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THE CHEIFS- s/t 7"EP (Playgems Records, USA, 1980)

cheifs_front.jpgcheifs_back.jpgAll songs re-ripped and reposted (this time, ALL the songs – plus those from the mentioned “Who knows?” comp. LP).
A classic record everybody should know – and a classic comments section!

THE CHEIFS – a band by that name has got to be great, I thought – and right I was, buying that 7″ for an apple and an egg (as they say in Germany)! The A-side of this L.A. bands only vinyl (apart from the tracks on “Who cares?” and the demo on an obscure bootleg 7″) “Blues” is only very good, but the flip smokes. “Tower 18” is red hot and so is “Knocked out”. It hardly gets any better than this! Fucking A maaaaaaaaaan!!!!
From what I seem to remember, “Tower 18” was about a famous spot on a beach frequented by gays. Or am I just making this up now?

(At the beach at) Tower 18.mp3
Knocked out.mp3

If you liked this, go buy one of the CHEIFS reissues (see comments). That’s an order and it goes with every post here, of course.

PS: Please buy the CD with all the other CHEIFS music on Dr.Strange Records.

p1060548.JPGp1060549.JPGAdded: The tracks from the essential “Who cares?” LP (1981):

No Justice.mp3
Riot Squad.mp3


  1. Anonymous

    As usual a great post from the best blog


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  2. Anonymous

    tower 18 was in fact frequented by gays and it’s not well known but the guitarist george walker was gay…who not coincidentally wrote that song. a good friend of mine released this and the gears record oh his paygems label and he never expected either to become modern day punk classics!


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  3. stinky82

    well hardcore was originated in LA and it shows. If BAGS survive EP (78) is pure definition of LA punk rock for me, CHEIFS (and THE KLAN) is LA proto-HC then and showed directions for great bands that followed. Here is a short list of most important records, that every hardcore kid should know (in my opinion):
    1. GERMS lexicon devil EP 1978
    2. BAGS survive EP 1978
    3. MIDDLE CLASS out of vogue EP 1978
    4. BLACK FLAG yealous again 12″ 1980
    5. T.S.O.L. s/t 12″ 1981
    6. WASTED YOUTH reagan´s in LP 1981
    7. SIMBOL SIX 12″ 1982
    8. LOST CAUSE EP 1981 and 12″ 1982

    and it´s worthless to mention bands like ADOLESCENTS, D.I, AGENT ORANGE, RED SCARE etc. etc…


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  4. Anonymous

    incredibly great!! best post so far on the best blog i know!

    p. / montreal


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  5. Anonymous

    No disrespect Erich, but this record sucks the big one. Hope you didn’t spend too much.


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  6. Erich

    4$ plus postage. Many years later, I bought one on ebay for a friend of mine: 220$.


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  7. Anonymous

    Actually its not the worst i’ve heard but I’d rather you posted something really killer like say the first Possessed demo or the like. All the best, Hevy Medler.

    PS: Or the REAL Poisen demo!


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  8. Anonymous

    awesome 7″. i found an original copy at a garage sale, great condition about 6 years ago for
    50 cents…



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  9. Anonymous

    “well hardcore was originated in LA and it shows”

    Thank you for giving me another reason to hate LA…


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  10. Anonymous

    Last I knew all the Chiefs stuff was still available on LP or CD. Flipside issued a neat CD with all their stuff that contained live video footage and pics if you played it on your computer. This was one of the best or that era–wish I owned it. I think they were on another comp, “Chunks”, or something like that, which I think was also reissued a few years ago.


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  11. Anonymous

    Didn’t the guy from Punk Vault or however that crappy shithole of a blog is called re-release this in an edition of a 100 copies and on children-friendly yummy yummy colored vinyl?

    However: Great great great!!!


    Posted on 05-Feb-07 at 01:21 | Permalink
  12. Slobodan Burgher

    And I thought hardcore came from Finland! That is it! I am throwing out all my Terveet kadet records and going to move to L.A. and grow my hair like Dee dee Snider and get real with all the other hardcore kids.

    I would add to Stinky82’s list above Screwdriver – Europe Awake. Lists are by definition fascistic so why not?



    Posted on 05-Feb-07 at 02:56 | Permalink
  13. fred

    The CD/Vinyl LP has been released more than once, the first time by Flipside as listed above. It had really great sound.

    There is one more vinyl appearance “The Lonelys” on the “Chunks” comp.

    The demos record is a boot taped off of ROTR with chatter and fadeouts and horrible sound (Hey that looked like a Bill Bartell boot). Never bother buying this demos boot, get the CD, all the songs are there in much better quality.

    The Chiefs were a great live band as those videos show. I saw them a couple of times, the last time with a different singer was disappointing.

    Someone’s list above mentions Symbol Six. Now everyone likes their record, but that wasn’t the case when it came out. Stupid M.R.R. called it heavy metal. I saw Symbol Six’s very first gig, Youth Brigade opened when they still had a two singer lineup. Symbol Six was good, YB was terrible.


    Robbie Fields Reply:


    You know your stuff. Drop me an email and I’ll send you a certificate good for a Symbol Six download from iTunes, “The Posh Boy Sessions”.

    Symbol Six have reformed and are tearing up the L.A. scene, playing week in week out. New CD, too, but not on Posh Boy. All power to Dr Strange for their re-issues … we abandoned physical some time ago.


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  14. fred

    Oh, one more thing. M ybrother had this single with the sleeve. For a long time, it was available in stores for a DIME, but without a sleeve. I should have just loaded up on these sleeveless copies, but I was a purist and tried to hold out til I found the version I wanted. Never happened.


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  15. stinky82

    Slobodan Burgher, ok…that´s your opinion. But I tell you…you´re prick for me. Not therefore you like finnish HC (me too, bands like TK, LAMA or KOHU 63 were amazing), but therefore you have a necessity to be important and tell me I am facsist coz of my friendly meant comment. I am not american, was born in ex-czechoslovakia (I doubt you have an imagination where it is) and bands like BLACK FLAG, ANGRY SAMOANS or CIRCLE JERKS have changed and shaped my life from early teenage years until now, when I am 25. Think about yourself and don´t be stupid, I hope you´ve joined hardcore for the sake of people around you with preaching behaviour like you have. At least.


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  16. Slobodan Burgher

    Sorry kid, I am just trying to lighten up a little. It gets awfully serious as soon as music is discussed. No offense meant! Accept my apologies.


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  17. Anonymous

    Even though Skrewdriver were nazis they did record one of the best Punk lps ever “All Skrewed Up”. Its a shame Chiswick will never reissue it because of pollyticks.


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  18. MXV

    I did an official reissue of this a couple years ago on my label Spontaneous Combustion Records. Considering that I still have a few for sale, I’d appreciate if you didn’t post the entire record for a free download.

    Anyone who wants a copy of the limited blue vinyl (100 made) can order them at


    Posted on 05-Feb-07 at 10:17 | Permalink
  19. Erich

    I can’t really see how taking down some of the songs would make you sell your 100 copies edition of this. Band opinion please.


