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FEAR OF GOD- Konserven 7″EP (Two Sheds Records, Switzerland, 1993)

fog_konservenfront.jpgfog_konservenback.jpgRecorded in 1987, this was one of my old band’s first demo tapes, recorded in a shed in Steinen. The shed was up on a hill, right in the middle of a pittoresque scenery of the swiss alps, complete with cows and farmers. One of them, for reasons only he had known, used to show up at the shed when we practiced. The ol’ geezer would just quietly walk in, without saying a word, give us some change and walk off again, quietly. I would love to know what he was thinking about the FEAR OF GOD noise coming out of that shed.
500 copies were made of this posthumously released 7″. I wanted to have some colors on the cover for once, but the guy who put this out had little money to spend, so I took some potatoes, cut the figures in them and used them as stamps, just like I was taught in the kindergarten.

PS: both intro and outro come from the german dubbed version of “Eat the Rich”, the movie with Lemmy.

Intro – Rubbish Planet.mp3
Two Sides of the Coin.mp3
Locked Away.mp3
Controlled by Fear.mp3
My Hands.mp3
Circle A.mp3
Trouble Maker.mp3
Pneumatic Slaughter.mp3
Under the Chainsaw.mp3
7 up.mp3
First Class People.mp3
A Life in Rigorism.mp3
I’ve seen.mp3