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THE CHEIFS- s/t 7"EP (Playgems Records, USA, 1980)

cheifs_front.jpgcheifs_back.jpgAll songs re-ripped and reposted (this time, ALL the songs – plus those from the mentioned “Who knows?” comp. LP).
A classic record everybody should know – and a classic comments section!

THE CHEIFS – a band by that name has got to be great, I thought – and right I was, buying that 7″ for an apple and an egg (as they say in Germany)! The A-side of this L.A. bands only vinyl (apart from the tracks on “Who cares?” and the demo on an obscure bootleg 7″) “Blues” is only very good, but the flip smokes. “Tower 18” is red hot and so is “Knocked out”. It hardly gets any better than this! Fucking A maaaaaaaaaan!!!!
From what I seem to remember, “Tower 18” was about a famous spot on a beach frequented by gays. Or am I just making this up now?

(At the beach at) Tower 18.mp3
Knocked out.mp3

If you liked this, go buy one of the CHEIFS reissues (see comments). That’s an order and it goes with every post here, of course.

PS: Please buy the CD with all the other CHEIFS music on Dr.Strange Records.

p1060548.JPGp1060549.JPGAdded: The tracks from the essential “Who cares?” LP (1981):

No Justice.mp3
Riot Squad.mp3


  1. Klu Klux Kueer

    “I removed some of the songs at the request of Erich, who informed me that FEAR OF GOD is about to do a reissue of a lot of their stuff for their 20th anniversary”

    Taken from the punk obituary blog

    also (giggle, giggle) “on two songs (“Which Way” and “Trouble Maker”) there are times where I’d swear the singer WAS saying the word “cookie” … were the lyric sheet not available to correct me”

    from the same blog


    Posted on 21-Feb-07 at 05:33 | Permalink
  2. Anonymous

    LOL cookie. that’s where the cookie monster vox come from!!!!

    i don’t see any problem with eric’s request: it’s his band, he wrote the songs. he’s not some lame ass fag who’s doing a reissue and thinks he owns the copyright ….. THINK!!!!


    Posted on 21-Feb-07 at 05:41 | Permalink
  3. Erich

    Yepp, anonymous, you hit the nail right on the head (although I neither know nor care about that guy’s sexual preferences).


    Posted on 21-Feb-07 at 07:25 | Permalink
  4. MXV

    Dave Brown – Are you the same Dave Brown who frequents the daghouse?

    I’m sorry you don’t agree with my dislike of someone giving away something I put money into re-releasing without permission. I guess I’m a dick for not wanting to have the ENTIRE record posted for a free download. And my response to the asshat suggesting they post my GI record on here was entirely justified. Try posting entire Dischord records on here and see how they like it and if they don’t have a similar response. Just because they weren’t released on Sony, doesn’t mean they are up for grabs for anyone who decides they should be made free to the public.

    “i was thinking about buying the 7″ from you a couple weeks back along with a White Pigs ep but since i’ve seen what a cocksucker you’re being to a dude who just wants to spread tunes around for enjoyment, i’ll pass” – shouldn’t that really state you were thinking about ordering that stuff but you figured there was no need since you downloaded the entire thing for free off some website? So you mean to say that since you don’t agree with my opinion on this topic then you are entitled to just download the record for free instead?

    And I wasn’t slamming this precious resource of free music per se. I simply was stating it was shitty that they were offereing the entire record for free of something that is readily available for purchase from two different labels, one of them mine. And instead of having the “mission statement” honored, the response was hostility and personal attacks on my character. To Erich’s credit at least he took higher ground than many of the people posting comments here and removed one song, though I’d have preferred he only posted one track seeing as how there is only 3 on the record.

    It’s not some right you have to be able to download entire records for free that someone owns or paid to release. Like I said before its one thing to post something you can’t get anywhere without buying old expensive records on ebay, but its another thing to do it when the music is available for purchase legally and people have invested money into reissuing it. The former is doing a service to music fans, the latter is stealing. Yr hostility and misguided sense of entitlement is makes about as much sense as if I went into a best buy and started pocketing DVDs and then get pissed off at the cops for arresting me for it.

    And exactly what part of all this am i “not getting”?


    Posted on 21-Feb-07 at 14:03 | Permalink
  5. Anonymous

    Well, dude, maybe its the fact that sites like this eliminate the need for reissuing the stuff in the first place.