    Posted on 05-Feb-07 at 10:26 | Permalink
  20. stinky82

    slobodan burgher
    thank you for apologizing, now I understand how did you mean it…accepted :)


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  21. Erich

    What I didn’t get, Stinky: Did you mean you couldn’t be a fascist anyway cause youre not american and born in czechoslovakia? Just curious …

    And no, slobo – the idea of listings is not fascistic, haha.


    Posted on 05-Feb-07 at 11:58 | Permalink
  22. Anonymous

    Ah, I never heard that the guitarist George was gay. But I was always wondering why But it’s not like you wanted everyone to know back in the early 80’s punk scene, you stayed closeted like Darby Crash did. This Cheifs EP has been a favorite of mine for years. The tune “Blues” pretty much blows me away every time I listen to it, what a perfect song- Rabit’s drums on that song are amazingly good. Before the Cheifs he was in the Simpletones who had a few decent songs. Now which member(s) of the Cheifs were in that earlier Portland band the Rubbers? Because the Rubbers did “Riot Squad” first on the “10-29-79” live comp LP and then the Cheifs did the same song a mere two years later on the “Who Cares” comp. I doubt it was a cover way back then. Probably the 2nd best Cheifs song is “Hollywest Crisis”, another jaw-dropper where they just bash away. But the sound of it on the reissue CD is 100 times better than that crappy Cheifs boot.

    – TONY


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  23. Anonymous

    “bands like BLACK FLAG, ANGRY SAMOANS or CIRCLE JERKS have changed and shaped my life from early teenage years until now”

    no sex life huh?


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  24. Anonymous

    band opinion: thanks for this. please leave it be the way it is.


    Posted on 06-Feb-07 at 00:32 | Permalink
  25. MXV

    Seeing that the band gave ME the right to reissue the 7″ and not YOU the right to post it in its entirety for free, I think that gives me the right to request you not post the record for firee and I am afraid I’m going to have to insist you take down two of the songs.

    Also, I’m sure Doctor Strange, who has released all the band’s music on CD woudln’t appreciate the fact that you made something he also put money into reissuing available for people to download for free without bothering to ask first. I know I didn’t dump a bunch of my own hard earned money into putting this thing out just to have some dude with a website make the entire thing available for a free download, all while he is also at the same time asking for donations for people to pay him to host music he has no right to give away.


    Posted on 06-Feb-07 at 09:37 | Permalink
  26. Anonymous

    Yeah..that’s the question..


    Posted on 06-Feb-07 at 10:09 | Permalink
  27. Anonymous

    fuck you mxv and your shit business and your shit blog.


    Anonymous Reply:

    Yeah what a dick, i hate ignorant fools who start businesses sucking the soul out of good music – ever heard of second layer records? that guy is a tosser!


    Posted on 06-Feb-07 at 11:09 | Permalink
  28. Anonymous

    PS: and that mxv fuckwad has mp3 for download too and asks for money and all. fuck your hipocrissy. plus the band said its okay (see above). it’s always the same story with those little money grabbing 7th generation punks.


    Posted on 06-Feb-07 at 11:17 | Permalink
  29. danny g

    hey Fred – I was at that same show with Symbol Six and Youth Brigade… also on the bill were the Detours and the Blades. All in all not a bad make up show for the original line up which was TSOL, China White, Red Cross and the Descendents! We almost took off to see Killing Joke at the Whisky instead but decided to stick around and snuck into good old Bard’s. Went back the following week for the FEAR / TSOL / China White / Cheifs / Crowd/ Overkill show…. they don’t make ’em like they used to.

    Also my friend got a copy of the Symbol Six demo cassette that night and as I recall it was REALLY good.


    Posted on 06-Feb-07 at 11:59 | Permalink
  30. Erich

    MVX, you arrogant little prick. “Some dude” has taken down one song so you’re getting back your “hard earned money”.


    Posted on 06-Feb-07 at 13:28 | Permalink
  31. Anonymous

    LAME….MXV is an ass…..


    Posted on 06-Feb-07 at 14:48 | Permalink
  32. Anonymous

    Oh, yes, MVX, and I’m sure the Chiefs are counting on revenue from your records to pay the bills (like they’d see a dime). I was the one who brought up the subject of these songs being available in other formats in the first place but it was meant to steer other people into hearing their other songs–not encouraging dickheads like you. Go bankrupt and die–the whole music “industry” is doomed (deserves death) and let blogs like this be the proof of it. As long as your media generates an analog signal, people like me will be around to rip you off. Go screw yourself and get a real job.


    Posted on 06-Feb-07 at 14:58 | Permalink
  33. Anonymous

    Erich you should seriously not letting this guy fuck with you. I will talk with the ex-singer of the CHEIFS about this and I can asssure you of this: The band LOVES the idea of so many people being able to hear their record. You’re doing a great job here. That MVX twat complaining about the donations-buttton is just beyond belief. How many people do actually donate? Do you make a living off it, like MVX who is trying so hard with all the CRAP he posts and writes?

    Marc L. from Fresno


    Posted on 06-Feb-07 at 15:32 | Permalink
  34. Anonymous

    MVX has lost approx. 3.12$. Poor soul.


    Posted on 06-Feb-07 at 15:37 | Permalink
  35. MXV

    First of all, I don’t recall anyone by the name of “anonymous” being in the band.

    Second of all, the difference between this site and mine (where I post a single track) is I get the band’s involvement and blessing for my “selections from the vault”. If you leechers spent more time reading and less time just trolling for free music you’d have noticed that.

    Third of all, if it weren’t for people like myself who actually put time and money into releasing records in the first place, you all would have nothing to steal.

    It amazes me the attitude you people take when you don’t live up to yr disclaimer of “if you want the files removed I will do so, blah blah”. Did you even read yr own “mission statement” on this site or did you simply download that from someone and reprint it here? I find it strange that when called on your own policy, you reply with hostility, like you are being wronged for being asked to not give away mp3s of an entire record you have no rights to or even permission to post.

    And for the record, poll any band I’ve put out a record by and they’ll have nothing to say except how I honored whatever agreement I made exactly as promised and they were involved of every process of the release. Considering I’ve put out a few releases by well-known bands, I must be doing something right with the label for these people to want to work with me.

    Also seeing as how I got involved in punk rock in 1981, I’m pretty sure that doesn’t make me a 7th generation punk and if I was “money grubbing” why would I be spending money to put out small runs of 7″s? It’s not like there is any profit in it.


    Posted on 06-Feb-07 at 15:47 | Permalink
  36. MXV

    And on a somewhat unrelated note and not to be meant as criticism. Yr comments window doesn’t work right in firefox. It cuts off the words on the right and the box can’t be resized. Just thought you might want to know since it is the 2nd most popular browser out there.


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  37. Anonymous

    suck it.


    Posted on 06-Feb-07 at 16:03 | Permalink
  38. Anonymous

    “Also seeing as how I got involved in punk rock in 1981”

    haha. c’mon mvx, we know who you are, kid.


    Posted on 06-Feb-07 at 16:05 | Permalink
  39. Anonymous

    MVX: Since you’ve been into Punk Rock since 81 it should be easy for you to see that blogs like this are punk whereas you’re just an ass.



