did the CD re-release, he convinced the band to do a reunion show, but they argued too much during practice that it never came to be. (Source:, though I don’t know if it’s still on that site.)

    Snickers, from Jerry’s and Rabit’s previous band, the Simpletones, did die, though. (Source:

    And to throw my two cents in, I’ve corresponded, via his blog only, with mxv, and he is a good guy. Everything he has said is legally correct, and I’m glad Erich complied. I enjoy both sites and would like to see them continue.

    And, if you want the CD, try to find the original Flipside release from 1990. Although the Dr. Strange release says it has the videos on it, he was not able to get it to work, so they are not included.


    Robbie Fields Reply:


    You get the door prize for playing peacemaker here.

    Any Posh Boy download from iTunes. My suggestion :
    the revamped version of Rik L Rik’s Lost Album.

    has a review of Jerry Koskie’s appearance in L.A. Looks good, too. Jay Lansford tells me Rabit is doing well, too, but reluctant to “come out and play”.

    I hope to get to know Erich, I appreciate the massive effort he puts in. I do know MXV and his heart is in the right place. It’s the bootleggers that I can’t stand!

    Sometimes records do go out of print and it is hard for fans to understand why. Without the blogs, Symbol Six would have stayed out of print, even though we always loved it.

    For the most part, I don’t see the plethora of mp3’s posted as a threat. Usually the quality is so poor that there is an incentive to seek out a legitimate release, if available.

    That said, there are bloggers like Erich and MXV who serve an invaluable role as archivists. Even if my own
    tape vault were still intact after 30+ years, many tapes would still be lost to tape disintegration. I have reached out to many bloggers for help and I can’t think of ever being disappointed.

    Once again, the bootleggers are a breed apart.

    On tracks that we own all the rights, we typically make 20% of a release royalty free for blogs to use.


    Admin Reply:

    Thanks a lot Robbie! Although I don’t have any numbers or empirical data at all, I never doubted that blogs (at least those who put in work and heart’s blood in what they do) in the end will help labels in shifting copies of reissues. Occassionally, asyou mentioned, they even do fire up reissues plans and thus in the long run make music available again that otherwise would have been doomed to be forgotten in the archives of collectors.
    Of course posting new releases and especially such of a popular bands will have a negative effect on the sales, but in our little underground world, things probably are different (still).

    Next time I’m on the West Coast, I’ll drop you a line, Robbie. Would be a pleasure to meet you.


    Robbie Fields Reply:

    Forlat, idag jag bo pa Phuket!

    Zur zeit, Ich wohne auf Phuket!


    Admin Reply:

    Oh, okay. Well who knows, one day I might even get that far away from home again.


    Posted on 08-Feb-07 at 10:39 | Permalink
  26. Anonymous

    I doubt any of us “morons” questioned that he was “legally correct”. Its just that the guy seems like such a twit and I’d hedge my bets and say it is unlikely he has the means to pursue any legal action. Erich should have left all the tracks up so we could have had some more fun!


    Posted on 08-Feb-07 at 15:51 | Permalink
  27. milky

    Hey someone else called you a Pinko…


    Posted on 08-Feb-07 at 16:55 | Permalink
  28. danny g

    i’ve forwarded this blog/comment thread onto the guy who originally put out the single. maybe he’ll post his thoughts here. interesting debate, though. and for what it’s worth, MXV is a good guy.


    Posted on 08-Feb-07 at 17:30 | Permalink
  29. Anonymous

    Yeah who “owns” music? Does some guy who made a re-release 25 years later really have the right to say he owns the material? I doubt so. Or is it the other guy who runs a blog, rips his own record collection, takes his time and does a great job – without getting a dime for it?

    On a sidenote: I think you should ban the half-fascists Erich. That one comment about Fear Of God and your persona is just horrible.



    Posted on 09-Feb-07 at 00:35 | Permalink
  30. Anonymous

    He’s right though… Go on youtube and look at the Fear of God 88 video and see if you don’t think he has the face of a fat midget.


    Posted on 09-Feb-07 at 00:48 | Permalink
  31. Anonymous

    I believe now looking at this Fear of God video, that what happened was this: Jim Henson’s muppets at some point had a giant orgy and during this orgy the Cookie Monster and the Swedish Chef took turns penetrating Ms. Piggy and somehow their semen became conjoined in her womb. This semen mutated within Ms. Piggy and the resulting birth was one Erich Keller.


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  32. Anonymous

    P is for Pinko and that’s good enough for me


    Posted on 09-Feb-07 at 00:56 | Permalink
  33. Anonymous

    Anonymous cowards making fun of the looks of someone. Poor bastards, they must feeel extremely inferior. Get professional help.



