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THE CHEIFS- s/t 7"EP (Playgems Records, USA, 1980)

cheifs_front.jpgcheifs_back.jpgAll songs re-ripped and reposted (this time, ALL the songs – plus those from the mentioned “Who knows?” comp. LP).
A classic record everybody should know – and a classic comments section!

THE CHEIFS – a band by that name has got to be great, I thought – and right I was, buying that 7″ for an apple and an egg (as they say in Germany)! The A-side of this L.A. bands only vinyl (apart from the tracks on “Who cares?” and the demo on an obscure bootleg 7″) “Blues” is only very good, but the flip smokes. “Tower 18” is red hot and so is “Knocked out”. It hardly gets any better than this! Fucking A maaaaaaaaaan!!!!
From what I seem to remember, “Tower 18” was about a famous spot on a beach frequented by gays. Or am I just making this up now?

(At the beach at) Tower 18.mp3
Knocked out.mp3

If you liked this, go buy one of the CHEIFS reissues (see comments). That’s an order and it goes with every post here, of course.

PS: Please buy the CD with all the other CHEIFS music on Dr.Strange Records.

p1060548.JPGp1060549.JPGAdded: The tracks from the essential “Who cares?” LP (1981):

No Justice.mp3
Riot Squad.mp3


  1. Anonymous

    As usual a great post from the best blog


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  2. Anonymous

    tower 18 was in fact frequented by gays and it’s not well known but the guitarist george walker was gay…who not coincidentally wrote that song. a good friend of mine released this and the gears record oh his paygems label and he never expected either to become modern day punk classics!


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  3. stinky82

    well hardcore was originated in LA and it shows. If BAGS survive EP (78) is pure definition of LA punk rock for me, CHEIFS (and THE KLAN) is LA proto-HC then and showed directions for great bands that followed. Here is a short list of most important records, that every hardcore kid should know (in my opinion):
    1. GERMS lexicon devil EP 1978
    2. BAGS survive EP 1978
    3. MIDDLE CLASS out of vogue EP 1978
    4. BLACK FLAG yealous again 12″ 1980
    5. T.S.O.L. s/t 12″ 1981
    6. WASTED YOUTH reagan´s in LP 1981
    7. SIMBOL SIX 12″ 1982
    8. LOST CAUSE EP 1981 and 12″ 1982

    and it´s worthless to mention bands like ADOLESCENTS, D.I, AGENT ORANGE, RED SCARE etc. etc…


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  4. Anonymous

    incredibly great!! best post so far on the best blog i know!

    p. / montreal


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  5. Anonymous

    No disrespect Erich, but this record sucks the big one. Hope you didn’t spend too much.


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  6. Erich

    4$ plus postage. Many years later, I bought one on ebay for a friend of mine: 220$.


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  7. Anonymous

    Actually its not the worst i’ve heard but I’d rather you posted something really killer like say the first Possessed demo or the like. All the best, Hevy Medler.

    PS: Or the REAL Poisen demo!


    Posted on 04-Feb-07 at 16:05 | Permalink
  8. Anonymous

    awesome 7″. i found an original copy at a garage sale, great condition about 6 years ago for
    50 cents…



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  9. Anonymous

    “well hardcore was originated in LA and it shows”

    Thank you for giving me another reason to hate LA…


    Posted on 04-Feb-07 at 18:49 | Permalink
  10. Anonymous

    Last I knew all the Chiefs stuff was still available on LP or CD. Flipside issued a neat CD with all their stuff that contained live video footage and pics if you played it on your computer. This was one of the best or that era–wish I owned it. I think they were on another comp, “Chunks”, or something like that, which I think was also reissued a few years ago.


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  11. Anonymous

    Didn’t the guy from Punk Vault or however that crappy shithole of a blog is called re-release this in an edition of a 100 copies and on children-friendly yummy yummy colored vinyl?

    However: Great great great!!!


    Posted on 05-Feb-07 at 01:21 | Permalink
  12. Slobodan Burgher

    And I thought hardcore came from Finland! That is it! I am throwing out all my Terveet kadet records and going to move to L.A. and grow my hair like Dee dee Snider and get real with all the other hardcore kids.

    I would add to Stinky82’s list above Screwdriver – Europe Awake. Lists are by definition fascistic so why not?



    Posted on 05-Feb-07 at 02:56 | Permalink
  13. fred

    The CD/Vinyl LP has been released more than once, the first time by Flipside as listed above. It had really great sound.

    There is one more vinyl appearance “The Lonelys” on the “Chunks” comp.

