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THE CHEIFS- s/t 7"EP (Playgems Records, USA, 1980)

cheifs_front.jpgcheifs_back.jpgAll songs re-ripped and reposted (this time, ALL the songs – plus those from the mentioned “Who knows?” comp. LP).
A classic record everybody should know – and a classic comments section!

THE CHEIFS – a band by that name has got to be great, I thought – and right I was, buying that 7″ for an apple and an egg (as they say in Germany)! The A-side of this L.A. bands only vinyl (apart from the tracks on “Who cares?” and the demo on an obscure bootleg 7″) “Blues” is only very good, but the flip smokes. “Tower 18” is red hot and so is “Knocked out”. It hardly gets any better than this! Fucking A maaaaaaaaaan!!!!
From what I seem to remember, “Tower 18” was about a famous spot on a beach frequented by gays. Or am I just making this up now?

(At the beach at) Tower 18.mp3
Knocked out.mp3

If you liked this, go buy one of the CHEIFS reissues (see comments). That’s an order and it goes with every post here, of course.

PS: Please buy the CD with all the other CHEIFS music on Dr.Strange Records.

p1060548.JPGp1060549.JPGAdded: The tracks from the essential “Who cares?” LP (1981):

No Justice.mp3
Riot Squad.mp3