    Posted on 06-Feb-07 at 16:08 | Permalink
  40. Anonymous

    mvx : where i live people call him “the punk prostitute” hahaha. kissing every ass in sight. as someone said before: get a real job.


    Posted on 06-Feb-07 at 16:11 | Permalink
  41. Anonymous

    MVX: If punks had this technology in 1977 they would most likely never have bothered puttng out records in the first place. Now that music can be shared in this format, labels are obsolete and if your limited pressings are targeted at collectors, then who cares if us non-geeks get it for free? You are marketing a next-to-useless product. And as for your comment about providing us something to steal, spare me–you could just post the stuff for free and we wouldn’t have to steal it at all, dipshit!!! If you weren’t trying to make a living off of punk, that is.


    Posted on 06-Feb-07 at 16:13 | Permalink
  42. MXV

    Yeah, punk rock is all about stealing. I’m sure everyone who puts out records now or back then would have preferred you not have bought them and instead just taken them. The only ones who encouraged stealing their records were the Feederz.

    And the reactions of people with obvious dyslexia (my name is mxv, not mvx) have made it clear to me that no one here read or comprehended their own “mission statement” and are just a bunch of liars who don’t have no honor to stand by their own statements.


    Posted on 06-Feb-07 at 16:15 | Permalink
  43. Erich

    Yo brother MVX: I’ve taken down one of the songs. If I would recognize you as copyright holder, I’d have taken down whatever requested. I hope one day or another you will be able to get rid of the last one of your nifty colored vinyl platters. If not, you can put them in your funny trade list still.


    Posted on 06-Feb-07 at 16:15 | Permalink
  44. Anonymous

    haha and like every other half assed fascists, he plays the dyslexia-card. hahaha what a dumbfuck. next time i see you at a show i’ll buy you a beer. or so.


    Posted on 06-Feb-07 at 16:18 | Permalink
  45. Anonymous

    MVVVVVVX: I didn’t say punk was about stealing–I inferred it was not about selling an obsolete, needlessly expensive, oil-based product. I’ve dealt with plenty of small-time labels like yours–lets not bullshit the bullshitter. You didn’t pay for studio time and the band isn’t touring so you don’t have to give them merch. It’s all profit $$$ and, like I said, folks like me are happy to burn you but, not to worry, I’ve owned these songs for years and even PAID for it!


    Posted on 06-Feb-07 at 16:34 | Permalink
  46. Anonymous

    MXV = SUCK…


    Posted on 06-Feb-07 at 16:46 | Permalink
  47. Anonymous

    I somehow get the impression this MXV guy is just being jealous about this blog here, the quality work, the positive feedback it gets from all over.


    Posted on 06-Feb-07 at 16:47 | Permalink
  48. Anonymous

    This record is good but I wouldn’t want to drop keys, change etc around these dandies if you know what I mean. Haha.


    Posted on 06-Feb-07 at 16:49 | Permalink
  49. Anonymous

    punk vault = bollocks.


    Posted on 06-Feb-07 at 16:56 | Permalink
  50. Anonymous

    MXV said “Yr comments window doesn’t work right in firefox. It cuts off the words on the right and the box can’t be resized. Just thought you might want to know since it is the 2nd most popular browser out there”
    I use Firefox and I have none of these complaints. Everything works fine.
    “Wannabe yr favedog” Fernando


    Posted on 06-Feb-07 at 19:45 | Permalink
  51. Anonymous



    Posted on 06-Feb-07 at 22:14 | Permalink
  52. h-bomb

    @mvx: as playing in a band that puts out records today I found that havings lots of mp3’s out on the net actually promotes recordsales. people who dig it will buy the plastic. people who never heard of will not.


    Posted on 06-Feb-07 at 23:51 | Permalink
  53. MXV

    I am not the least bit jealous. I couldn’t care less about any other websites and how much traffic they get or their comments. And let’s be honest, it doesn’t take a lot of skill to post two generic sentences about a record and post the entire thing for free. There are a ton of sites just like this doing the exact same thing. Their popularity comes not from any kind of content (as it appears a lot of folks can barely read) but from the fact they can get free music. The one thing I will say about this site over say the KBD Records one is at least the few sentences written here are a bit more legible and usually more interesting than that site.

    I’m all for exposing people to great old punk rock they may have missed and even letting them hear something they can’t go out and buy unless they have trust funds and troll ebay, but what I don’t agree with is posting records in their entirety that are easily available for sale in one format or another, especially when I was one of the folks responsible for investing my own money to make that happen. It is then when you go from being a good service to being a disservice.

    And I may not have paid for the recordings, but records don’t get pressed and sleeves don’t get made, new masters, plates, etc for free. These things cost money. And if you think there is some big profit in a run of 500 records with two color sleeves and colored vinyl, please share the directions to this fantasy land you live in so I can move there too.


    Posted on 07-Feb-07 at 09:40 | Permalink
  54. Anonymous



    Posted on 07-Feb-07 at 11:26 | Permalink
  55. Dave

    MXV: I am just curious how you came across this site to begin with, it appears you are a regular visitor of blogs and are therefore probably “stealing” music. I guess it is only a problem when you have a financial interest in the music that is posted. Also, I agree with your point that there is no money to be made in doing a small pressing of say 100 records and selling them for $4.00 each. I’m sure you are selling these records at a loss, as I have been doing for years with my own little label. However, I believe that any promotion is good promotion and you would have been better served by posting a comment stating that you had the repress available at your site for $4 bucks or whatever. Make friends not enemies MXV.


    Posted on 07-Feb-07 at 12:11 | Permalink
  56. Anonymous

    I think MXV has a point, especially when you consider the Mission Statement of Good Bad Music and the fact that he asked Erich only not to post the complete recording.


    Posted on 07-Feb-07 at 12:22 | Permalink
  57. MXV

    It’s funny how kids on the internet make assumptions about peoples lives as they sit at their computers with their pants down hiding behind the name annonymous and somehow (and in poor english, not that mine is perfect) justify their theft as some sort of birthright and they are the ones who know how things should be.

    I never claimed to be making my living off punk rock. I have a real job that feeds me and puts a roof over my head and allows me to take my girlfriend out to dinner. The money I put into the punk scene was done as a hobby supporting somethign that I beleive in and has been very important to me for 2/3 of my life, a lot longer than probably half the annonymous posters here have even been alive. I’m sorry if you have a problem with everything not being free, I’d like it to be free too but reality is a lot different than the fantasy world a bunch of you seem to live in.

    And like someone above said, I never said to remove the entire thing, I just found it shitty to post the entire thing. Posting a song for people to sample is a good thing, it is actually promoting the record and the CD. Posting the entire 7″ is a detriment to both. Why would most people buy something they just downloaded for free?

    Contrary to the above poster’s theory, I am not “stealing” music. I found this site in my referall stats because there was some White Pigs post referencing a feature I did on them. I do check out sites like this on occasion but rarely, if ever, download anything unless its something I have the record of and want to be saved the trouble of making my own mp3s of it. I think there was maybe one occasion where I downloaded one song to hear what a band sounded like that I had only known the name of. I have more than enough music to listen to that I don’t need to frequent sites like this for the songs but I do like to see what’s going on out there and hope to find something interesting to read in downtimes at work.