    Posted on 21-Feb-07 at 19:50 | Permalink
  6. Anonymous

    maybe it’s the fact that part of what punk was all about is that BANDS have the say about their music – and not some shitty re-issue labels 20 years later. you didn’t buy the rigghts offf CHEIFS, did you? so shut up and think about why you can’t get rid of a lousy 500 copies. i bet – it’s not because of this who will in the end only help you and hopefully THE BAND.


    Posted on 22-Feb-07 at 01:24 | Permalink
  7. Anonymous

    On behalf of the (ex-) band: The CHEIFS didn’t sell copyright of their material to none. The band was delighted to see this “great blog” (quote) puts so mucch effort in making old and rare music popular and has absolutely no problem with it whatsoever. They wish to inform everybody that MXV does not speak on behalf of the ex-band members.



    Posted on 22-Feb-07 at 13:27 | Permalink
  8. Erich

    Frank. Hahaha. On behalf of me: Can you ask them to contact me?


    Posted on 22-Feb-07 at 13:35 | Permalink
  9. Anonymous

    I love the fact that this old thread is still going. This subject deserves its own website. I don’t mean to put down label guys but every dude I’ve ever met who was even halfway successful at scaping a living off punk music bordered on being a complete sociopath! I don’t think MXV is quite one of those types but he should consider that a lot of us older punk folks tend to scrutinize the value assigned to their questionable products. Taking away the $$$ value from this music allows you to examine whatever worth it may contain more honestly.


    Posted on 22-Feb-07 at 14:48 | Permalink
  10. MXV

    If you scroll up about 100 posts you’ll see where I clearly stated the band retain their copyrights and that myself and doctor strange were given license to release those recordings but nice try in yr attempt to put words in my mouth. I didn’t speak on their behalf nor did I claim to. I spoke on behalf of being one of the two labels who put money into legally reissuing their songs and found it shitty my entire release was put on this site for free when one track would have done more of an actual service of being a tool of promotion and not of detriment. I don’t understand why that is so hard for some of you to comprehend other than the fact that many people think they are entilted to get something for absolutely nothing.

    By the logic of one of the above comments, I guess there should be NO record labels. I mean why should a label like Dischord, Touch and Go, Frontier or SST continue to operate selling the old punk records and giving the bands money when these songs need to be free on the internet? No one should get paid for their work ever because its the punk rock way! Musicians owe the rest of us free music because we are entitled to it. OK, maybe in the case of SST the bands aren’t seeing a dime of the money, I mean there must be a reason so many bands on that label are suing or have sued to reclaim their back catalog, but the rest of my examples are legit. That logic is ridiculous, just because you think shit should be up for grabs doesn’t mean that others woudln’t like to have an actual record or a CD made of their old music and maybe even see a couple bucks in the process to buy themselves a meal or a pair of pants for their hard work. Or maybe the guy who spent his hard earned money that he made at his “real job” releasing a record that meant a lot to him would like to see his investment returned so he doesnt’ lose money on it. I don’t do a label for the money obviously or I’d be putting out shitty emo records like Victory, I do it for the love of the music but it doesn’t mean I don’t want to recoup my investment (my only “goal” in my label is breaking even). Who wants to lose money even when its on something you love? I don’t make a lot to begin with so its not like I have some trust fund I’m using and can afford to give the records away fro free. You can aruge about how it “helps promote” until you breathe yr last breath but the reality is most people fail to see the need to purchase something they already got for free just in an effort to support the label or the band that made the thing possible. I made 500 of those records, if 1000 people downloaded the entire thing and loved it, how many of those 1000 people do you think will realisticly buy the record as an effort to support a label or a band when they already have all the songs and heard the whole record. I can assure you it isn’t even 10 percent, which would equate to 100 records being sold and 900 people having the entire thing on their computer. Now if they heard one song and liked it, I’d bet that number of people who would buy the record because they want to hear more would increase dramaticaly.

    In the case of an old record that you can’t get on any format anywhere (for kicks lets just say the Sand in the Face album), then posting an entire record is actually a nice thing and seems more acceptable because you are making the music available to people who can’t legally obtain it no matter how much they want to unless they find a used vinyl somewhere. No one currently has anything invested in releasing it since a release hasn’t existed in 20 some years. Yr not taking anything away from anyone by posting it and in fact you could drum up interest in the band who may want to pursue reissuing the material when they may not have before because they see there is an interest there.

