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STALAG- Secrets, c/w Date Limité de Vente 7″ (BX 05, France, 1981)

stalag_back.jpgstalag_front.jpgThis is a repost from August 2006. Song added and everything newly ripped due to imminent greatness and the many new visitors of this blog. In the meantime, an official reissue is in the works – learn more about it here. And finally, Thierry, the ex-singer of STALAG is a well respected writer today – find out more about his work here.

STALAG was a short lived band from France who, as far as I know, only released this 7″ in their lifetime. It’s a pity really, because what we have here is nothing short of musical greatness. Whereas “Date limité de vente” has a bit more punkyness to it and is a catchy punker, “Secrets” for me is the winner here. It’s one helluva heartwarming, charming, melancholic and unspectacularly spectular tune that ranks up very high in my list of immortal hits. I remember how my girlfriend J. & I used to sit in front of my stereo, playing “Secrets” and just being mesmerized by it (the song, not the stereo even though that’s a nice thing too).
You won’t find much more glory pressed onto black polyvinylchlorid!

There’s an offical STALAG website made by the ex-singer who looks like he’s had many a bottle and a fag in his life. Go there . You will also find a few mp3 files there, and even “Secrets” is downloadable there but honestly, my rip is a bit better qualitywise.

Date limite de vente.mp3