    I wasn’t looking to make enemies, I was simply wanting the site to honor their mission statement and got attacked for it. Sadly the attitude I got here is one that seems to be adopted by a lot of similar sites. You tell someone to honor their word and take down some stuff and you are the facist for making the request because you somehow are “keeping the man down” or whatever bullshit feeling these people get when they are called on doing something they shouldn’t. Someday if you ever move out of yr parents house and invest money in something to one day find it being made available for free without permission, we’ll see how yr feelings change.

    And it was nice to see someone chime in and start to understand my point of view.


    Posted on 07-Feb-07 at 13:04 | Permalink
  58. Erich

    MXVZ: Do you own the copyright of the songs?


    Posted on 07-Feb-07 at 13:07 | Permalink
  59. Anonymous

    course he don’t. he’s just a self important little asshole.


    Posted on 07-Feb-07 at 13:12 | Permalink
  60. Anonymous

    Not every Punk/Hardcore or underground Metal record is going to be reissued (or even bootlegged). I don’t see how there could be a problem with someone posting an entire record/tape/edison cylinder etc that has no chance of being back in print. Just one anonymous opinion.


    Posted on 07-Feb-07 at 14:18 | Permalink
  61. Chewie


    I just wanted to say thanks for another really good post. I’d never heard of the Cheifs before and it was pretty cool to hear them. When my next paycheck comes I’m going to order their CD.

    I think that even though music can be acquired for free, there will ALWAYS be people willing to pay for it. It’s part of being a record collectors. They don’t collect MP3s, they collect 7″s, EPs, albums and will buy the stuff they like. Maybe I’m one of the few college students left (certainly seems that way at my university) who still buy records, who still haunt the stores and comb the racks, I don’t know. Friends ask me all the time why I still put up with the “barbaric” practice of paying for CDs, and my answer is always the same: because I like the music and want to own it. 5-15 dollars is a small price to pay for the enjoyment of music.

    It’s a value judgment, I guess. My generation seems to want everything for free, with no effort involved in getting it. It’s a terrible attitude to have. Every day I see people tossing iPods around like frisbees, as if its some disposable commodity and not a 200+ dollar piece of stereo equipment. They didn’t buy it, their parents or their relatives did. Woo hoo.

    The bottom line is that if there are still people out there, I think, who will pay for their tuneage, who aren’t satisfied with some MP3 copy of an album. They want the artwork, the black vinyl or shiny CD to hold and look at. And play.

    Thanks for posting this. And thanks for those who reissued this album too.


    Posted on 07-Feb-07 at 14:23 | Permalink
  62. Anonymous

    You mean this guy only pressed 500 copies of his stupid thing? 2,000 is a small run, 500 is pissing $$$$ down the toilet. And he’s worried about moving them? Geeze, dude, there are tons of distros out there and I know there are enough collector geeks worldwide to take 500 copies away. I, too, like owning a hard copy of some recordings but I see reissues of this variety as a waste of plastic. The few adults who might still care already own the songs and most kids under 30 never heard of ’em. And I see stores selling stuff like that for $5 or $6 USD a pop, not $4. I think there are only one or two plants left in the US that will do a 7″ so if anyone wants to get technical it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out the exact cost which, whatever it is, would be 1000 times more than it costs to stick the songs on the internet!


    Posted on 07-Feb-07 at 15:06 | Permalink
  63. Anonymous

    MXV = a-hole….

    post the government issue demo 7″ that MXV released.


    Posted on 07-Feb-07 at 15:37 | Permalink
  64. MXV

    Erich the band owns their songs. Dr Strange and myself licensed the rights to release the recordings on our respective releases. As a licensee, we certainly have a right over such things as requesting websites not post this stuff for free without the permission of the licensee. Action can also be taken to protect said licenses from just such a thing as piracy. Here’s an example. Williams Electronics made pinball machines they own the copyright to. They licensed their copyrights out to certain individuals to make reproduction parts for these machines. Now if I decide I want to make artwork for their machines and sell them, or even give them away for free and I dont’ get permission from the company, or work out a deal with one of the licensees, they can not only stop me from doing this, they can sue me for damages, shut down my business, etc.

    And to the moron’s response about posting the GI record. I do own the copyright to that one and should such an action take place, I would absolutely take legal action and the site would get shut down quicker than your ability to post adolescent responses. There isn’t an ISP anywhere these days that is gonna risk a lawsuit. The first sign of a complaint from a copyright holder saying a site on their hosting service is pirating their copyrighted works and they yank the sites faster than you probably yanked yr own pud after your post thinking you were so clever.

    You can agrue yr opinions about how many records should be pressed, if shit should be free, etc until yr blue in the face but the bottom line is it is not YOUR decision about whether or not the releases (either in full or in part) can be posted for free, it is the decision of the copyright holder and/or their licensees.

    I am through arguing this with you nameless morons. You can hate me all you want but the fact is that I am right and that really frosts your asses, which apparently results in you showing yr true age and maturity level in yr reponses. Have a nice day everyone and to Erich, good luck with the site, I just hope in the futre you’ll think twice before posting an entire release of something that is readily available.


    Posted on 07-Feb-07 at 16:50 | Permalink
  65. Anonymous

    you suck MXV….hahahahahahaha. im sure you will be reading this site everyday.


    Posted on 07-Feb-07 at 16:59 | Permalink
  66. Anonymous

    Erich Keller is a poser. People should post some Fear Of God mp3 on their blog, ever read Fear of god lyrics? Read those Fear of God lyrics and see how pathetic they are. He’s a stupid rich asshole only in it for the music. He’s into everything and he falls between the cracks as he is just a poser, NOT an individual, just a wanna be asshole.

    Erich is also famous for ripped bands off. He ripped off Infest plenty of times as well as many other bands.

    Plus, Erich is really ugly and has a face everybody would loves to punch. Look at Fear of God video on Youtube and see for yourself. Awful pinko trying to be punk.


    Posted on 07-Feb-07 at 17:11 | Permalink
  67. Anonymous

    I’m on your side MXV.


    Posted on 07-Feb-07 at 17:16 | Permalink
  68. tildeathdouspart

    MXV is not “right”, he’s a piece of shit and, as one would glean from his blog, the lowest form of collector geek. The whole colored vinyl thing has always struck me as one of the most idiotic gimics ever. He probably has a closet full of X-Men comics, too. Upon perusing the Punk Vault it would appear he is from the Chicago area which says something to me, at least, being a city that seems to thrive on selling you half the quality at twice the price no matter what your racket (and has a suck-ass, trendy music scene to boot). I’ll see you around, pussy.


    Posted on 07-Feb-07 at 20:44 | Permalink
  69. Anonymous

    All this anonymous bitching about MXV annoys me.

    We have:

    1. A person who does a legitimate (re)release of a record with the band’s permission.

    2. The greatest musicblog in the world which posts the record – without the band’s permission.

    So, Erich has done the right thing to remove one of the songs as requested by MXV.



