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TNT- s/t 7"EP (Voxpop, Switzerland, 1979)

tnt_front.jpgtnt_back.jpgRepost from August 2006. One of the most powerful Punk records of the late 70s and if this would have come out in L.A., you’d all know it. Songs freshly ripped and complete now. If you like this, you should check out the crazy Manisch Depressiv 7″, featuring the TNT singer.

Often referred to as “Züri brännt” 7″, TNT’s selftitled debut from 1979 still smokes! The title “Züi brännt” (“Zurich’s burning”) is a blatant CLASH ripoff, but not so the music. Hard-hitting, aggressive and full of power these guys and the gal blast through 3 pieces of what soon was the soundtrack of the infamous “Youth Riots” of Zurich from 1980-1981. When in May 80 the city officials refused to invest more money into alternative culture projects while raising the budget for most notably the opera house significantly, a spontaneous riot broke out in the aftermaths of a rally. The clashes went on through the night, a hard rain of rubber bullets and bricks, resulting in damage worth of millions and a dead copper (who died of a heart attack). That was the set-off for an uncountable amount of followup rallies, often turning into massive rioting, plundering and pillaging of a frequency and with dimensions that seem unimaginable today. I remember very well how I ran into a riot after visiting a record shop. Since I lived in a small dump in the swiss alps, I regularly travelled to Zurich to go to record shops and buy a record now and then. Innocent as I still was, I stepped out of the shop, noticed the rest of teargas in the air and thought to myself: “Oh, this must be the air pollution of the big city!”
“Züri brännt” was one of the slogans of the long hot summer of 1980 before the depressing fall and winter saw the ghastly dominance of pure self-destruction through uncounted needles. Heroin turned the whole thing into a Junkie-Totentanz which remained visible throughout parts of the city with all its brutality and tragedy until the late 90s, when finally drug-substitution programs effectivly dried out the needle-park and its followups (“needle park” was how the biggest open drug scene of Europe was called. It was located in a park just behind Zurich main station. It was an apocalyptic sight – I have maybe never seen such a shocking scene). “Züri brännt” was also the title of an incredibly powerful and strong propaganda / documentary movie made by some of the movement. It’s available on DVD and it’s a must see!
Before I’ll leave you alone with TNT, here’s an english translation of the hit song, to give you more of the vibes:

Zurich’s burning

Friday evening again
still haven’t seen anything
the grey people everywhere
that hurts so much
a city where nobody wants
a city where everybody must
that’s no life
that’s no good

Ref: Zurich’s burning
the old wanker of a city
Zurich’s burning
of boredom
Zurich’s burning
the old wanker of a city
Zurich’s burning
of annoyance.

Züri brännt.mp3