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SUBURBAN MUTILATION- The Opera ain’t over til the Fat Lady sings LP (Reamed Pork Rex, USA, 1984)

p1060514.JPGp1060515.JPGOne of the bands that constantly get overlooked when historiography of the 80s Punk and HC scene is at work would be SUBURBAN MUTILATION. Let’s change this for good!
With songtitles such as “Daddy was a Nazi”, “Yor a Dilemma” or “Don’t psychoanalyze me”, you know it’s time to have a seat and give it a listen. First time parts of this were blogged was on the now defunct, great Dressed for the H-Bomb.
If you’re into raunchos garagesque kinda (noisier, wilder!) QUEERS-like HC-Punk, this one is for you! Bursting out with power and energy, SUBURBAN MUTILATION shred through the lot of songs. Lots of “fuck you” and “you suck”, the band tries its best to be annoying while spewing out hit after hit. Unfortunately, this was the band’s only release (apart from a couple of compilations contributions). What makes this great is that’s it’s a full length LP rather than a 7″. As a general rule, LP’s aren’t the format for this kind of music, but this is one of the exceptions (like TMA’s “What’s for Dinner?” LP, very much in the same vein like this). So here you go – Wisconsin’s SUBURBAN MUTILATION for you in their full glory. Here are two songs first:

Police State.mp3

And here’s the full LP for your wicked pleasure. (Save target as … etc. blabla you know)

PS: Short notice of technical nature: The recording as it is on the vinyl has a constant buzz sound in the background. It’s a bit annoying in the fade ins and -outs etc., but on the other hand, it adds to the noisyness of the platter. I Somehow decided to to cut it off, sometimes I left it audible and cut the song when it stopped. Another alternation I made: The LP starts off with an untitled intro, then pauses in a pretty long dead groove, before “Daddy was a Nazi” starts off. I cut out the pause, so that the intro is immediately follwed by the song.