    Posted on 08-Feb-07 at 00:53 | Permalink
  70. Slobodan Burgher

    HA HA HA HA! I have never had this much fun reading blog comments before EVER! OMG! The quotes the outbursts the defensiveness the aggressiveness the ignorance the beauty etc etc.

    Proves again, erich, that your frigging blog is worthwhile.

    Keep it up, you nerd


    ps. lists are fascistic as fuck ds


    Posted on 08-Feb-07 at 03:45 | Permalink
  71. mipose

    Every last one of you is wrong.

    “For the life of the flesh is in the blood: and I have given it to you upon the altar to make an atonement for your souls: for it is the blood that maketh an atonement for the soul”

    Leviticus 17:11

    “We must put an end to both economic freeloading and economic exploitation in America. There must be no place for parasites who draw their sustenance from society without giving anything in return.”

    George Lincoln Rockwell


    Posted on 08-Feb-07 at 04:05 | Permalink
  72. mipose

    You must give more than any other has given in order to receive what it is that you believe you deserve.


    Posted on 08-Feb-07 at 04:08 | Permalink
  73. Erich

    ” Anonym hat gesagt…

    Erich Keller is a poser. People should post some Fear Of God mp3 on their blog, ever read Fear of god lyrics? Read those Fear of God lyrics and see how pathetic they are. He’s a stupid rich asshole only in it for the music. He’s into everything and he falls between the cracks as he is just a poser, NOT an individual, just a wanna be asshole.

    Erich is also famous for ripped bands off. He ripped off Infest plenty of times as well as many other bands.

    Plus, Erich is really ugly and has a face everybody would loves to punch. Look at Fear of God video on Youtube and see for yourself. Awful pinko trying to be punk. “

    hahahaha – wonderful! you too see the nameless abandoned and lonesome little kid nobody cares about, standing there, stomping his tiny foot on the ground, cursing the world? hahahaha


    Posted on 08-Feb-07 at 05:37 | Permalink
  74. fred

    Fuck, I didn’t realize the other two bands on the Bard’s Apollo bill were the Detours and the Blades. I guess that the Detours lineup was post-Agnew, Royer.

    I wished I would have payed more attention. Now that you remind me, yeah, I was pissed that it was a lineup of bands I had never heard of, instead of the show listed. It was a far drive for me (coming from Newbury Park, CA, hometown of Belinda-Dottie Danger, Lorna Doom, Donna Rhia [three of the Germs] & Heather Locklear)

    I remember hanging toward the back of the hall complaining with some dude I just met about how bad this “Youth Brigade” act sucked.

    Nice score on the Symbol Six demos. I think Rodney used to play some of that. Rodney made a big hit of Chief’s Shiteatin’ Blues as well. Funny how he could play music with swearing on the public radio without ever getting complaints. I used to take it for granted, when you’d hear Red Cross singing “We can’t rock worth shit!”, but nowadays, they wouldn’t allow this of course. The terrorist’s won, haha.

    I didn’t know the Chiefs singer was still alive either, I thought he croaked.


    Posted on 08-Feb-07 at 07:05 | Permalink
  75. Tom

    fred wrote:

    “I didn’t know the Chiefs singer was still alive either, I thought he croaked.”

    Jerry Koskie is still alive, as are the other three members. When Dr. Strange did the CD re-release, he convinced the band to do a reunion show, but they argued too much during practice that it never came to be. (Source:, though I don’t know if it’s still on that site.)

    Snickers, from Jerry’s and Rabit’s previous band, the Simpletones, did die, though. (Source:

    And to throw my two cents in, I’ve corresponded, via his blog only, with mxv, and he is a good guy. Everything he has said is legally correct, and I’m glad Erich complied. I enjoy both sites and would like to see them continue.

    And, if you want the CD, try to find the original Flipside release from 1990. Although the Dr. Strange release says it has the videos on it, he was not able to get it to work, so they are not included.


    Robbie Fields Reply:


    You get the door prize for playing peacemaker here.

    Any Posh Boy download from iTunes. My suggestion :
    the revamped version of Rik L Rik’s Lost Album.

    has a review of Jerry Koskie’s appearance in L.A. Looks good, too. Jay Lansford tells me Rabit is doing well, too, but reluctant to “come out and play”.

    I hope to get to know Erich, I appreciate the massive effort he puts in. I do know MXV and his heart is in the right place. It’s the bootleggers that I can’t stand!

    Sometimes records do go out of print and it is hard for fans to understand why. Without the blogs, Symbol Six would have stayed out of print, even though we always loved it.

    For the most part, I don’t see the plethora of mp3’s posted as a threat. Usually the quality is so poor that there is an incentive to seek out a legitimate release, if available.

    That said, there are bloggers like Erich and MXV who serve an invaluable role as archivists. Even if my own
    tape vault were still intact after 30+ years, many tapes would still be lost to tape disintegration. I have reached out to many bloggers for help and I can’t think of ever being disappointed.

    Once again, the bootleggers are a breed apart.

    On tracks that we own all the rights, we typically make 20% of a release royalty free for blogs to use.


    Admin Reply:

    Thanks a lot Robbie! Although I don’t have any numbers or empirical data at all, I never doubted that blogs (at least those who put in work and heart’s blood in what they do) in the end will help labels in shifting copies of reissues. Occassionally, asyou mentioned, they even do fire up reissues plans and thus in the long run make music available again that otherwise would have been doomed to be forgotten in the archives of collectors.
    Of course posting new releases and especially such of a popular bands will have a negative effect on the sales, but in our little underground world, things probably are different (still).

    Next time I’m on the West Coast, I’ll drop you a line, Robbie. Would be a pleasure to meet you.


    Robbie Fields Reply:

    Forlat, idag jag bo pa Phuket!

    Zur zeit, Ich wohne auf Phuket!


    Admin Reply:

    Oh, okay. Well who knows, one day I might even get that far away from home again.


    Posted on 08-Feb-07 at 10:39 | Permalink
  76. Anonymous

    I doubt any of us “morons” questioned that he was “legally correct”. Its just that the guy seems like such a twit and I’d hedge my bets and say it is unlikely he has the means to pursue any legal action. Erich should have left all the tracks up so we could have had some more fun!


    Posted on 08-Feb-07 at 15:51 | Permalink
  77. milky

    Hey someone else called you a Pinko…


    Posted on 08-Feb-07 at 16:55 | Permalink
  78. danny g

    i’ve forwarded this blog/comment thread onto the guy who originally put out the single. maybe he’ll post his thoughts here. interesting debate, though. and for what it’s worth, MXV is a good guy.


    Posted on 08-Feb-07 at 17:30 | Permalink
  79. Anonymous

    Yeah who “owns” music? Does some guy who made a re-release 25 years later really have the right to say he owns the material? I doubt so. Or is it the other guy who runs a blog, rips his own record collection, takes his time and does a great job – without getting a dime for it?

    On a sidenote: I think you should ban the half-fascists Erich. That one comment about Fear Of God and your persona is just horrible.



    Posted on 09-Feb-07 at 00:35 | Permalink
  80. Anonymous

    He’s right though… Go on youtube and look at the Fear of God 88 video and see if you don’t think he has the face of a fat midget.