    In the end the people who think all things should be free will never understand the other side unless they are in a band or a label and find themselves in a similar situation and even then you can only speak on the matter on how you personaly feel about it. You can’t make such blanket statements like “music should have no value and there should be no reissues because we have a site to download stuff for free” because not everyone is going to adopt that same stance. I love records and I love music and I’d love it if they were free and I could save the money I spent on them to do other things with but in the real world, sadly things are not free no matter how much we want them to be or think they should be.


    Posted on 22-Feb-07 at 15:56 | Permalink
  11. Anonymous

    i downloaded all three tracks when they were still there (before some *ç%+ showed up here). give me the cheifs adress and I’ll send them 5$. I assume that would be much moore than they’ll be getting from you. I’ll do it! Just quit whining, MXV. You’re a pain in the ass.


    Posted on 22-Feb-07 at 16:07 | Permalink
  12. Anonymous

    If you are in a band that takes the stance that things should be free, then you don’t care. And, I’m pretty sure this is the real world and that I am getting free stuff. Honestly, I don’t think the record label thing is a good investment in this day and age. Sorry. Times change. The technology that is killing your business will eventually change the face of all music. It’s not like people will stop making music because they aren’t making money.


    Posted on 22-Feb-07 at 18:50 | Permalink
  13. Anonymous

    MVX: how do you know people won’t buy the records if they’re posted for free download? maybe you know firsthand because you’re downloading the records for free, too? c’mon, you know you are. you’re downloading the records right now i bet. are you downloading right now? i bet you are. i bet you’re downloading. what are you downloading there MVX? is it….THE CHIEFS single?! you’re downloading your own record! that’s what you were doing on this site in the first place! you stole your record from yourself! give it back, MVX! you took something. you’re taking something right now for free, aren’t you, MVX? i see you. i know you are. put that back. i saw you take it.


    Posted on 15-Mar-07 at 15:17 | Permalink
  14. Sorry to get in this so late, but goddamn right I’m alive and well and in the motherfuckin book.
    Jerry Koskie


    Posted on 21-Aug-07 at 23:15 | Permalink
  15. Ha ha ha ha, thanks for reposting this. Not so much for the mp3s (which I borrowed last time) but for the comments. Moahahahahha one of the alltime best blog-posts ever! Now can we have some noise please.


    Posted on 28-Sep-07 at 12:13 | Permalink
  16. Admin

    It’s great, innit? Hahaha, fucking hilarious.


    Posted on 28-Sep-07 at 14:58 | Permalink
  17. MXV



    Posted on 29-Sep-07 at 08:54 | Permalink
  18. Admin

    Dude, I’m a fatherfucker.


    Posted on 29-Sep-07 at 08:58 | Permalink
  19. mrpoopy

    I don’t believe the above post is from MXV–it’s only one sentence!


    Posted on 30-Sep-07 at 12:13 | Permalink
  20. Tony, that would be Bob Glassley from Portland’s Rubbers on bass. “Riot Squad” was a tune of theirs The Cheifs covered.

    Hiya, Jerry. It’s Jeff from Distemper, still hanging out with I-Ron.


    Posted on 11-Oct-07 at 19:13 | Permalink
  21. Barry K

    Dudes its all about the music. Nothing like driving around in your truck blasting the Simpletones and the Cheifs. Thanks for the CDs.


    Posted on 07-Feb-08 at 08:01 | Permalink
  22. Tab


    It’s Tab. How the fuck are you?


    Posted on 24-Feb-08 at 00:26 | Permalink
  23. I love LA hardcore, but to say it originated in one place only is a little off – I’m thinking of the Bad Brains, off the top of my head, circa 1977…maybe MXV would know?


    Posted on 31-Dec-08 at 02:11 | Permalink
  24. Matt

    Killer… Ive been looking the Who Cares Comp forever. You got the Political Crap tunes?


    Posted on 14-Mar-10 at 19:43 | Permalink
  25. elliott

    i know i’m a little late but first of all i’m in a band jackass. i will put all my shit up for free until i don’t want to do it anymore and even if i found out someone was sharing my complete recordings know what i’d say? hey thanks for sharing. oh and guys don’t forget the record is in print and you can get it at bla bla bla. no bullshit remove mp3s stuff just hey buy a coppy. and wile we’re on the subject i downloaded the first germs single a while ago. i went to amoeba and was looking through the 7inches and i found the first grms single. okay so i have it already. so what? now i have a physical coppy of forming. i even ripped it cause i needed to see if my turntable works. i like getting physical coppys of things. so when my computer breaks i can still listen to my favorite records. so no mxv you are dead wrong on this one. back on topic. i love this record. one of these bands that i’d heard the name but probably wouldn’t have checked out because well i just didn’t care. but now that i have the ep i will buy that cd. same goes for kleenex/liliput. erich pretty much posted everything by kleenex and if i were to dig i could probably find the whole thing for free. even then i would buy the cd which i did. a lot of bands are like that. what else is on that comp?