    The demos record is a boot taped off of ROTR with chatter and fadeouts and horrible sound (Hey that looked like a Bill Bartell boot). Never bother buying this demos boot, get the CD, all the songs are there in much better quality.

    The Chiefs were a great live band as those videos show. I saw them a couple of times, the last time with a different singer was disappointing.

    Someone’s list above mentions Symbol Six. Now everyone likes their record, but that wasn’t the case when it came out. Stupid M.R.R. called it heavy metal. I saw Symbol Six’s very first gig, Youth Brigade opened when they still had a two singer lineup. Symbol Six was good, YB was terrible.


    Robbie Fields Reply:


    You know your stuff. Drop me an email and I’ll send you a certificate good for a Symbol Six download from iTunes, “The Posh Boy Sessions”.

    Symbol Six have reformed and are tearing up the L.A. scene, playing week in week out. New CD, too, but not on Posh Boy. All power to Dr Strange for their re-issues … we abandoned physical some time ago.


    Posted on 05-Feb-07 at 07:01 | Permalink
  14. fred

    Oh, one more thing. M ybrother had this single with the sleeve. For a long time, it was available in stores for a DIME, but without a sleeve. I should have just loaded up on these sleeveless copies, but I was a purist and tried to hold out til I found the version I wanted. Never happened.


    Posted on 05-Feb-07 at 07:04 | Permalink
  15. stinky82

    Slobodan Burgher, ok…that´s your opinion. But I tell you…you´re prick for me. Not therefore you like finnish HC (me too, bands like TK, LAMA or KOHU 63 were amazing), but therefore you have a necessity to be important and tell me I am facsist coz of my friendly meant comment. I am not american, was born in ex-czechoslovakia (I doubt you have an imagination where it is) and bands like BLACK FLAG, ANGRY SAMOANS or CIRCLE JERKS have changed and shaped my life from early teenage years until now, when I am 25. Think about yourself and don´t be stupid, I hope you´ve joined hardcore for the sake of people around you with preaching behaviour like you have. At least.


    Posted on 05-Feb-07 at 07:32 | Permalink
  16. Slobodan Burgher

    Sorry kid, I am just trying to lighten up a little. It gets awfully serious as soon as music is discussed. No offense meant! Accept my apologies.


    Posted on 05-Feb-07 at 07:52 | Permalink
  17. Anonymous

    Even though Skrewdriver were nazis they did record one of the best Punk lps ever “All Skrewed Up”. Its a shame Chiswick will never reissue it because of pollyticks.


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  18. MXV

    I did an official reissue of this a couple years ago on my label Spontaneous Combustion Records. Considering that I still have a few for sale, I’d appreciate if you didn’t post the entire record for a free download.

    Anyone who wants a copy of the limited blue vinyl (100 made) can order them at


    Posted on 05-Feb-07 at 10:17 | Permalink
  19. Erich

    I can’t really see how taking down some of the songs would make you sell your 100 copies edition of this. Band opinion please.


    Posted on 05-Feb-07 at 10:26 | Permalink
  20. stinky82

    slobodan burgher
    thank you for apologizing, now I understand how did you mean it…accepted 🙂


    Posted on 05-Feb-07 at 11:16 | Permalink
  21. Erich

    What I didn’t get, Stinky: Did you mean you couldn’t be a fascist anyway cause youre not american and born in czechoslovakia? Just curious …

    And no, slobo – the idea of listings is not fascistic, haha.


    Posted on 05-Feb-07 at 11:58 | Permalink
  22. Anonymous

    Ah, I never heard that the guitarist George was gay. But I was always wondering why But it’s not like you wanted everyone to know back in the early 80’s punk scene, you stayed closeted like Darby Crash did. This Cheifs EP has been a favorite of mine for years. The tune “Blues” pretty much blows me away every time I listen to it, what a perfect song- Rabit’s drums on that song are amazingly good. Before the Cheifs he was in the Simpletones who had a few decent songs. Now which member(s) of the Cheifs were in that earlier Portland band the Rubbers? Because the Rubbers did “Riot Squad” first on the “10-29-79” live comp LP and then the Cheifs did the same song a mere two years later on the “Who Cares” comp. I doubt it was a cover way back then. Probably the 2nd best Cheifs song is “Hollywest Crisis”, another jaw-dropper where they just bash away. But the sound of it on the reissue CD is 100 times better than that crappy Cheifs boot.

    – TONY


    Posted on 05-Feb-07 at 19:41 | Permalink
  23. Anonymous

    “bands like BLACK FLAG, ANGRY SAMOANS or CIRCLE JERKS have changed and shaped my life from early teenage years until now”

    no sex life huh?