    Posted on 09-Feb-07 at 00:48 | Permalink
  81. Anonymous

    I believe now looking at this Fear of God video, that what happened was this: Jim Henson’s muppets at some point had a giant orgy and during this orgy the Cookie Monster and the Swedish Chef took turns penetrating Ms. Piggy and somehow their semen became conjoined in her womb. This semen mutated within Ms. Piggy and the resulting birth was one Erich Keller.


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  82. Anonymous

    P is for Pinko and that’s good enough for me


    Posted on 09-Feb-07 at 00:56 | Permalink
  83. Anonymous

    Anonymous cowards making fun of the looks of someone. Poor bastards, they must feeel extremely inferior. Get professional help.



    Posted on 09-Feb-07 at 00:58 | Permalink
  84. Erich

    Haha, milky and maybe one other little prick again. Well, I’ve met so many of them in my life. When you see them, they’re quite shy little boys, probably asking for an autograph after 5 minutes. Sweet.


    Posted on 09-Feb-07 at 01:03 | Permalink
  85. Anonymous

    do not be make fun of ERICH KELLER he the big and giant CELEB of sweden!


    Posted on 09-Feb-07 at 01:04 | Permalink
  86. Anonymous

    Erich, do you have contact information for any other grindcore bands? I declare personal war against the whole genre, just for fun. Let’s see what you’ve got.
    Hopefully it can start sometime mid-summer when the bands start touring.


    Posted on 09-Feb-07 at 01:19 | Permalink
  87. mipose

    This is funny as all get.


    Posted on 09-Feb-07 at 01:23 | Permalink
  88. Anonymous

    A professional help for these poor guys isn’t enough. Unfortunately


    Posted on 09-Feb-07 at 04:13 | Permalink
  89. Anonymous

    I agree with MXV.


    Posted on 09-Feb-07 at 10:28 | Permalink
  90. Anonymous

    wow that was a great statement IDIOT


    Posted on 09-Feb-07 at 10:42 | Permalink
  91. Anonymous

    I too agree with MXV


    Posted on 09-Feb-07 at 15:26 | Permalink
  92. Anonymous

    I saw Jerry Koskie a couple of weeks ago. Alive and well.



    Posted on 09-Feb-07 at 16:39 | Permalink
  93. Anonymous

    By the way, Flipside does not exist anymore. So if you are looking for the CD, you have to get the Dr Strange version or buy the Italian LP pressing.



    Posted on 09-Feb-07 at 16:41 | Permalink
  94. Tom

    Hated Principles Donofthedead said:

    “By the way, Flipside does not exist anymore. So if you are looking for the CD, you have to get the Dr Strange version or buy the Italian LP pressing.”

    Two words: e Bay. That’s where I got mine.

    Yup, RIP Flipside.


    Posted on 12-Feb-07 at 09:21 | Permalink
  95. Slobodan Burgher

    1. Not another bad word about the Swedish Chef, just cut it out guys that shit is way below belt.

    2. If it had not been for the fact that most of people seem to be utter anti-intellectuals I would draw your attention to a recent study called:

    “The Effect of File Sharing on Record Sales: An Empirical Analysis”

    It suggests that:

    “Downloads have an effect on sales that is statistically indistinguishable from zero. Our estimates are inconsistent with claims that file sharing is the primary reason for the decline in music sales…” etc

    (See more here

    But as I say most of you bozos don’t care and are just happy to repeat all sorts of nonsense and namecalling, you slimey douchebags you, so I won’t.



    Posted on 13-Feb-07 at 07:43 | Permalink
  96. Anonymous

    Well, if you don’t like name-calling, then you shouldn’t call people “bozos”. You should be researching the mark-up on a CD.


    Posted on 13-Feb-07 at 13:55 | Permalink
  97. Slobodan Burgher

    Hey Bozo, get a life. CDs are so out anyway.




    Posted on 14-Feb-07 at 07:53 | Permalink
  98. Anonymous



    Posted on 14-Feb-07 at 16:55 | Permalink
  99. Slobodan Burgher

    against sharing with you


    Posted on 15-Feb-07 at 06:23 | Permalink
  100. Anonymous

    Wow, legal action for posting mp3s of government issue? Did that come out on sony? Seriously buddy, if you have nothing better to do than attack this mp3 blog, then maybe you’ve devoted yourself to the wrong thing for the past 25+ years. People who want to buy the record, will buy the record. If they don’t, they’re going to download it one way or another. You giving Erich a hard time over this is a serious joke since this is one of the best Mp3 blogs on the internet and is a great place to find all this rare music in it’s entirity. If you really wanted to move 500 copies of the chiefs record, you could. There’s enough KBD nerds out there who’d snag the reissue for 4 bones in a heartbeat, but i’m sure you’re doing more to protect your precious investment than trying to sell them or spread the word around about it. I guess when it all comes down to it, i was thinking about buying the 7″ from you a couple weeks back along with a White Pigs ep but since i’ve seen what a cocksucker you’re being to a dude who just wants to spread tunes around for enjoyment, i’ll pass. Seriously, fuck off and take your shitty JFA reissues with you. If you don’t get it now, you’re not going to. Erich, keep up the great work.

    -Dave Brown


    Posted on 15-Feb-07 at 22:36 | Permalink
  101. Klu Klux Kueer

    “I removed some of the songs at the request of Erich, who informed me that FEAR OF GOD is about to do a reissue of a lot of their stuff for their 20th anniversary”

    Taken from the punk obituary blog

    also (giggle, giggle) “on two songs (“Which Way” and “Trouble Maker”) there are times where I’d swear the singer WAS saying the word “cookie” … were the lyric sheet not available to correct me”

    from the same blog


    Posted on 21-Feb-07 at 05:33 | Permalink
  102. Anonymous

    LOL cookie. that’s where the cookie monster vox come from!!!!

    i don’t see any problem with eric’s request: it’s his band, he wrote the songs. he’s not some lame ass fag who’s doing a reissue and thinks he owns the copyright ….. THINK!!!!


    Posted on 21-Feb-07 at 05:41 | Permalink
  103. Erich

    Yepp, anonymous, you hit the nail right on the head (although I neither know nor care about that guy’s sexual preferences).


    Posted on 21-Feb-07 at 07:25 | Permalink
  104. MXV

    Dave Brown – Are you the same Dave Brown who frequents the daghouse?

    I’m sorry you don’t agree with my dislike of someone giving away something I put money into re-releasing without permission. I guess I’m a dick for not wanting to have the ENTIRE record posted for a free download. And my response to the asshat suggesting they post my GI record on here was entirely justified. Try posting entire Dischord records on here and see how they like it and if they don’t have a similar response. Just because they weren’t released on Sony, doesn’t mean they are up for grabs for anyone who decides they should be made free to the public.

    “i was thinking about buying the 7″ from you a couple weeks back along with a White Pigs ep but since i’ve seen what a cocksucker you’re being to a dude who just wants to spread tunes around for enjoyment, i’ll pass” – shouldn’t that really state you were thinking about ordering that stuff but you figured there was no need since you downloaded the entire thing for free off some website? So you mean to say that since you don’t agree with my opinion on this topic then you are entitled to just download the record for free instead?

