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V/A EMPTY SKULLS- Compilation Tape (Fartblossom Enterprises, USA, 1984)

emptyskulls_cover.jpgemptyskulls_tapecoverfull.jpgemptyskulls_cassette.jpgJoe over at Last Days of Man recently posted a demo tape by REAL ENEMY, a short lived but amazing Pittsburg (and not Philly, haha)  HC band. I downloaded the demo, played it and was immediately in love with it. A couple of tunes later I thought I had somehow heard this before and when “1 2 3 4 Ward Street Hardcore” was bursting out my speakers, I realized: They were on EMPTY SKULLS.
One of the topnotch compilation tapes of the earlier days, EMPTY SKULLS is a mad blast of U.S. only HC – no fills, just thrills! Most of the bands are popular by now, a portion of the recordings can be found elsewhere, but some of still exclusive to this tape, for instance the incredible live tracks by N.O.T.A. They live version of “Toy Soldiers” makes the one on the 7″ look pale in comparison! Other highlights include the blistering NO MERCY (Suicidal Tendencies members; “Brain Damage” is a hit! forget their shitty LP), NO LABELS, OUTPATIENTS, the ever-overlooked OUT OF ORDER and AGAINST. The demo songs from RIGHTS OF THE ACCUSED are not as good as the 7″ that came shortly after this, but still, excellent material! The SEPTIC DEATH songs seem to have a different vocals mix, but I’m not sure. Anybody care to compare? One mystery band is NO DIRECTION from Norman, Oklahoma, who don’t have song titles (I can’t help it, but I keep hearing “Titty Fuck” as title for the 2nd of their songs). Another such is ELECTRIC COOL-AID from East Peoria, Illinois, who obviously had a good laugh when recording. In one word: The whole thing is a pearl!
Here are a few scans from the accompaning booklet (cover art, you recognized it, by Pushead. Every band has one page, I only document SEPTIC DEATH’s contribution here):emptyskulls_booklet1.jpg
emptyskulls_editorial.jpgemptyskulls_septic.jpg The tape was, just like the follow up compilation LP (“Empty Skulls Vol. 2: The Wound deepens”) released by southern californian Fartblossom Enterprises, a fine small label run by the people of Pillsburry Hardcore. The LP has international bands on it, is lacking the intensity of this gemm but is still a good buy.

Download Empty Skulls here (zip file).

PS: Was too lazy to number the songs. Check the playlist for correct order.