    Posted on 05-Feb-07 at 21:09 | Permalink
  24. Anonymous

    band opinion: thanks for this. please leave it be the way it is.


    Posted on 06-Feb-07 at 00:32 | Permalink
  25. MXV

    Seeing that the band gave ME the right to reissue the 7″ and not YOU the right to post it in its entirety for free, I think that gives me the right to request you not post the record for firee and I am afraid I’m going to have to insist you take down two of the songs.

    Also, I’m sure Doctor Strange, who has released all the band’s music on CD woudln’t appreciate the fact that you made something he also put money into reissuing available for people to download for free without bothering to ask first. I know I didn’t dump a bunch of my own hard earned money into putting this thing out just to have some dude with a website make the entire thing available for a free download, all while he is also at the same time asking for donations for people to pay him to host music he has no right to give away.


    Posted on 06-Feb-07 at 09:37 | Permalink
  26. Anonymous

    Yeah..that’s the question..


    Posted on 06-Feb-07 at 10:09 | Permalink
  27. Anonymous

    fuck you mxv and your shit business and your shit blog.


    Anonymous Reply:

    Yeah what a dick, i hate ignorant fools who start businesses sucking the soul out of good music – ever heard of second layer records? that guy is a tosser!


    Posted on 06-Feb-07 at 11:09 | Permalink
  28. Anonymous

    PS: and that mxv fuckwad has mp3 for download too and asks for money and all. fuck your hipocrissy. plus the band said its okay (see above). it’s always the same story with those little money grabbing 7th generation punks.


    Posted on 06-Feb-07 at 11:17 | Permalink
  29. danny g

    hey Fred – I was at that same show with Symbol Six and Youth Brigade… also on the bill were the Detours and the Blades. All in all not a bad make up show for the original line up which was TSOL, China White, Red Cross and the Descendents! We almost took off to see Killing Joke at the Whisky instead but decided to stick around and snuck into good old Bard’s. Went back the following week for the FEAR / TSOL / China White / Cheifs / Crowd/ Overkill show…. they don’t make ’em like they used to.

    Also my friend got a copy of the Symbol Six demo cassette that night and as I recall it was REALLY good.


    Posted on 06-Feb-07 at 11:59 | Permalink
  30. Erich

    MVX, you arrogant little prick. “Some dude” has taken down one song so you’re getting back your “hard earned money”.


    Posted on 06-Feb-07 at 13:28 | Permalink
  31. Anonymous

    LAME….MXV is an ass…..


    Posted on 06-Feb-07 at 14:48 | Permalink
  32. Anonymous

    Oh, yes, MVX, and I’m sure the Chiefs are counting on revenue from your records to pay the bills (like they’d see a dime). I was the one who brought up the subject of these songs being available in other formats in the first place but it was meant to steer other people into hearing their other songs–not encouraging dickheads like you. Go bankrupt and die–the whole music “industry” is doomed (deserves death) and let blogs like this be the proof of it. As long as your media generates an analog signal, people like me will be around to rip you off. Go screw yourself and get a real job.


    Posted on 06-Feb-07 at 14:58 | Permalink
  33. Anonymous

    Erich you should seriously not letting this guy fuck with you. I will talk with the ex-singer of the CHEIFS about this and I can asssure you of this: The band LOVES the idea of so many people being able to hear their record. You’re doing a great job here. That MVX twat complaining about the donations-buttton is just beyond belief. How many people do actually donate? Do you make a living off it, like MVX who is trying so hard with all the CRAP he posts and writes?

    Marc L. from Fresno


    Posted on 06-Feb-07 at 15:32 | Permalink
  34. Anonymous

    MVX has lost approx. 3.12$. Poor soul.


    Posted on 06-Feb-07 at 15:37 | Permalink
  35. MXV

    First of all, I don’t recall anyone by the name of “anonymous” being in the band.

    Second of all, the difference between this site and mine (where I post a single track) is I get the band’s involvement and blessing for my “selections from the vault”. If you leechers spent more time reading and less time just trolling for free music you’d have noticed that.

    Third of all, if it weren’t for people like myself who actually put time and money into releasing records in the first place, you all would have nothing to steal.

    It amazes me the attitude you people take when you don’t live up to yr disclaimer of “if you want the files removed I will do so, blah blah”. Did you even read yr own “mission statement” on this site or did you simply download that from someone and reprint it here? I find it strange that when called on your own policy, you reply with hostility, like you are being wronged for being asked to not give away mp3s of an entire record you have no rights to or even permission to post.