    And I wasn’t slamming this precious resource of free music per se. I simply was stating it was shitty that they were offereing the entire record for free of something that is readily available for purchase from two different labels, one of them mine. And instead of having the “mission statement” honored, the response was hostility and personal attacks on my character. To Erich’s credit at least he took higher ground than many of the people posting comments here and removed one song, though I’d have preferred he only posted one track seeing as how there is only 3 on the record.

    It’s not some right you have to be able to download entire records for free that someone owns or paid to release. Like I said before its one thing to post something you can’t get anywhere without buying old expensive records on ebay, but its another thing to do it when the music is available for purchase legally and people have invested money into reissuing it. The former is doing a service to music fans, the latter is stealing. Yr hostility and misguided sense of entitlement is makes about as much sense as if I went into a best buy and started pocketing DVDs and then get pissed off at the cops for arresting me for it.

    And exactly what part of all this am i “not getting”?


    Posted on 21-Feb-07 at 14:03 | Permalink
  105. Anonymous

    Well, dude, maybe its the fact that sites like this eliminate the need for reissuing the stuff in the first place.


    Posted on 21-Feb-07 at 19:50 | Permalink
  106. Anonymous

    maybe it’s the fact that part of what punk was all about is that BANDS have the say about their music – and not some shitty re-issue labels 20 years later. you didn’t buy the rigghts offf CHEIFS, did you? so shut up and think about why you can’t get rid of a lousy 500 copies. i bet – it’s not because of this who will in the end only help you and hopefully THE BAND.


    Posted on 22-Feb-07 at 01:24 | Permalink
  107. Anonymous

    On behalf of the (ex-) band: The CHEIFS didn’t sell copyright of their material to none. The band was delighted to see this “great blog” (quote) puts so mucch effort in making old and rare music popular and has absolutely no problem with it whatsoever. They wish to inform everybody that MXV does not speak on behalf of the ex-band members.



    Posted on 22-Feb-07 at 13:27 | Permalink
  108. Erich

    Frank. Hahaha. On behalf of me: Can you ask them to contact me?


    Posted on 22-Feb-07 at 13:35 | Permalink
  109. Anonymous

    I love the fact that this old thread is still going. This subject deserves its own website. I don’t mean to put down label guys but every dude I’ve ever met who was even halfway successful at scaping a living off punk music bordered on being a complete sociopath! I don’t think MXV is quite one of those types but he should consider that a lot of us older punk folks tend to scrutinize the value assigned to their questionable products. Taking away the $$$ value from this music allows you to examine whatever worth it may contain more honestly.


    Posted on 22-Feb-07 at 14:48 | Permalink
  110. MXV

    If you scroll up about 100 posts you’ll see where I clearly stated the band retain their copyrights and that myself and doctor strange were given license to release those recordings but nice try in yr attempt to put words in my mouth. I didn’t speak on their behalf nor did I claim to. I spoke on behalf of being one of the two labels who put money into legally reissuing their songs and found it shitty my entire release was put on this site for free when one track would have done more of an actual service of being a tool of promotion and not of detriment. I don’t understand why that is so hard for some of you to comprehend other than the fact that many people think they are entilted to get something for absolutely nothing.

    By the logic of one of the above comments, I guess there should be NO record labels. I mean why should a label like Dischord, Touch and Go, Frontier or SST continue to operate selling the old punk records and giving the bands money when these songs need to be free on the internet? No one should get paid for their work ever because its the punk rock way! Musicians owe the rest of us free music because we are entitled to it. OK, maybe in the case of SST the bands aren’t seeing a dime of the money, I mean there must be a reason so many bands on that label are suing or have sued to reclaim their back catalog, but the rest of my examples are legit. That logic is ridiculous, just because you think shit should be up for grabs doesn’t mean that others woudln’t like to have an actual record or a CD made of their old music and maybe even see a couple bucks in the process to buy themselves a meal or a pair of pants for their hard work. Or maybe the guy who spent his hard earned money that he made at his “real job” releasing a record that meant a lot to him would like to see his investment returned so he doesnt’ lose money on it. I don’t do a label for the money obviously or I’d be putting out shitty emo records like Victory, I do it for the love of the music but it doesn’t mean I don’t want to recoup my investment (my only “goal” in my label is breaking even). Who wants to lose money even when its on something you love? I don’t make a lot to begin with so its not like I have some trust fund I’m using and can afford to give the records away fro free. You can aruge about how it “helps promote” until you breathe yr last breath but the reality is most people fail to see the need to purchase something they already got for free just in an effort to support the label or the band that made the thing possible. I made 500 of those records, if 1000 people downloaded the entire thing and loved it, how many of those 1000 people do you think will realisticly buy the record as an effort to support a label or a band when they already have all the songs and heard the whole record. I can assure you it isn’t even 10 percent, which would equate to 100 records being sold and 900 people having the entire thing on their computer. Now if they heard one song and liked it, I’d bet that number of people who would buy the record because they want to hear more would increase dramaticaly.

    In the case of an old record that you can’t get on any format anywhere (for kicks lets just say the Sand in the Face album), then posting an entire record is actually a nice thing and seems more acceptable because you are making the music available to people who can’t legally obtain it no matter how much they want to unless they find a used vinyl somewhere. No one currently has anything invested in releasing it since a release hasn’t existed in 20 some years. Yr not taking anything away from anyone by posting it and in fact you could drum up interest in the band who may want to pursue reissuing the material when they may not have before because they see there is an interest there.

    In the end the people who think all things should be free will never understand the other side unless they are in a band or a label and find themselves in a similar situation and even then you can only speak on the matter on how you personaly feel about it. You can’t make such blanket statements like “music should have no value and there should be no reissues because we have a site to download stuff for free” because not everyone is going to adopt that same stance. I love records and I love music and I’d love it if they were free and I could save the money I spent on them to do other things with but in the real world, sadly things are not free no matter how much we want them to be or think they should be.


    Posted on 22-Feb-07 at 15:56 | Permalink
  111. Anonymous

    i downloaded all three tracks when they were still there (before some *ç%+ showed up here). give me the cheifs adress and I’ll send them 5$. I assume that would be much moore than they’ll be getting from you. I’ll do it! Just quit whining, MXV. You’re a pain in the ass.


    Posted on 22-Feb-07 at 16:07 | Permalink
  112. Anonymous

    If you are in a band that takes the stance that things should be free, then you don’t care. And, I’m pretty sure this is the real world and that I am getting free stuff. Honestly, I don’t think the record label thing is a good investment in this day and age. Sorry. Times change. The technology that is killing your business will eventually change the face of all music. It’s not like people will stop making music because they aren’t making money.


