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CAPITALIST ALIENATION- s/t 12″EP (Alienation Records, Canada, 1987)

p1060546.JPGp1060547.JPGOn a day like this, only a record like this can help. Buzzsaw, ultra pissed, angry, primtive and overall extremely unfriendly HC. CAPITALIST ALIENATION, who mysteriously disappeared after this monument of good bad music, had a demo tape (“Makes me shit”) released a year prior to this and next time I feel alienated, I shall post that one too cause it’s even GREATER than this!
The cover of this slab was drawn by Away from VOIVOD, as you will already know. When VOIVOD playd in Europe in 1987, Away had a whole bunch of them (1’000 made in total) with him and handed them out to everybody who wanted or not wanted to have one. Wise men know that some of these freebies ended up trashed by Thrash Metallers. May Gawd have mercy on their black souls.
Speaking of men – there’s a woman singing. Would you have guessed?

Download the whole EP zip.packed here. Here’s an appetizer: Drugs saved my life.mp3
And now, thank me, send me flowers, bottles of good red wine and rare rekurrz.