    And for the record, poll any band I’ve put out a record by and they’ll have nothing to say except how I honored whatever agreement I made exactly as promised and they were involved of every process of the release. Considering I’ve put out a few releases by well-known bands, I must be doing something right with the label for these people to want to work with me.

    Also seeing as how I got involved in punk rock in 1981, I’m pretty sure that doesn’t make me a 7th generation punk and if I was “money grubbing” why would I be spending money to put out small runs of 7″s? It’s not like there is any profit in it.


    Posted on 06-Feb-07 at 15:47 | Permalink
  36. MXV

    And on a somewhat unrelated note and not to be meant as criticism. Yr comments window doesn’t work right in firefox. It cuts off the words on the right and the box can’t be resized. Just thought you might want to know since it is the 2nd most popular browser out there.


    Posted on 06-Feb-07 at 15:52 | Permalink
  37. Anonymous

    suck it.


    Posted on 06-Feb-07 at 16:03 | Permalink
  38. Anonymous

    “Also seeing as how I got involved in punk rock in 1981”

    haha. c’mon mvx, we know who you are, kid.


    Posted on 06-Feb-07 at 16:05 | Permalink
  39. Anonymous

    MVX: Since you’ve been into Punk Rock since 81 it should be easy for you to see that blogs like this are punk whereas you’re just an ass.



    Posted on 06-Feb-07 at 16:08 | Permalink
  40. Anonymous

    mvx : where i live people call him “the punk prostitute” hahaha. kissing every ass in sight. as someone said before: get a real job.


    Posted on 06-Feb-07 at 16:11 | Permalink
  41. Anonymous

    MVX: If punks had this technology in 1977 they would most likely never have bothered puttng out records in the first place. Now that music can be shared in this format, labels are obsolete and if your limited pressings are targeted at collectors, then who cares if us non-geeks get it for free? You are marketing a next-to-useless product. And as for your comment about providing us something to steal, spare me–you could just post the stuff for free and we wouldn’t have to steal it at all, dipshit!!! If you weren’t trying to make a living off of punk, that is.


    Posted on 06-Feb-07 at 16:13 | Permalink
  42. MXV

    Yeah, punk rock is all about stealing. I’m sure everyone who puts out records now or back then would have preferred you not have bought them and instead just taken them. The only ones who encouraged stealing their records were the Feederz.

    And the reactions of people with obvious dyslexia (my name is mxv, not mvx) have made it clear to me that no one here read or comprehended their own “mission statement” and are just a bunch of liars who don’t have no honor to stand by their own statements.


    Posted on 06-Feb-07 at 16:15 | Permalink
  43. Erich

    Yo brother MVX: I’ve taken down one of the songs. If I would recognize you as copyright holder, I’d have taken down whatever requested. I hope one day or another you will be able to get rid of the last one of your nifty colored vinyl platters. If not, you can put them in your funny trade list still.


    Posted on 06-Feb-07 at 16:15 | Permalink
  44. Anonymous

    haha and like every other half assed fascists, he plays the dyslexia-card. hahaha what a dumbfuck. next time i see you at a show i’ll buy you a beer. or so.


    Posted on 06-Feb-07 at 16:18 | Permalink
  45. Anonymous

    MVVVVVVX: I didn’t say punk was about stealing–I inferred it was not about selling an obsolete, needlessly expensive, oil-based product. I’ve dealt with plenty of small-time labels like yours–lets not bullshit the bullshitter. You didn’t pay for studio time and the band isn’t touring so you don’t have to give them merch. It’s all profit $$$ and, like I said, folks like me are happy to burn you but, not to worry, I’ve owned these songs for years and even PAID for it!


    Posted on 06-Feb-07 at 16:34 | Permalink
  46. Anonymous

    MXV = SUCK…


    Posted on 06-Feb-07 at 16:46 | Permalink
  47. Anonymous

    I somehow get the impression this MXV guy is just being jealous about this blog here, the quality work, the positive feedback it gets from all over.


    Posted on 06-Feb-07 at 16:47 | Permalink
  48. Anonymous

    This record is good but I wouldn’t want to drop keys, change etc around these dandies if you know what I mean. Haha.


    Posted on 06-Feb-07 at 16:49 | Permalink
  49. Anonymous

    punk vault = bollocks.


    Posted on 06-Feb-07 at 16:56 | Permalink
  50. Anonymous

    MXV said “Yr comments window doesn’t work right in firefox. It cuts off the words on the right and the box can’t be resized. Just thought you might want to know since it is the 2nd most popular browser out there”
    I use Firefox and I have none of these complaints. Everything works fine.
    “Wannabe yr favedog” Fernando


    Posted on 06-Feb-07 at 19:45 | Permalink

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