    Posted on 22-Feb-07 at 18:50 | Permalink
  113. Anonymous

    MVX: how do you know people won’t buy the records if they’re posted for free download? maybe you know firsthand because you’re downloading the records for free, too? c’mon, you know you are. you’re downloading the records right now i bet. are you downloading right now? i bet you are. i bet you’re downloading. what are you downloading there MVX? is it….THE CHIEFS single?! you’re downloading your own record! that’s what you were doing on this site in the first place! you stole your record from yourself! give it back, MVX! you took something. you’re taking something right now for free, aren’t you, MVX? i see you. i know you are. put that back. i saw you take it.


    Posted on 15-Mar-07 at 15:17 | Permalink
  114. Sorry to get in this so late, but goddamn right I’m alive and well and in the motherfuckin book.
    Jerry Koskie


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  115. Ha ha ha ha, thanks for reposting this. Not so much for the mp3s (which I borrowed last time) but for the comments. Moahahahahha one of the alltime best blog-posts ever! Now can we have some noise please.


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  116. Admin

    It’s great, innit? Hahaha, fucking hilarious.


    Posted on 28-Sep-07 at 14:58 | Permalink
  117. MXV



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  118. Admin

    Dude, I’m a fatherfucker.


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  119. mrpoopy

    I don’t believe the above post is from MXV–it’s only one sentence!


    Posted on 30-Sep-07 at 12:13 | Permalink
  120. Tony, that would be Bob Glassley from Portland’s Rubbers on bass. “Riot Squad” was a tune of theirs The Cheifs covered.

    Hiya, Jerry. It’s Jeff from Distemper, still hanging out with I-Ron.


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  121. Barry K

    Dudes its all about the music. Nothing like driving around in your truck blasting the Simpletones and the Cheifs. Thanks for the CDs.


    Posted on 07-Feb-08 at 08:01 | Permalink
  122. Tab


    It’s Tab. How the fuck are you?


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  123. I love LA hardcore, but to say it originated in one place only is a little off – I’m thinking of the Bad Brains, off the top of my head, circa 1977…maybe MXV would know?


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  124. Matt

    Killer… Ive been looking the Who Cares Comp forever. You got the Political Crap tunes?


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  125. elliott

    i know i’m a little late but first of all i’m in a band jackass. i will put all my shit up for free until i don’t want to do it anymore and even if i found out someone was sharing my complete recordings know what i’d say? hey thanks for sharing. oh and guys don’t forget the record is in print and you can get it at bla bla bla. no bullshit remove mp3s stuff just hey buy a coppy. and wile we’re on the subject i downloaded the first germs single a while ago. i went to amoeba and was looking through the 7inches and i found the first grms single. okay so i have it already. so what? now i have a physical coppy of forming. i even ripped it cause i needed to see if my turntable works. i like getting physical coppys of things. so when my computer breaks i can still listen to my favorite records. so no mxv you are dead wrong on this one. back on topic. i love this record. one of these bands that i’d heard the name but probably wouldn’t have checked out because well i just didn’t care. but now that i have the ep i will buy that cd. same goes for kleenex/liliput. erich pretty much posted everything by kleenex and if i were to dig i could probably find the whole thing for free. even then i would buy the cd which i did. a lot of bands are like that. what else is on that comp?


    Posted on 21-Jun-10 at 10:18 | Permalink
  126. Chris G

    scrapped is a sick track.
    liberty too.


    Posted on 20-Sep-10 at 07:44 | Permalink
  127. B.C.

    Another fracas in Good/Bad town. So this MXV guy (who is himself an MP3 blogger of little renown, really “Punk VAULT” says it all about how he thinks of this music, not to mention his level of creativity) got REALLY FUCKING MAD because he pressed 100 Chiefs singles and he thinks this blog (not even the first to post this record much less bootleg it) is HURTING HIM PERSONALLY and THE BAND HE CARES SO MUCH ABOUT.

    Even before Erich posted this, he failed to sell 100 records. That must be frustrating, a failure even the girl scouts would consider lowly. Naturally he’s looking for anything to deflect blame onto, and he googles and googles until this site pops up. Chronologically this makes as much sense as blaming Obama for the war in Iraq. He posts again and again, re-adjusting his argument each time as his armor is pierces and his credibility trickles away. At his lowest he resorts to attacking the English skills of Europeans (on another blog, I guess as part of some backhanded compliment intended to disparage blogging in its totality while tricking Erich into recognizing him as some sort of fellow gentleman/intellectual). Evidently suffering from hebephrenic schizophrenia, he follows one diatribe with some “friendly” advice about a non-existent technical problem. Realizing he’s picked a fight with an entire subculture he’d assumed to be freeze-dried in his vault, he tries to backpedal and fling shit simultaneously. His pious tone throughout does not change even as he admits he simply couldn’t clear 100 copies of a hot record like the Chiefs that’s famous as shit and was produced by Darby Crash and was on KBD and Bloodstains and has a whole CD out and t-shirts and stuff. (Isn’t MVM the one saturating the market and hurting CD sales? Blog or no blog, you can get anything on Soulseek . . . posting it on a blog like this just gives it added prestige and provides a forum for discussion. Posting the entire CD might be questionable . . . but Erich didn’t.) Even after Erich took down a song, MXT kept whining, spamming, even sockpuppeting like an insane person (which is obvious since all of the comments in his favor .

    Well I guess we know what kind of punk he is: the unnecessary kind. MXM: middleman of the grey areas, a profit-diverting “cool” merchant who sees punks as a captive audience or fanatical cult in which selling fetishes makes him high priest. A shameless huckster turned punk rock hall monitor who thinks he can shame us. A groupie who fucks for free, then charges for the herpes, cuz they used to be inside a rock star. A perennial hanger-on who takes advantage of the casual business style of musicians to vanity-press himself some instant credibility (if not profits, which in MMVs case seem beyond his reach . . . 100? . . . but he seems to have rationalized bootlegging in between writhes on the cross of “true fandom”). So it seems that, even in punk, maybe especially in punk, there exists, in between the bands (not MVC though after a handshake he feels empowered to speak for them even to the point of alienating their fanbase), serious biznesspeople (not MVC though he appropriates the opinions of the most reactionary and retirement-aged amongst them in hopes of being mistaken for one), and the fans (maybe once MVC, then his dupes, now his enemy) a substrata of bloodsucking pimps flooding the market with extraneous junk that, “official” or not, is there just to give them bragging rights (and maybe bag a quick buck but MXV seems to be going for psychological compensation here). Bragging rights turn into bitching rights real quick. MXV, you are a sick and evil man, a traitor to punk and a hypocrite to all of humanity. Erich, it may be the nature of a blog that spans metal and punk to be a volatile and misanthropic stew. But since you are credited with pioneering the cookie monster style of vocals back in the ’80s I’m sure you can handle it. You may wind up battling MXV at the top of a waterfall. Remind him of own words here and he’ll probably jump.


    Posted on 23-Sep-10 at 01:51 | Permalink
  128. B.C.

    I was going to point out all the comments in his favor followed his own posts which was my impression when reading this the first time but then I thought “I’d better go back and make sure before making such a bold assertion” and then I thought “no I’m not gonna do that the dude has plenty of rope already”.


    Posted on 23-Sep-10 at 01:53 | Permalink
  129. Thanks for all the irony, B.C. Wonderful.


    Posted on 23-Sep-10 at 08:42 | Permalink

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