    Posted on 21-Jun-10 at 10:18 | Permalink
  26. Chris G

    scrapped is a sick track.
    liberty too.


    Posted on 20-Sep-10 at 07:44 | Permalink
  27. B.C.

    Another fracas in Good/Bad town. So this MXV guy (who is himself an MP3 blogger of little renown, really “Punk VAULT” says it all about how he thinks of this music, not to mention his level of creativity) got REALLY FUCKING MAD because he pressed 100 Chiefs singles and he thinks this blog (not even the first to post this record much less bootleg it) is HURTING HIM PERSONALLY and THE BAND HE CARES SO MUCH ABOUT.

    Even before Erich posted this, he failed to sell 100 records. That must be frustrating, a failure even the girl scouts would consider lowly. Naturally he’s looking for anything to deflect blame onto, and he googles and googles until this site pops up. Chronologically this makes as much sense as blaming Obama for the war in Iraq. He posts again and again, re-adjusting his argument each time as his armor is pierces and his credibility trickles away. At his lowest he resorts to attacking the English skills of Europeans (on another blog, I guess as part of some backhanded compliment intended to disparage blogging in its totality while tricking Erich into recognizing him as some sort of fellow gentleman/intellectual). Evidently suffering from hebephrenic schizophrenia, he follows one diatribe with some “friendly” advice about a non-existent technical problem. Realizing he’s picked a fight with an entire subculture he’d assumed to be freeze-dried in his vault, he tries to backpedal and fling shit simultaneously. His pious tone throughout does not change even as he admits he simply couldn’t clear 100 copies of a hot record like the Chiefs that’s famous as shit and was produced by Darby Crash and was on KBD and Bloodstains and has a whole CD out and t-shirts and stuff. (Isn’t MVM the one saturating the market and hurting CD sales? Blog or no blog, you can get anything on Soulseek . . . posting it on a blog like this just gives it added prestige and provides a forum for discussion. Posting the entire CD might be questionable . . . but Erich didn’t.) Even after Erich took down a song, MXT kept whining, spamming, even sockpuppeting like an insane person (which is obvious since all of the comments in his favor .

    Well I guess we know what kind of punk he is: the unnecessary kind. MXM: middleman of the grey areas, a profit-diverting “cool” merchant who sees punks as a captive audience or fanatical cult in which selling fetishes makes him high priest. A shameless huckster turned punk rock hall monitor who thinks he can shame us. A groupie who fucks for free, then charges for the herpes, cuz they used to be inside a rock star. A perennial hanger-on who takes advantage of the casual business style of musicians to vanity-press himself some instant credibility (if not profits, which in MMVs case seem beyond his reach . . . 100? . . . but he seems to have rationalized bootlegging in between writhes on the cross of “true fandom”). So it seems that, even in punk, maybe especially in punk, there exists, in between the bands (not MVC though after a handshake he feels empowered to speak for them even to the point of alienating their fanbase), serious biznesspeople (not MVC though he appropriates the opinions of the most reactionary and retirement-aged amongst them in hopes of being mistaken for one), and the fans (maybe once MVC, then his dupes, now his enemy) a substrata of bloodsucking pimps flooding the market with extraneous junk that, “official” or not, is there just to give them bragging rights (and maybe bag a quick buck but MXV seems to be going for psychological compensation here). Bragging rights turn into bitching rights real quick. MXV, you are a sick and evil man, a traitor to punk and a hypocrite to all of humanity. Erich, it may be the nature of a blog that spans metal and punk to be a volatile and misanthropic stew. But since you are credited with pioneering the cookie monster style of vocals back in the ’80s I’m sure you can handle it. You may wind up battling MXV at the top of a waterfall. Remind him of own words here and he’ll probably jump.


    Posted on 23-Sep-10 at 01:51 | Permalink
  28. B.C.

    I was going to point out all the comments in his favor followed his own posts which was my impression when reading this the first time but then I thought “I’d better go back and make sure before making such a bold assertion” and then I thought “no I’m not gonna do that the dude has plenty of rope already”.


    Posted on 23-Sep-10 at 01:53 | Permalink
  29. Thanks for all the irony, B.C. Wonderful.


    Posted on 23-Sep-10 at 08:42 | Permalink

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