    Posted on 09-Feb-07 at 00:58 | Permalink
  34. Erich

    Haha, milky and maybe one other little prick again. Well, I’ve met so many of them in my life. When you see them, they’re quite shy little boys, probably asking for an autograph after 5 minutes. Sweet.


    Posted on 09-Feb-07 at 01:03 | Permalink
  35. Anonymous

    do not be make fun of ERICH KELLER he the big and giant CELEB of sweden!


    Posted on 09-Feb-07 at 01:04 | Permalink
  36. Anonymous

    Erich, do you have contact information for any other grindcore bands? I declare personal war against the whole genre, just for fun. Let’s see what you’ve got.
    Hopefully it can start sometime mid-summer when the bands start touring.


    Posted on 09-Feb-07 at 01:19 | Permalink
  37. mipose

    This is funny as all get.


    Posted on 09-Feb-07 at 01:23 | Permalink
  38. Anonymous

    A professional help for these poor guys isn’t enough. Unfortunately


    Posted on 09-Feb-07 at 04:13 | Permalink
  39. Anonymous

    I agree with MXV.


    Posted on 09-Feb-07 at 10:28 | Permalink
  40. Anonymous

    wow that was a great statement IDIOT


    Posted on 09-Feb-07 at 10:42 | Permalink
  41. Anonymous

    I too agree with MXV


    Posted on 09-Feb-07 at 15:26 | Permalink
  42. Anonymous

    I saw Jerry Koskie a couple of weeks ago. Alive and well.



    Posted on 09-Feb-07 at 16:39 | Permalink
  43. Anonymous

    By the way, Flipside does not exist anymore. So if you are looking for the CD, you have to get the Dr Strange version or buy the Italian LP pressing.



    Posted on 09-Feb-07 at 16:41 | Permalink
  44. Tom

    Hated Principles Donofthedead said:

    “By the way, Flipside does not exist anymore. So if you are looking for the CD, you have to get the Dr Strange version or buy the Italian LP pressing.”

    Two words: e Bay. That’s where I got mine.

    Yup, RIP Flipside.


    Posted on 12-Feb-07 at 09:21 | Permalink
  45. Slobodan Burgher

    1. Not another bad word about the Swedish Chef, just cut it out guys that shit is way below belt.

    2. If it had not been for the fact that most of people seem to be utter anti-intellectuals I would draw your attention to a recent study called:

    “The Effect of File Sharing on Record Sales: An Empirical Analysis”

    It suggests that:

    “Downloads have an effect on sales that is statistically indistinguishable from zero. Our estimates are inconsistent with claims that file sharing is the primary reason for the decline in music sales…” etc

    (See more here

    But as I say most of you bozos don’t care and are just happy to repeat all sorts of nonsense and namecalling, you slimey douchebags you, so I won’t.



    Posted on 13-Feb-07 at 07:43 | Permalink
  46. Anonymous

    Well, if you don’t like name-calling, then you shouldn’t call people “bozos”. You should be researching the mark-up on a CD.


    Posted on 13-Feb-07 at 13:55 | Permalink
  47. Slobodan Burgher

    Hey Bozo, get a life. CDs are so out anyway.




    Posted on 14-Feb-07 at 07:53 | Permalink
  48. Anonymous



    Posted on 14-Feb-07 at 16:55 | Permalink
  49. Slobodan Burgher

    against sharing with you


    Posted on 15-Feb-07 at 06:23 | Permalink
  50. Anonymous

    Wow, legal action for posting mp3s of government issue? Did that come out on sony? Seriously buddy, if you have nothing better to do than attack this mp3 blog, then maybe you’ve devoted yourself to the wrong thing for the past 25+ years. People who want to buy the record, will buy the record. If they don’t, they’re going to download it one way or another. You giving Erich a hard time over this is a serious joke since this is one of the best Mp3 blogs on the internet and is a great place to find all this rare music in it’s entirity. If you really wanted to move 500 copies of the chiefs record, you could. There’s enough KBD nerds out there who’d snag the reissue for 4 bones in a heartbeat, but i’m sure you’re doing more to protect your precious investment than trying to sell them or spread the word around about it. I guess when it all comes down to it, i was thinking about buying the 7″ from you a couple weeks back along with a White Pigs ep but since i’ve seen what a cocksucker you’re being to a dude who just wants to spread tunes around for enjoyment, i’ll pass. Seriously, fuck off and take your shitty JFA reissues with you. If you don’t get it now, you’re not going to. Erich, keep up the great work.

    -Dave Brown


    Posted on 15-Feb-07 at 22:36 | Permalink

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