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RAPED TEENAGERS- Jag gillar Blommor … 7″EP (selfproduced, Sweden, 1985)

rt_front.jpgrt_back.jpgBefore Peter was a worldwide known blogger and Powerpop expert, he was drummer and singer in RAPED TEENAGERS. I happen to know that he doesn’t like to talk about his former musical adventures and likes to focus more on the work of his current band, The Flakes. But let’s just break the seal of silence and talk about the man’s past.
RAPED TEENAGERS became quite famous in Europe upon the release of their first LP, »I kraftans klor«. They were hyped up and down the pages of every fanzine and quite rightly so, because it was maybe the only band from the old world that had the ultra quick, hectic, playful, jazzy HC style of american bands like early Rhythm Pigs or later Flag of Democrazy. Twenty years ago, both his band and mine almost played together on an openair festival, but that would be another story.
To me, RAPED TEENAGERS’ debut, the 7″EP, you can download in a few seconds, has always been and still is one of my most beloved pieces of vinyl. So popping fresh, quirky and joyful! The band really had its shit together and was obviously miles ahead of what was going on in Sweden at the time (you know, 20 ft. mohawks and 17 tons of leather and chains). Although all the tunes here are kept short and often burst out without the typical structure of verb-chorus-verb, each and every one of them is a memorable, actual song. And Peter’s drumming animates me to playin’ airdrums every time again! Let’s close this with the words of the immortal ABBA: Thank you for the music!
And here’s a picture of the artist as a young man:rt_peter.jpg
Intro / Gubbar.mp3
Oh Baby.mp3
Matriel Kultur.mp3
Sveriges Utveckling.mp3
Pengar till vad?.mp3
Ställ dig I din Köko.mp3
Tomma Ord.mp3

PS: Now that everybody can hear how played to death my vinyl is, will that persuade Peter into sending me an unplayed copy? Peace & Anarchy.


  1. Eddie

    This Raped Teenagers EP is simply amazing and gave much meaning for HC in ’85!


    Posted on 16-Sep-07 at 14:10 | Permalink
  2. The LP also posted today here : – that translates in English “Raped Teenagers is one of my favorite Swedish bands”. Also do check out this – – the same recording plus an earlier recording session…fantastic stuff.


    Posted on 16-Sep-07 at 14:49 | Permalink
  3. haha, why wouldn’t you be proud of raped Teenagers? If I had been in a band like this I’d still be telling anyone who’d listen to this day!!! 😀 I remember this ep even making it’s way to NZ in ’85 with other cool ep’s like Rapt and Skitlickers. Cool post, I haven’t heard this ep is so long. Thanks.


    Posted on 16-Sep-07 at 16:50 | Permalink
  4. Of course I’m proud of RT! And I still like this EP. Think it’s the best thing we did. But the best stuff we recorded was on 4 track that we never released. We never got the sound we wanted on vinyl I think. But you shall know that we weren’t very popular in Sweden at the time. It was all dis and that. We too started as a dis band and released one tape before we changed direction. But let’s face it you can’t talk about all the past bands you’ve been in all the time.

    I think it’s about time we get the recognition we deserved though ha ha so thanks for posting it Erich.


    Posted on 17-Sep-07 at 02:08 | Permalink
  5. Admin

    About recognition: It’s a fact that the most popular bands, the ones that entered the canon, are also those who would appeal to most. There’s nothing wrong with that. But on the other hand, bands like RT or Rhythm Pigs (talking about that particular style that came up in the mid 80s here) maybe just require a bit more from the listener than a simple and immediate response. It’s not really music / image with a simple identification-potential. It’s easier to go around and say “hey man, I’m into Discharge”: A certain image, a specific cultural code is attached to that. RT? A bunch of long haired guys, playing around with styles, with phrases (“I love Flowers” = “Jag gillar blommor”), keeping a certain distance – such bands / concepts are not there to create a big following. It’s not that “let’s gather round the micro / flag / ideology / image” type, it’s much more an individualistic (= ironic!) point of view. That’s what gives these bands recognition – from individualists, from outsiders, quitters, free-spirits – and not from the immortal army of followers.


    Posted on 17-Sep-07 at 03:02 | Permalink
  6. Ganx

    Wasn’t the first Lp called “Kalaspuffar”??


    Posted on 17-Sep-07 at 07:10 | Permalink
  7. The first Mini LP was called Kalas Puffar and sucked. Good songs but the production is awful and at least I play like a drunken monkey.


    Posted on 17-Sep-07 at 07:31 | Permalink
  8. Admin

    Fair enough Peter – you look like a drunken monkey too!


    Posted on 17-Sep-07 at 07:39 | Permalink
  9. Zach

    Great band! I tracked down some of their vinyl releases shortly after 625 announced that a discography CD was in the works (I couldn’t wait, heh). I guess that was a good thing because it’s now some years later and the CD still isn’t out. Peter, could you give us any insight on what happened? Thanks!


    Posted on 17-Sep-07 at 08:45 | Permalink
  10. Tomas

    Hmm, couldn´t seem to get the download started on the bedövad track.


    Posted on 17-Sep-07 at 13:33 | Permalink
  11. Admin



    Posted on 17-Sep-07 at 15:41 | Permalink
  12. James

    Thanks for this post!


    Posted on 18-Sep-07 at 12:57 | Permalink
  13. Kalaspuffar is a superb album Peter! We loved it when it came out and I still have on my iPod!

    By the way, the excellent Blogg As Punk blog of Sweden, made my my old pal Masken, has just posted the Raped teenagers’ live LP.


    Posted on 20-Sep-07 at 06:59 | Permalink
  14. gg allin

    pet is a good drummer and a kick ass drummer. if i could understand what you were saying i would like it more.


    Posted on 25-Mar-09 at 16:40 | Permalink
  15. Anarkist_Attak

    i picked up This Ep a little while ago, i heard there was a lot of cheap ones being sent from NZ.

    where can i find upload of first demo tape?

    very original EP i must say! thanks for the upload


    Posted on 10-Mar-10 at 11:30 | Permalink
  16. eddie

    This EP is filled with great Peter Swedenhammer hardcore and I am completely enthalled by it! It gives me Peter bumps all over my handsome flesh!!!


    Posted on 25-May-10 at 13:49 | Permalink

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